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Get To Know About Reply To Legal Notice Format

reply to legal notice for recovery of money

Reply to legal notice format is also a very important document. There are some criteria and conditions for sending a reply notice to the other party who sent the notice.

Reply to Legal notice must be answered within the prescribed time, if not answered within the prescribed time it may be beneficial to the addressee.

A legal notice is an intimation sent to the opposite party indicating that the aggrieved party is preparing to file a lawsuit against the concern if the demand specified in the notice is not completed.

Reply to the notice as soon as possible and within the period specified in the notice/pre-action letter. Legal notice reply format pdf is also available for reference on google. Writing a notice means drafting of notice. All formats in this article are legal notice format India.

Reply To Legal Notice Format

Below is the legal notice reply format which is on how to overcome the problem of recovery of money.

Registered Advocate,

 Date: DD-MM-YYY



 ABC School.



According to the instructions of our client and on behalf of XYZ company LTd., the company incorporated and existing following the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 has its office at ______(Resident Address). We suggest you the following notice:

  • Our client is engaged in the business of providing telecommunication/data services to its various subscribers against which our client contemplates. You have applied for a mobile or data card connection with our client at the address after you have submitted all relevant documents required for this purpose to our client.
  • Your request was duly accepted by our client and you were allotted CAF No. CAF No. [Deleted] Address through Internet or Voice Connection. Our client has activated the connection via the billing account number for your addresses and since then you have been using the Addressed Number to express complete satisfaction with the Address Number and, therefore, have availed the telecommunication services of our client along with all the ancillary services subscribed by you from time to time.
  •  Our client may from time to time bill you for the telecommunication services received from the addresses. But due to one or the other reason you have always delayed/defaulted in payment of a due amount from the addresses the said connection was severed due to nonpayment by you our client. Today Rs. XXXX/-, is outstanding and you shall remain payable to our client as per the records maintained by our client in the ordinary course of his business. It may be noted that despite repeated communication with your authorities, you have to date failed to pay the dues owed to our client and the same is still owed by you.
  • That in these circumstances, you are hereby called upon to pay Rs. xxxx /-, with

One copy of this notice is kept in my official record.



This is notice format reply to legal notice format. You can get the legal notice format pdf also on the internet. Reply notice format is very important to know for lawyer.

Legal Notice For Recovery Of Money

A legal notice for recovery of money is a formal notice between two people warning each other before initiating legal action to obtain payment due to them.

Believe it or not, you can also send a legal notice to a friend to collect money if he/she owes you a lot and it is mandatory to send a reply to legal notice format.

To collect money from people who owe you money, the role and importance of legal notice become important for recovery of dues.

From dealer to employee, tenant, friend, company, bank, etc. A refund legal notice can be filed for anyone. This is also called court notice format as well.  This notice is a payment legal notice format.

Legal Notice Format For Recovery Of Money : Second Format

Following is a sample legal notice for recovery of money.



[Opposite Part]

My Client: ABC

Subject: Legal Notice for Recovery of Money


On behalf of my Client, I write to you state as follows:

My client has lent you Rs. XXXX/- on the date DD/MM/YYYY for XX days.

  • After completing the XX days from lending you money. you hadn't returned the money.
  • My clients intimate you again about returning the money.  still, you hadn’t returned a single piece of money to my client. Now, this is a legal notice for taking legal action against you. this is the last warning to return the money up to DD/MM/YYYY.

One copy of the notice is kept for office records.



This is an example of a recovery money legal notice format. There are legal notices for nonpayment and legal notice for not returning money also. You can send notice online as well through email id. This is a sample legal notice for recovery of money in India.

Cheque Bounce Notice Format

Following is the cheque bounce notice format.

Registered Advocate




(City, State, Pin Code)

SUBJECT: Notice Requesting Payment Of Dishonored Cheque

At the direction of our client Mr. (______________________), (age, occupation, and address), we issue the following legal notice for your compliance regarding the dishonor of the check issued on _______.

1. On (date) our client and you have agreed (___).

2. (goods or services) were delivered on (date) as agreed in the contract.

3. A check (bearing number) was issued by you (____) in the amount of (____) in the amount (amount stated in the cheque) to be presented in front of (bank particulars) on (supplied date) (supplied date).


1. (Due to Insufficient Funds/Incorrect Signatures/Mismatched Figures) Check dishonored by the above-mentioned client (Bank details) on the date furnished herewith.

2. Undecided Bank informs the client that the check has been dishonored by endorsement (funds not sufficient/wrong signature/figures not matching) vide [returning memo no.] on [check return date].

3. In this situation, we request you to pay the due amount (amount mentioned in the cheque) to the customer within XX days from receipt of this notice, failing which our client will take legal action against you.

One copy of the notice is kept for office records.


Advocate signature

We can write these legal notice format in hindi as well. As well as English it is important to know about legal notice meaning in hindi.

Essential Legal Notice in India

The legal notice is filed under 'Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908', only in civil cases. A legal notice is a notice that contains the following information:

  • Accurate statements and facts describing the complaint for which a response is sought.
  • Alternatives/reliefs sought by the aggrieved party.
  • Furthermore, the problem at hand, the summary of the facts, and how it can be decided is determined.

A reply to legal notice format is to recover money is usually a formal communication and warning from one party (petitioner) before taking any legal action to collect their debt. One of the most common problems people face is friends not returning their money. Incredibly, you can also folder a legal notice against him/her.

To be precise, a legal notice can be filed against anyone to recover your money, be it your friends, tenants, employers, etc. Recovery of money acts as a restoration to a person who has to repay his loan due to default.

There can be many situations where it is necessary to send a legal notice format or file a lawsuit. For example, if a tenant fails to pay rent to his landlord after giving him sufficient time to pay, the result is a large sum of money to which the landlord is entitled to.

When any employee absconds with the money, a domestic inquiry will be initiated by sending a show cause notice to the employee's residential address.

Expenses on Sending Legal Notice

A plan to prepare and send a legal notice document or reply to legal notice format to a veteran's office or an individual generally costs between ₹2500/ to ₹6500/-.

Nevertheless, the costs will also depend on the case in question; For example, if a legal notice is to be sent for a minor check bounced, the compensation would be as cheap as ₹500/-, whereas the complex case issues involved in drafting would cost more.

Benefits of Legal Notice in India

Consider vital benefits of legal notice in India Includes:

  • Report

A legal notice, if sent, conveys your intent before legal proceedings begin. The legal notice makes another party aware of an injury. A legal notice tells the other party about it and the consequences of their actions, which they may face in court. After that other party send reply to legal notice format.

  • Recorded

A legal notice is a written instruction that tells the opponent your plan of action. A legal notice creates concern in the mind of the other party that the aggrieved party is going to a court of law.

  • Out-of-court settlement

A legal notice formulates or mentions a party's complaint, which is comprehensive with all necessary facts. It mentions the relief and legal remedy offered by the party. The report also clarified that objections can also be sorted out amicably if the other parties agree and within the time frame provided.

  • Shared findings

A legal suggestion may be more effective in achieving the desired result than verbal transmission. The notice and or the reply to legal notice format may, consequently, lead to a mutual compromise between the two parties.

  • Uncertainty dismissed

Once the answer is assumed, any doubt about the motives is removed. If there is no response in time with notice concern, it is clear that the acquisitive party has taken notice casually and legal remedies may be available there. Reply to legal notice format necessary to know for sending a reply to party about received legal notice., is the leading platform for legal services, Book your Consultation now.