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Income Tax Notice

An income Tax Notice can be issued by the Income tax department for many reasons. The common reasons include non-filing of returns, mismatch in tax credit, income is not disclosed properly, transactions are having a high value, random scrutiny of returns by the assessing officer, etc.

A notice contains a unique document identification number (DIN). There is an authentication facility provided by the e-filing portal. The portal has full-time customer support, a single dashboard, multiple payment options, etc. There are various types of notices issued by the department. It is always advisable to never ignore the notice and reply the same with the required information and documents within the prescribed time.

How to Check Income Tax Notice?

There are types of notice sent by the income tax department given as follows:

  1. Notice u/s 143(1) for Intimation of the return
  2. Notice u/s 139(9) for Defective return
  3. Notice u/s 142(1) for Inquiry notice before assessment
  4. Notice u/s 143(2) for scrutiny notice
  5. Notice under section 148 for re-computation of income or assessment
  6. Notice sent under section 156 for Notice of Demand
  7. Notice under section 131 for Conducting Enquiry
  8. Notice under section 245 for refunds against tax remaining to pay

It is crucial to check whether the notice issued is real by the income tax department. The steps for income tax notice check online are given as follows:

  1. Visit the income tax portal.
  2. On the home screen, click on ‘Authenticate notice/order issued by ITD’ given under ‘Our services’.
  3. There are two options to authenticate the document as follows:
    • The first option is either using PAN, assessment year, Section under which notice is issued, month and year of issue and phone number
    • The second option is by using the Document Identification Number (DIN) and mobile number.
  4. Once the option is selected from any two given, an OTP is sent to the phone number. The OTP is valid for just fifteen minutes.
  5. Enter the OTP and click on the ‘Continue’ button
  6. After validating the OTP, if the website shows a message like ‘Yes, notice is valid and issued by income tax authority’. If the notice is not issued by the ITD, it will display a message – no record found for the given criteria document number.

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Mansee Online

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Types of Tax Notice Issued by the Income Tax Department

There are different types of notices issued by the department given below:

1. Notice u/s 143(1) for Intimation of the return –

The notice is sent by the authorities for scrutinizing the accounts submitted at the time of filing an income tax return. The following three situations where an assessee receives the income tax notice list as follows:

  • Tax liability payable
  • Refund is determined
  • Higher or Lower amount of loss.

2. Notice u/s 139(9) for Defective return–

When the officer detects an error, any defect, mistake or any missing information. The time period for a reply to the notice is fifteen days.

3. Notice u/s 142(1) for Inquiry notice before assessment–

When the assessing officer requires additional details and documents regarding the return. If the reply is not made then a penalty of Rs. 10000 and imprisonment for up to one year or both.

4. Notice u/s 143(2) for scrutiny notice –

There are three types of income tax notice India scrutiny under section 143(2):

  • Limited scrutiny
  • Complete Scrutiny
  • Manual Scrutiny

When the IT department detects any discrepancies whether minor or major under income or increased losses as reported.

5. Notice under section 148 –

This type of notice is sent when the AO believes that a taxpayer has filed the tax return on a lower amount of income or is non-filling as per the law. The time limit to send the notice depends on the amount and nature of the income not filed.

6. Notice sent under section 156 –

This notice is sent where there is a demand of either a penalty, fines, taxes or another amount for which the taxpayer should have already paid to the income tax department. This is also known as the income tax notice of demand and the taxpayer should have paid the due amount within the period of 30 days of notice received.

7. Notice under section 131 –

If the assessing officer has reason to believe that the taxpayer is concealing his income then he can send a notice and can enquire about the books of accounts.

8. Notice under section 245 –

This notice is issued when a person has not paid due taxes in the previous year where the tax liability and tax refund of the current year are used to pay the tax liability.

Non-Filing of Returns

When the return is missed and the employer has deducted tax then you can file the return after the due date. The AO can send the notice of the timely filing of returns and there is no penalty levied on the taxpayer. Although, there is an interest of 1% charged where interest is due.

