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Everything You Must Know About Drafting of Notice Format

Legal Notice Format

The legal Notice drafting format is a formal declaration made by one party as a part of a legal warning against another party. The notice consists of two parties i.e., a sender and an addressee. The sender is the person who is sending a notice. 

A defaulter is the one with whom the notice is shared. The notice clarifies the grievances between the two parties. It aims to correct the behaviour and resolve their disputes within a given time. When the legal notice is not enough for the other party, then it can be directly going to the court. The legal notice is important when there is a dispute between two or more parties.

What are the important aspect to remember while drafting of notice format?

The sender is also known as the aggrieved party. The legal notice must be drafted by an experienced legal practitioner. The important table of contents of legal notice include the following as mentioned below:

  • Title of Legal Notice –

The title must be short and informative. It shall give a glimpse or idea of the matter discussed in the notice.

  • Matter and Facts –

This part contains the cause of the notice. In case of any previous communications are done, they must be referred to in the notice.

  • Demand and Requirement of Sender –

The notice must be drafted very carefully mentioning the specific performance or monetary compensation for the damage that occurred.

  • Result and Consequences –

The legal notice drafting format must include the result of not complying must be specified in the notice itself. The consequences will aware the addressee take necessary action in the stipulated time.

What is Legal Notice? What are the Types of Legal Notice?

The legal notice in india is a written document that serves as formal communication between the parties. A notice informs the receiver that the sender intends to take legal action against them. The legal notice is used in a variety of scenarios:

1. In Consumer forums: If a person receives a bad service or damaged goods, then he can issue a legal notice to the person in question, requesting to correct the defects.

2. Defaulters on Loans: The legal notice drafting format for the debt recovery process begins with the sending of a legal notice to the defaulters under the SARFAESI Act.

3. Disputes arising in property such as partition, eviction, or concerns connected to property possession.

4. Cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act: In the event of a cheque being dishonored, the aggrieved party may issue a legal notice for payment of recovery.

5. Money Recovery cases.

6. Employee and Employer/Company.

How to Send Legal Notice?

For prepration of format of legal notice requires a professional lawyer and adhering to the predefined set of steps which are as follows:

1. Connect to a Professional lawyer –

The legal notice drafting format is done by a professional lawyer only. It requires because he holds the right to share the information legally.

2. In-Depth discussion of the case –

Describe the case openly to the lawyer and share all the details. Explain the incident and damage that occurred. While sharing the information, you must also give the full name, address, complaints involved, misleading activities, other issues, and the relief sought by both parties involved in the matter.

3. Documentation –

All the mandatory documents must be provided to the lawyer.

  • Contact a lawyer
  • Share Information
  • Provide documents
  • Draft notice
  • Sign notice

4. Notice drafting process –

The legal notice drafting format is written in legal language using legal terminologies. The notice can be written in Hindi or English. The process of legal drafting format contains all the information about the warning and the basis of sorting before going to the court. It would help you to set a stipulated time in which you can expect the addressee to respond. After receiving addressee has fifteen days or a month to revert to the information.

5. Signatures of Notice –

The legal notice requires the signature of the lawyer and the sender. After the signing, you can share it with the addressee. The lawyer must sign the notice before sending to the other party. You can legal notice drafting format send it through the following modes:

  • Whatsapp messaging
  • Direct courier
  • Registered post
  • Email
  • Speed post
  • Hand delivery.

Draft the legal notice format for recovery of money

The legal notice sample letter is written as given below:

Registered Address

Legal notice

To, ______ (Give the name and address of the addressee) Dated:

Company Name,

Through its Managing director

Mr. X


Legal notice under the instruction and on behalf of Mr. A, S/o______, R/o________ I do hereby serve you the notice as follows:

1. That my client was appointed by your offer letter dated 10th November 2021 and the salary of my client was fixed at Rs. 56,000/- month (Statement of facts should be mentioned in legal notice drafting format)

2. The offer letter issued in the name of the client and gave him an Identity card of the company.

3. That the first party has performed his duty regularly with punctuality.

4. That on 4th May 2022 when my client went to do his duty then your office refused him to continue his duty. You told my client that his services are no longer required.

I, call you with this legal notice to make the payment of Rs. ____/- to my client with interest up to date, within 15 days.

In case you fail to do so, my client has given clear instructions to me to file in legal notice drafting format for criminal as well as a civil suit for recovery in the competent court of law, and in that event, you will be fully responsible for all the costs, risks, responsibilities, expenses and consequences thereof.

A copy of the legal notice is kept in the office of lawyer for record and necessary action and it is advised to keep the copy safe as it would be asked to produce it in the court in future.


What are the points to remember for a reply to legal notice?

When you receive the legal notice for recovery of money, you need to respond to it within the specified period. The things you should be aware of to reply to legal notice format after receiving it are: -

1. Once you receive a legal notice drafting format, you need to examine it carefully to know the raised issue by the sender. If the description of matter is not understandable, the lawyer must be consulted.

2. If you have decided that you need to settle this in court then you need to brief your side of facts and concerns to the lawyer.

3. In the last, you need to draft the notice and reply to the sender.

You can download the legal notice reply format pdf.

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