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Bonafide Certificate Application Procedure thereof

Bonafide Certificate Application

The Bonafide Certificate is nothing but a document that shows that you belong to the institution or organization. Among the students, it’s the certificate that provides evidence that a particular individual is a student of a particular institution enrolled under a particular course for a specific period.

The requirement of the certificate is so great, that it is needed for a variety of purposes such as while seeking employment, loan for educational purposes, visa applications, and other matters.

 Bonafide Certificate Meaning

The term bonafide is derived from the Latin word ‘bonafide’ which means ‘good faith. It is the formal document that you might trip over.

The format of the certificate might get changed according to the requirement of the purpose for what you need it. Thus, we can put it like the need for Bonafide Certificates is different for students and employees as both categories of people require the document for a certain purpose.

What will be the Purpose of the Bonafide Certificate?

The use or says the purpose of the certificate is multiple, let’s understand them in a few steps.

  • Some special facilities arere specifically granted to the students like concession in public transportation  Therefore while availing of these you need to show up that you belong to a particular organization or institution and fall under the category of Student.
  • While you are planning to study abroad, you need to apply for a visa, separate student, work, and employment visa is provided, for that you need to show a certificate that authenticates that you are going aboard for a particular purpose.
  • The rate of interest is different for students and much lower than for other categories of people. While for the loan you need to show the bonafide certificate.
  • You can use this certificate as another Identity proof in some cases such as while applying for a driving license.

 Category of the Certificate

 It is broadly divided into two categories –

Student –

  • May need for passport and visa,
  • For attending the seminar or workshop,
  • While visiting the industry for academic reasons
  • When applying for the travel concessions
  • To join some public libraries etc

Employee –

  • In some cases, while opening a new bank account,
  • When you are thinking of getting a bank loan,
  • When you are going to attend some conference or an official seminar.

Content of the Bonafide Certificate

It usually includes the name of the institution and information about the student such as the class in which he reads, and the enrolment number.

If the certificate is issued to the employee, it has to contain particular of the employee such as the name of the organization with which he works, the position of him/her, and details concerning the employment which are necessary.

What Is The Document Needed, When Applying For The Certificate?

Documents required at the time of applying for bonafide certificate are as follows:

In the case of students –

  • Application form,
  • Identity proof,
  • Receipt of the fee paid

In the case of the employees –

  • Employee identity card
  • Copy of the pay slip

Application Procedure for students while applying for the bonafide Certificate.

Who is a bonafide student?

You can refer to any person as a bonafide individual, in the case of the student who is enrolled in a recognized school, college, or university, whether it is technical or traditional.

Application for Certificate –

In most cases, it’s the administrative department of the concerned institution or organization, which you need to approach for getting your application proceeded.

You must apply in writing, along with certain documents such as –

  • Identity proof of yours
  • Application Form filled with details
  • Payment Receipt

The basic format of the certificate is quite different which means it varies from institution to institution. But mainly it contains particulars like the name of the institution, which is printed on the head of the certificate, then other details such as the date of issue of the certificate, to whom it is issued, and the signature of the head of the institution.

Application Procedure for the Employees

When the certificate is issued to the employees, it has to contain the contact details of him/her like employment type, and details relating to that.

If you want to get the certificate from the employer, you need to write an application addressing him, along with the document listed above.

Types of Bonafide Certificate

Some kinds of certificate of bonafide are mentioned below:

For Temporary Nature:

As the name suggests, this certificate is designed for a specific period of, in most cases, it is for six months and is renewable annually.

For Permanent Nature:

The permanent certificate is valid for the length of your course.

Certificates for various Categories of people

The certificate is made for different categories of people, let’s learn about them-

For The Students

The document uses to verify the person whose name is entered on it, as the bonafide person, who had been enrolled as such in a particular educational institution.

The bonafide certificate is used to authenticate that a particular individual dual is enrolled in a particular course for a specific duration at their institution.

The enrolment details are also given on the certificate such as the university or college name, roll number, duration, and course for which you had opted. The certificate will include all the basic details regarding you and your institution. This certificate is very valuable under a variety of circumstances.

Does The Bonafide Certificate Differ from The Certificate Of Study?

The certificate differs from each other in the terms of information and purpose for what they are used.  The particulars that the bonafide certificate contains are used to verify that a student was or is a member of the concerned institution or university for a specific period.

On the other hand, a certificate of the study shows that the person is presently a member of the particular institution and contains their name and course details.

You can differentiate the two from the very fact that, the former contains not only the particular individual name and course and details. But also particularly like his residence, date of birth, and other essential information which authenticates their eligibility for the purpose for which they are obtaining the same bonafide certificate example to obtain the educational loan.

For Employees

The certificate is used to verify the identify the employee and his position in the organization. The Department of Human Resources often issues the certificate for the on-board workers.

The bonafide is very vital. The document is used for protecting the organization from fraud and identity theft etc.

For Scholarship Purpose

The document of the bonafide is required while you are going to apply for the numerous scholarships. You can get the certificate prepared from the institution or university wherever you are presently enrolled for your studies.

The particulars describing your details concerning institution and academics are made out in the certificate itself. The certificated need to be attested by the gazette officer.

Bonafide Certificate Format:

Here you will find certificate of bonafide application format which you can use for the bonafide certificate application process:


The principal

XYZ School

At ABC Place,

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Application for the Bonafide Certificate.

Respected, Ma’am /sir

I want to say that, my name is ——–and student of ——–class of your institution or school.  Sir as my parents are planning to send me aboard for higher education, I need a bonafide certificate, kindly issue me the same.

I will be highly thankful to you, for your act of kindness.

Your Sincerely

For Employees



——— Department

Name of the Company


Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject:  Application for the Bonafide Certificate from the Company

Respected, Sir/Ma’am

I want to bring to your notice that, I am working with your company for ——- years and had recently completed ———- years, I had a clean reputation, I have to apply for ———– purpose, so I am, in urgent need of a Bonafide Certificate.

Therefore, I humbly request you issue me the certificate at the earliest.

Here I am submitting my details to you, for the concerned purpose.

Employee Details

Name of the Employee

Enrolments no

Department name

ID. no of the employee


Hereby I am attaching the following documents for the said purpose, I request you proceed with my application urgently.

Yours faithfully


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