Mismatch of Tax Credit

Form 16 contains the details of tax deducted at source and Form 26 AS contains all the details regarding taxes such as refund, deducted tax, etc. The mismatch doesn’t always indicate tax evasion and there can be an error in calculation by the employer. You can also download the income tax notice pdf from your email ID.

Income Not Disclosed by the Taxpayer

Non-payment of taxes can attract penalties and fines. Hiding any income from the IT department is a big offense and can lead to imprisonment.

Assets are not disclosed

When the aggregate value of assets like urban land, gold, personal car, paintings, etc. is more than 30 lakhs then wealth tax is levied at a rate of one percent. The valuation of the property is completed with approved valuers. Jewellery is calculated at the market price.

Transactions of High Value

When the assesses have not given the PAN number if he had high-value transactions. The department will easily identify transactions such as credit card purchases of more than two lakhs rupees in a year, and deposits in bank accounts of more than ten lakhs. Any purchase of debenture and bonds of more than five lakhs rupees or sale or purchase of property worth more than thirty lakhs. You can make an income tax notice download from the e-filing account.

Review of Documents

The IT Department can review the documents of returns filed.

Investment in spouse’s name

For purchase of assets in the name of children, spouse or family members with an intent to invade taxes. An investment in assets like land, fixed deposits, mutual funds, shares, debentures, etc.

Random Scrutiny

The Scrutiny notice can be issued for any discrepancies.

Income Tax Notice Process

Checking Name Availability

Check Income Tax Notice Online

  • The notice can be checked from income tax portal and two options for authentication are using PAN, assessment year, Section, month and year of issue and phone number
  • The other option is with a Document Identification Number (DIN) and mobile number.

Filing of Documents

Scrutiny Notice

  • There are three types of scrutiny under section 143(2); Limited scrutiny, complete scrutiny and manual scrutiny.
  • The department can conduct random scrutiny for any discrepancies.

Filing of Documents

Types of Income Tax Notice

  • Notice u/s 143(1) for Intimation of the return
  • Notice u/s 139(9) for Defective return
  • Notice u/s 142(1) for Inquiry notice before assessment
  • Notice u/s 143(2) for scrutiny notice
  • Notice under section 148, 156, 131, 245.

Filing of Documents

Submit OTP for Authentication

The OTP is sent to the phone number and the message of valid notice issued by income tax authority can be viewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t respond to the tax notice?
If you don’t respond to the tax notice, there can be different types of consequences depending upon the type of notice that you would have to face. Such consequences include fines of up to Rs. 10,000 with imprisonment for up to a year.
What happens if I get a tax notice?
If you get a tax notice, you must reply with the reason for sending it. It may be sent due to various reasons. For instance, notices may be sent for the details and papers required by the Income tax department. In such cases, you need to provide the details as required.
How do I know if I have a tax notice?
The Income tax department launched a system in October 2019 through which you can check the validity of your notice on the e-filing portal. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued a circular stating that every computerized document identification number would be included in every notice.
What is an income tax notice of assessment?
A notice from income tax is a written communication sent by the Income tax department to a taxpayer alerting an issue with his tax account. The notice can be sent for different reasons like filling/ non-filling his/her return for the purpose of making the assessment or to ask for the details
How do I deal with my tax notice?
After the notice is received by the taxpayer, he/she should reply to the list of questions issued by the Income tax department and submit all the additional documents requested. In case the assessing officer believes that the taxpayer is concealing his income or a part thereof, he can serve a notice under the relevant section.
How is the income tax notice sent?
The notice is sent in the form of an email from the department. The AO issues the notice within six months from the end of the assessment year to which it is related.
How long does it take to serve a tax notice?
The notice is sent after the assessment of the return. The assessee can also deposit the payable amount within 30 days starting from the date of the notice.

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