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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is important for preventing any third party from misusing it. The governing act of registering a trademark is the Trademark Act, 1999 of India.

It is a mark with distinctive qualities which separates it from another. It allows consumers to instantly recognize the brand of a particular product or service.

The goodwill and reputation are facilitated by the trademark. Through registration, the trademark owner gets an exclusive right to use the mark. In case any third party or an unauthorized person uses the trademark then the owner can file an infringement case against such a person.

Types of Trademark Registration in India

A trademark is an identifiable name, logo, tagline or symbol that helps a company brand to be different from the competitors.

It not only differentiates a brand from other businesses, but it also sets the goods or services apart from the competition as well.

There are different types of trademarks to help the consumer identify products or services that belong to the registered owner. The types of a trademark are discussed below:

  • Product Mark

    This type of trademark is used for a product. It is used to help the consumer recognize its manufacture. It helps in enhancing the brand value of any business.

  • Service Mark

    This type of trademark registration is used to help consumers recognize the service provider. It is used only on services in place of goods. It helps in building the credibility of any service provider by stand-out performance.

  • Collective Mark

    All goods or services are unique in themselves. This type of trademark helps in informing people about certain unique features of a product or service. It can be used by a group of individuals to protect goods and services collectively.

  • Certification Mark

    This is the most important type of trademark. It is used to elevate the product’s credibility among consumers by depicting that the product has gone through a series of standard checks.

  • Shape Mark

    This type of trademark registration is used to safeguard the shape of goods by protecting them from getting copied by any other person. If you have found a unique shape, it can be registered.

  • Pattern Mark

    It is the same as a shape mark. It can be registered when your product has distinguished patterns that are unique.

  • Sound Mark

    The sound can also be registered from getting copied. For example, the IPL tune is very famous in India and it is registered with the sound trademark.

How to Register a Trademark in India?

The registration of a Trademark is performed by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks (CGPDT). The e-filing of a trademark is made through the trademark registration government website for carrying out the process which is discussed in the steps given as follows: -

Step 1: Choosing A Mark

Firstly, one must choose a unique and distinct mark for representing the brand in the market. There are in total 45 classes of goods and services of trademark classification within a proposed mark that can be registered. Goods are classified in classes 1 to 34 whereas services are classified in classes 35 to 45.

Step 2: Trademark Search

You can hire an attorney for the rigorous search of the trademark. It helps in saving the cost of future litigation and time. Trademark opposition will lower the cost of a trademark’s legal services with assistance throughout the trademark registration process. When a trademark is selected, the step is to perform a public search for the trademark. It is performed on the trademark online database of the Trademark registry. You need to choose a particular class in the online database.

Step 3: Filing Trademark Application

A single application can be made for registration by filing Form TM-A and the fee payable thereof shall be in respect of each good or service. It must include information such as business registration proof, Identity and Address Proof documents and a soft copy of the logo. After filling out the application on the Trademark Registration portal, the registrar can refuse the application or may accept it or be subject to such amendments, modifications, conditions, or limitations as he may think fit. However, you will receive a receipt of acknowledgment on the official website to use your trademark symbol beside your logo.

Step 4: Examining The Application Process

After the application is filled, the Registrar of the trademark will check whether the existing provisions of the act and rules thereunder have been followed. There should be no similarity between the proposed and an existing mark.

Step 5: Publication of Trademark

Once the examination of a trademark is completed, the registrar will publish the brand name logo for trademark registration online in the Indian trademark journal. The purpose of the advertisement is to allow all interested persons to oppose the registration of a trademark. Once it is published, it is opened to the public in general to oppose the registration on the grounds of similarity, etc. They can raise any objections within three months from the date of publication. Where there are no oppositions then the certificate will be issued after successfully registering a trademark.

Step 6: Trademark Opposition

When the trademark opposition is filed by third parties within three months, then the applicant must submit a reply of opposition within two months. The registrar shall serve a copy of the notice on the applicant for trademark registration within two months from the receipt by the applicant of such a copy of the notice of opposition. The applicant must send to the registrar in the given manner a counter-statement of the grounds on which the applicant relies for the application.

