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Legal Metrology Act Registration in India

legal metrology certificate for import

Legal Metrology Act Registration is introduced for safeguarding consumer interests and rights. The Act came into effect on 1st April 2011 and is applicable to all packaged items sold in the Indian market that are manufactured or imported. The objective is to ensure accurate and secured weights and measurements. Thus, it applies in two categories i.e., manufacturer or packer and importer. 

There are four different types of Legal Metrology Act Registration:

1. Model Approval

The certificate is granted by the central government and applies to the products falling underweight and measurement category.

2. Packaged Commodity Registration

This applies to packaged commodities retailed to end consumers. The manufacturers or importers should have product information on the packaged food items. The weights and measurements should be sold after verification and stamp of the manufacturer or dealer of the legal metrology officer.

3. Import License

The Import License is granted by the state government when goods are imported.

4. Dealership License

It is applicable when the imported products are sold in the brand name. It is granted by both central and state governments depending upon the place of registration of the company.

The following steps are involved in the process of registration:

Step 1: Preparation of application with applicable drafts

Step 2: Online Filling and Submission of the application form 

Step 3: Documents required with the application form with fees.

Step 4: Issuance of a Unique Application Identification Number (UAIN) 

Step 5: The application received at Facilitator level-I will scrutinize the application with the documents attached after completing the payment.

Step 6: An application is passed to an officer who conducts an inspection and who is responsible for the submission of an inspection report.

Step 7: The application is then approved or rejected by the controller on the basis of the accuracy of the application and inspection report.

The fee of hundred rupees is prescribed by the directorate for the application. The registration is valid for five years that must be renewed from time to time.

Documents Required For Legal Metrology Registration Process

The following are the documents required:

  • Photographs with evidence of identity and address of the applicant 
  • Proof of the date of birth of the applicant or partners
  • Ownership document by the owner or rent agreement
  • Map of the location
  • In the case of a Partnership firm, a Partnership deed is required
  • A model approval certificate by the director of legal metrology as per the legal metrology general rules, 2011 for the proposed weighing and measuring apparatus.
  • For no objections, a certificate is required from the environmental control board.
  • List of machines and tools
  • Affidavit to the state with regard to the legal provisions and instructions of the controller.
  • Affidavit to the state of not convicted of a crime and there are no criminal proceedings pending.
  • Factory or shop establishment trade license or municipal trade license.
  • Copy of GST registration
  • Import-Export code certificate
  • PAN card copy

Benefits of Legal Metrology Registration

The benefits of registration under the act are as follows:

  • Reducing the cost of transactions

The bad measuring system is expensive and has an impact on shops and consumers 

  • Supporting Trades

The Act is in charge of policing illegal and unfair trade activities. The objective is to ensure the measuring instruments are functional and satisfy their purpose.

  • Government funds

The taxes levied on the measurement are used by the government for generating revenue. 

  • Trade barriers are Reduced

The registration helps in reducing the burden of restrictions and also improves confidence and clarity. It also avoids the hurdles in the application and assessment of rules, standards and assessment. 

  • Increase Consumer Confidence

The customers are getting a product that is confirmed as per the norms and rules leading to a strong trading connection.


The Legal Metrology Act Registration covers all types of pre-packaged commodities exempted otherwise from the rules. The exempted products include drugs, fast food items, and packaged goods sold in 10g or 10 ml.


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