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Information About Legal Notice Format India

legal notice format

A Legal notice format India is a document that is sent to the other person against whom you are going to file a suit. All forms of formal communication have a pre-planned arrangement, which every person has to follow. In India like in any other country, there is a provision for sending a legal notice.

In the initial stage of legal proceedings, the notices are sent to let the other side know the kind of charges framed against him under particular circumstances.

It is necessary for a person while drafting legal notices to stick to particular patterns or say set the legal format of notice.

Legal Court Notice Format India Significance

The importance of draft a legal notice is the same in every country globally. Nowadays, people enter into agreements or contracts as individuals and companies.

To send a legal notice is nothing less than a medium that allows both parties to sit together and resolve the issues. In fact, in most cases, legal proceedings begin with the filing of a draft legal notice. In most cases, there are chances that disputes can be settled outside the courtroom, Legal notice format in India, are same across the different hierarchies of courts.

The significance of the Legal notice format India can be known from the fact that in some of the matters the plaintiff and defendant had some difference of opinion which can be resolved by the negotiations, the legal notices help the other party to know the contentions raised by the aggrieved person if the defendant is of the view that some solution can be made out, beforehand and unnecessary litigations can be avoided, so the purpose of the legal notice is not only to make the other person aware of the contentions, but it also serves the deterrence effect on the wrongdoer.

In essence, we can put it like a legal notice draft consisting of two parties in which one of the parties is the sender of the notice and the other is the addressee. As stated above it helps to clear out misunderstandings.

What is the Effect of the Legal Notice Format India?

The most frequently legal notices in formats, in any case, are filled to cause a deterrence effect on the person or the entity upon which it had been served.

The effectiveness of the Legal notice format India can be seen in civil matters because in criminal cases it’s the state who files the case against the person, the severing of the legal notice is not a requirement, but section 80 of the code of the Civil Procedure,1908 make it compulsory meaning thereby that if any person is thinking of the initiating proceedings against the government entity or department of official, then 2-month notice is required to be filed.

In that period of two months government takes into consideration whether, disputes or contentions made out by the person be resolved amicably, without wasting public money on the litigation process, if yes then, no legal action is taken, but if heed is paid toward the person grievances then he can start proceedings.

What will the Pre -Legal notice format India?

Pre-legal notice means, as the name suggests like notice for recovery of money before sending a notice, a simple notice not being legal is sent to the other side. It’s nothing more than personnel communication between the parties, in the legal notice, there is deterrence of being sued in a court of law. Perhaps the notice simply (Pre legal notice) tries to start negotiations between the parties, before the legal notice is sent.

What are the composition contents of the legal notice format in India?

Any person can draft the legal notice format India on their own, but it will be a wise decision if you take the help and assistance of the expert professional instead of making it yourself, the reason being that they are well versed in the legal language and knows how to make the draft in such a way that it contains all the facts without being exaggerating the things.

The well-drafted legal notice is made on the letterhead of the advocate, in which all the details of him are mentioned.

The contents and composition of the legal notice format in India will be like this-

1 . Name and Address of the sender and receiver

You must mention the name and address of the person sending the legal notice and the receiver’s name, address, and other contact details.

2.  Date and Subject of the Notice

After addressing the sender and receiver you need to mention the date and subject, to which matter legal notice pertains, it must be precise and informative, meaning thereby which gives a glimpse of the matter, which the body of the Legal notice format India going to discuss, for example in case any person wants to get his /her money back in any particular matter, then the subject of notice can be legal notice for recovery of the money, in a particular matter.

3 . Body of the legal notice

The body of the legal notice format in India will be like mentioning the material facts of the dispute along with the contentions of the aggrieved person. This part frames out the cause of the concerned notice.

The things or actions on the part of the opponent, that are affecting the parties should be mentioned on the notice precisely, if you had some communications previously then do mention them here in the notice but should bear in mind that no vital information related to the matter be carved out in the notice.

Try to make points of the information you had decided to put in the notice, do not exaggerate things, and be precise.

4. Demand raised:

After submitting the contentions in the body of the Legal notice format India, you need to provide the demands or let’ says remedy which you want from the other side, your demands should be reasonable, do not make unnecessary things from the other person.

5 . Time limit

You must mention the time in which the other person has to take the action, do mention that if a specific action is not taken in the specific period, then the remedy with which we are left is taking legal action in the court of law.

6. The signature of the advocate and sender

After greeting the other person, you need to sign the document, the signature of the advocate, and the person who is sending it should be on the notice.

Legal notice format India recognizes, what mode of filing?

The basic pattern of the format of legal notice is the same, in the most matter, it is the body of the notice which get changed according to the facts of the case. 

The communication of the notice can be made through various means such as:

  • Traditional postal services
  • Personal services of the notice
  • E-mail
  • Speed Post
  • WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app

Legal notice format India, correct approach for drafting

The person who is going to dispatch the legal notice must know the correct approach while issuing formal, legal notice, there are some necessary steps that you must follow –

  • Hire an Advocate 

Although you can make legal notice yourself, it is always advisable to contact some professional in the field, while selecting the advocate, do take into account the number of years he had spent in drafting and in the practice of law, greater the number more value he will be to you.

  • Discuss the matter in detail

Don’t do the mistake of hiding facts and materials from your lawyer, always give a detailed explanation to him. because based on the information shared by you, he is going to make your legal notice format India prepared, only some essential information is put in the notice, do not make the mistake of framing out vital information in the legal notice, it can be fatal for your case in the court of the law.

  • Do provide the essential documents

Do not hesitate to trust your lawyer throughout the legal proceedings, whatever your lawyer asks you, to provide, do provide him/her with that, whether it is the document or information or anything he needs to represent your case.

  • Language of the Draft

Only legal terms should be used of such a nature that can be, understood by the receiver of the notice, do not use legal maxims which are hard to get through, just make the notice in simple language, the body of the notice will contain the fact and information, whereas language must be firm, do give the receiver the warning that if desired things or actions are not performed on his part then, another natural course of action will be legal proceeding in the court of law.

  • Signature of the advocate and sender

After sending the legal notice body by providing a warning, you need to put the signature of the advocate and the sender.

Legal Court Notice Format India-Advantages

There are many advantages of filing legal notices, as it is a vital principle of the court of law. The notice gives the other party chance to put his side of the coin in front of everyone.

  • Assists in initiating negotiations

A Legal notice format India in any matter helps the parties, to initiate the talks, so that matter, which is to court, can get settled out of the courtroom. When a legal notice is sent to other parties who get if feel that the matter can be sorted beforehand tries to approach the aggrieved party to start negotiations, after the negotiations if both parties reach a common consensus then the matter ends then and there.

  • Saving in terms of time

Every person is well aware, that court cases take a very long time to get resolved and this whole process of litigation is very burdensome and time-consuming for the plaintiff and the defendant. The procedure of sending of the Legal notice format India provides the parties a fair chance to resolve their matter outside the court.

  • Saving Unnecessary Wastage of Money

If there is room for avoiding the litigation, do avoid it like a wise man, and do not get into unnecessary court proceedings, because court cases are not free of cost, they can cause you a fatal blow in terms of money, therefore if there are chances of negotiations, arbitration, meditation or conciliation do get resolve your matter by these methods, instead of the regular civil suit.


The legal notice format India is very basic, there are no hard and fast rules about legal notices, in India.  The legal notice is sent by the lawyer in the form of intimidation to the wrongdoer, the notice calls upon the person to revise his actions in the specified period, otherwise, the aggrieved person will approach the court, but get his/her affected rights get restored., is the leading platform for legal services, Book your Consultation now.