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FSSAI Registration: Process, Benefits & Eligibility

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FSSAI Registration refers to the Food safety and standards authority of India under the Ministry of health and family welfare. FSSAI provides registration for every type of food business operator (FBO) in India. It governs the manufacture, storage and distribution for ensuring the availability of safe and healthy food for human consumption.

Steps For FSSAI Registration Process

There are three different types of registration or license under FSSAI:

  • FSSAI Registration for petty food business
  • State License for medium food business
  • Central License for large food business

The process of FSSAI basic registration for food business operators with a turnover of less than twelve lakh rupees are required to file Form A.

Step 1: The FBOs must submit Form A which is an application for registration on the FoSCoS portal. 

Step 2: The documents attached with the application are:

  • Photo identity proof of the FBOs.
  • Business registration certificate.
  • Proof of possession of business premises like rental agreement, NOC from the owner of the rented place, electricity bills, etc.
  • Food safety management system plan
  • List of food products manufactured
  • Bank account details
  • Supporting documents like NOC by the municipality, Health NOC, copy of the license from the manufacturer, etc.

Step 3: The application may be accepted or rejected within seven days of receipt. A unique application reference number of fourteen digits is issued.

Step 4: The officer will scrutinize the documents.

Step 5: An inspection will be conducted before the certificate is issued to the FBO.

Step 6: When the result of the inspection is positive then a registration certificate of FSSAI will be granted to the applicant with a registration number, photograph and email address. 

Step 7: The FBO can download the registration certificate with login in the FoSCoS online portal.

Step 8: The FSSAI registration certificate should be displayed at the business place.

Eligibility For FSSAI Registration

The eligibility for registration under FSSAI is as follows:

  • An FBO with not more than Rs. 12 lakhs.
  • The temporary food stall holder sells the food items.
  • Petty retailer with food items.
  • Small-scale or industries with food business are:
  • Food production capacity with a capacity of up to 100 kg/liter per day.
  • Procurement, handling and milk collection of up to 500 liters per day.
  • Slaughtering capacity with two large animals or ten small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less. 

The validity of the license is between one year to five years. There are different validity periods for types of licenses. The cost of registration provided by the government portal are:

  • The basic FSSAI registration cost is Rs. 100 per year. 
  • The FSSAI state license cost is between a range of Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000.
  • The FSSAI central license cost is Rs. 7500.

The process for renewal is performed on the FoSCoS portal and login with the registration number and password. With help of a renewal application, a list of issued licenses will be displayed. The license can be renewed before one hundred and twenty days of expiration. The documents are uploaded with the payment of fees. A number having seventeen digits is generated which is used to track the application status.

Benefits of FSSAI Registration

The benefits provided with the registration under FSSAI are:

  • The FSSAI logo indicates a global symbol based on reliability and trustworthiness and is a recognizable icon.
  • It makes it easier to improve the brand image of the products.
  • The FSSAI license attracts potential customers with the security of credit.
  • It is required that the food business should be started in India
  • It facilitates a business with law compliance.
  • It also helps in the expansion of the business to foreign markets with the export of food items.


Registration under FSSAI improves a business's credibility and creates goodwill. It is issued under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. A state license is required for annual turnover of more than rupees twelve lakhs and below twenty crores. A central license is required for an annual turnover of more than rupees twenty crores.


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