Step 7: Trademarks Registration Certificate

Once the trademark is registered, the applicant can start using the R symbol next to the registered mark. The Registration of the trademark is valid for a period of 10 years and you can renew the same by filling out the renewal application.

The Madrid protocol provides trademark owners who can register their trademarks in multiple countries by filing a single application. Trademark registration for foreign nationals is regulated by the World Intellectual property organization (WIPO). India became a member of the Madrid Protocol in July 2013.

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Documents Required for Trademark Logo Registration

The registration of a Trademark required certain documents to be submitted with the application form TM-A as follows:

Soft copy of the trademark: The category of the mark can work/ device/color/ three-dimensional/ sound. The description of the mark in specific details including the size of a trademark must be visible not exceeding 8 by 8 cm.

In case of an Individual or HUF: Identity proof such as PAN or Aadhar card, Business registration document and Shops and Establishment license of the state.

In the case of a company or limited liability partnership: A certificate of Incorporation and registered address proof of the company.

In the case of a Registered Partnership firm: A partnership deed.

Class of goods or services

Any other important information.

Steps to Check Trademark Registration Status

The trademark application can be tracked online and various actions can be taken by an attorney or an application based on the current status. The applicant can also use the TM symbol on goods or services.

Where the trademark is registered then the applicant can use the R symbol. The steps to check the trademark status are as follows:

Step 1 : Visit the IP India website

Step 2 : Click on ‘Trademark Application/Registered Mark’

Step 3 : Select the search button that is National or IRDI number

Step 4 : Enter the Trademark Application number and fill in the given captcha code.

Step 5 : Click on the View button. You can check your registration status.

Importance of Trademark Registration

There are many organizations offering various types of goods and services. The first stage for beginning a new business is to distinguish the goods or services from the competitors.

The following points are given to highlight the importance of the registration of a trademark:

  • Protection While Expansion in the Global Market

    An entity with a registered trademark comes with legal support against the unauthorized person using or ignoring the already registered trademark.

  • Trademark is an Asset

    When the growth of your business is increasing, it will lead to a better valuation for your brand. Trademarks can increase the growth of a brand from one business to another.

  • Helps in Quick Identification

    Trademark registration login helps in filling the application online which has made it easier for customers to find your brand and helps to capture the attention of target customers which leads to an increase in sales.

  • Usage of Social Media

    When a customer is buying the goods of your company. The first step is to enter the name on a social media platform to view the products sold by your company.

  • A Registered Trademark Is Available for 10 Years

    Once the registration is completed, the term of validity of the registration is 10 years. The applicant can also file for renewal after the expiry of the said period.

Points to Remember Before Trademark Registration

The Trademark Act, 1999 is the governing act that regulates trademarks and their registration in India. A trademark is the company’s valuable assets. The important things to know before going for registration of Trademark:

  1. A visual representation
  2. An Intangible asset
  3. Protection against Infringement and any other legal protections
  4. Free trademark search through an online trademark database available on the government website.
  5. Selection of Trademark Class as per NICE classification
  6. The registration of the trademark is voluntary and as per the business's needs. In simple words, registration is not mandatory for the business.
  7. Validity of trademark: The trademark registration has a validity of 10 years which can be renewed indefinitely.
  8. Types of Trademark symbols -

An applicant is allowed to use Trademark (TM) and Service Mark (SM) at the time when the trademark is not yet being registered.

After the approval of the trademark application, the R symbol is written just next to the trademark. It indicates the officially registered trademark. Use of the R symbol after filing a trademark application or without obtaining the registration certificate is unlawful.

The C symbol represents the copyright that the owner has over his/her creative work. It is valid for a lifetime.

Trademark Registration Fees in India

The registration fees of Trademark for a collective mark or certification mark for a specification of goods and services included in one class have been increased to

  • E-filing - Rs. 9000/- and

  • Physical filing - Rs. 10000/-

A fee has been reduced to the prescribed individuals, start-ups, sole-proprietor, and small enterprises to financially assist such businesses and reduce their cost of compliance.

