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Information About Court Marriage Fees in India

Court Marriage in India

The concept of Court marriage fees is very underrated in India. These marriages mostly take place where the family member of the parties to the marriage is against or in the case of inter-caste, inter-religious marriage.

The marriage procedures in this marriage are short and simple, any person who can perform the marriage can enter the institution of marriage.

Concept of Court Marriage Fees In India-

This is governed by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1954 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

When both parties to the marriage are Hindu then, marriages take place under the Hindu Marriage Act. For example, in the case of inter-caste marriage among Hindus.

Whereas the under the Special Marriage act person belonging to any religious group can perform, their marriages.  People belonging to different religious groups most frequently perform their marriages under this act.

We can simplify the court marriage fees like the marriages performed according to the law laid down by the country.

The registrar of the marriages oversees these marriages. After the performance of the marriage, they provide you with a certificate of the solemnization of the marriage.

Things You Need to Pay Heed to While Going for The Marriage, By The Court -

  • The female to the marriage must be 18 years of age and the male must be 21.
  • The parties to the marriage must not be married before. if one of the parties to the marriage had been married then divorce must have taken, from the previous.
  • The parties to the marriage should be mentally sound.
  • The parties are entering into the marriage with free will.
  • The parties to the marriage should not fall within the prohibited degree of relationship.

Why are Court Marriages Gaining Popularity in India?

There are many advantages of court marriages.  Therefore, these are becoming popular among the young generations. Some of the significant features are listed below.

  • Process is quick as compared to the ceremonial one

In these marriages, very basic and essential ceremonial rituals are performed. Whereas in the traditional wedding very small and minor ceremonies are performed with a lot of expenditure on them.

The process of this marriage is very straight and quick. You will get performed within an hour if all the necessary documents are with you.

This marriage is hassle-free. One should opt for it. If you are planning for simple and precise.

  • Budget-Friendly

In India, in most cases, it is seen that marriages are performed with a lot of act up. Most people spend their savings on huge wedding celebrations. However, there is no need when you can save your money. For some great purpose or need.

When we are talking about court marriage fees, it comes without any show-off. They are simple and elegant at the same time. This way of solemnization of marriages is a boom for everyone who wants to save his/ her hard earn money from being wasted on the act up of weddings.

  • Helpful in preventing social evils

There are many evils related to marriages prevented in India. Child marriage, dowry, forceful marriage, and other social pressures, etc are some examples.

In court marriage fees, only legal formalities are taken care of. This form of marriage is to some extent free from social evils. 

  • Legally recognized since its inception

This marriage is performed after following up with all legal formalities. All the conditions of court marriage fees are taken care of, therefore chances of getting challenged based on legality are very low.

The marriage gets registered automatically after solmization and you will be given a certificate thereof.

  • Remove religious and caste barriers

In Indian society caste system is something that is prevent for ages. The root of this system is still deep in society and communities. Religious and cast restrictions coupled with other social evils create problems in the institution of marriage.

The court marriage fees concept does not discriminate based on caste and creed.

Online Process for Court Marriage Fees in India.

The simplified step-by-step process of marriage and pay court marriage fees is framed below do check it out.

  • Firstly, you need to log in with the registration portal of the city or state, where you are living.
  • Then you must take an appointment with the district magistrate
  • Now, you are required to choose the district of yours
  • Fill in all the required essential details of the husband and wife
  • Choose the date of the appointment
  • Do fill the marriage certificate from
  • Click on the submit application form button there
  • After processing the application, you will receive the acknowledgment sheet with the appointment details.

What should one do for Tatkal Court Marriage?

Are you planning for a court marriage or pay Tatkal Court Marriage and looking for help, to know the process and court marriage fee, here is the needed assistance?

  • In the case of the Tatkal court marriage fees you need to pay Rs 2100.
  • You need to log in to the website of the district where you are living
  • Then do create your account with the necessary details
  • Fill out the details of the parties along with the witnesses
  • Create Affidavits
  • When SDM accepts your application, do attach the necessary documents
  • Then an appointment will be fixed for you
  • The SDM will verify your application file
  • After completion of the required formalities, you are all set to go.

Online Form of Court Marriage Fees

To save your valuable time and yourself from being part of a long queue.           

All you need to do is visit the official website of the district magistrate of the city you are living in. 

You will get the application form there,  do fill in the details and send it to the magistrate for verification.

About Court Marriage Fees in India

The court fee for marriage varies between states. Every state had got the authority to establish the court marriage rules and regulations.

Before filling out the application for court marriages, you must check the fees of the state concerned.

Generally, the application fee for Court marriage fees in India is Rs 100 under the Hindu Marriage Act and Rs 150 for the special marriage act.

Procedure of Court Marriages in India

Court Marriage process is here, you can check out here only. It includes:

Notice of the Marriage

You need to notify the marriage officer of the district of your marriage intentions.  This will be revealed when you file the application form. the application needs to be sent in 30-day advance from the date of the intended marriage.  The notice should be given to the marriage officer in whose jurisdiction either of the party to the marriage is living for more than 30 days.

Publication of the Notice of Marriage

The notice of the court marriage fees of the parties will be published in the marriage register by pasting it at some conspicuous place in the office of the marriage officer.  After that, any person who is having any objection to the marriage will be within 30 days of publication submit them.

Objection to the Marriage

If any person is /are having any objection concerning the solemnization of the marriage they can file the same within 30 days of publication of the notice.  The objection can be raised on the ground that it will violate the condition of the marriage. 

After having the objection, the marriage officer will inquire about them within 30 days of receipt. On the ratification of the objection, the marriage will organize accordingly.

Declaration of the Parties /Witnesses

On the removal of the objection on inquiry or when there is no objection, the parties can perform the marriage. The parties to the marriage must appear before the marriage officers and submit their declaration as prescribed in the third schedule to the marriage. The marriage officer will also countersign the document.

Place of Solemnization of the Marriage

The payment of court marriage fees can be performed at any place, you can do it even in the office of the marriage officer or at some other person at a reasonable distance.

If you’re planning to perform it at some other place you must place the additional court marriage fees as may be prescribed in that regard.

Certificate of Court Marriage

You will get the certificate of marriage after the performance of it duly. Both the parties to the marriage along with three witnesses will sign the document.

The certificate of the marriage will be conclusive proof. The officers will enter the details of the marriage in the book kept for a marriage certificate.


The court marriage fees is very budget friendly as compared to the traditional. The court marriage fee is very minimal. The process of court marriages is also simple and less sophisticated.

In India court marriages are performed under special circumstances, in usual or normal situations people hesitate to opt for this marriage. is the leading platform for legal services, Book your Consultation now.