  • E-filing - Rs. 4500/- and

  • Physical filing - Rs. 5000/-

The Government of India pursuant to Trademark Rules, 2017 has reduced the fees for MSMEs, individuals, start-ups and sole-proprietor by 50% i.e., Rs. 4500/- per application.

Small enterprises are required to have their Udyam certificate for trademark registration and startups must be registered under Startup India Scheme. The process is quick and easy and requires fewer documents as prescribed and the government fees for registration are also reduced.

Trademark Registration Process

Checking Name Availability

Documents Required

  • Soft copy of the trademark
  • Identity proof like PAN or Aadhar card,
  • Business registration document
  • In the case of a Registered Partnership firm – A partnership deed.
  • Class of goods or services

Filing of Documents

Publication of Trademark

  • An advertisement is published in the trademark journal for public opinion.
  • The objections can be raised within three months from the date of publication.

Filing of Documents

Filing Trademark Application

  • A trademark search is conducted on the online database of trademark registry.
  • An application is filed in Form TM-A with prescribed fees.

Filing of Documents

Submit Documents and Obtain Certification

  • The required documents are submitted with the application to the registrar.
  • In case of no objections, a Trademark registration certificate is issued to the applicant.

Difference between Trademark vs. Copyright vs. Patent

Basis Trademark Copyright Patent
Definition A trademark is a word, design, logo, phrase, or symbol which separates your product from another company. A copyright is a type of intellectual property protecting the original work of an author in a tangible form. A patent provides a right for creating a new and unique invention or process.
Regulated Act Trade Marks Act, 1999 The Copyright Act, 1957 The Patents Act, 1970
Protection Validity The validity is of ten years and renewal is required after the expiry of ten years. The copyright is valid for the lifetime of an author and sixty years after the author’s death. The validity of the patent is for twenty years. Patents have territorial rights and a separate application is filed for another country.
Rights to the Owner It provides an exclusive right for using the mark and its prevention. It provides the right to distribution of copies and transfer of ownership by lease. It gives an exclusive right to the invention and a right of exclusion.
Protection of Rights A name, logo, symbol, and design which distinguishes the brand and owner of the brand. The material form of art, musical, and literary can be protected but not the ideas of the author. The invention of a product, or process, can be patented.
Provisional application It does not include a provisional application that requires a trademark search. There is no provisional application. A provisional application of twelve months for filing complete specifications.
Examples Some famous examples are Coca-Cola, just do it, Facebook, Google, etc. Some famous examples are Twitter, Spotify, Apple, McDonald’s, etc. Some famous examples are iPhone, telephone, computer, lightbulb, etc.
Representation The registration process is registered. There is no symbolic representation of registration. There is no symbolic representation of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trade Marks registry?
The trade marks registry was established in 1940 in India. The current administration of Trade marks, 1999 and the rules made thereunder. It also performs the function of resource and information centre and facilitates trademarks in the entire nation.
Can I register a trademark myself?
The process of trademark registration is easy and straightforward and there are many complications that may arise leading to the rejection of the application.
Why is trademark registration important for bakers?
The registration of a trademark is mandatory for bakers as this puts a unique mark on their products. The online market has increased and so has the demand for bakery products. Thus, a trademark is a valuable asset for the business.
How to file the application for the company trademark and logo registration in India with the Registrar of Trademarks?
The trademark application is to be filled in Form-48 which is an authorization
How long does it take to obtain Trademark registration?
How long does it take to obtain Trademark registration? A trademark application can take up to 6-8 months starting from the date of application of the mark to the date on which the registration certificate of the Trademark is issued by the Trademark Registry.
How do I track a trademark application?
The trademark application can be tracked online by the Online trademark search option. The owner can affix the TM symbol next to the logo after obtaining the trademark application allotment number.
Who can apply for trademarks registration in India?
The registration of a Trademark can be applied by an Individual, Joint owners, partnership firms, Limited liability partnerships, a Private limited company, OPC, a Public, and a non-profit organization or society.

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