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Legal Requirement of a Caste Certificate in India

Caste Certificate in India

In this blog you will get to know about caste certificate in India. Here you will get complete information about procedure and document required.

The Constitution of India provisions selective discrimination by providing reasonable grounds for doing so. There is various article under the constitution that provides special privileges to a class of person belonging to the group of Caste.

The caste is owned by the individual by way of his birth in a particular family belonging group specific groups like Brahmin, Rajput, Vaishyas, or Shudras.  

The system in which social order is divided among Hindus prevails, based on Karma or say work.

But with, it had taken a different shape and color and timed there started some unacceptable practices which are inhuman in nature.

So there arose the need to reform these practices by providing special rights to people who belong to the unprivileged section of society.

Why there risen the need for Caste Certificate?

By the constitution of India, discrimination based on caste is banned in all its forms. It’s an attempt made by the maker of the constitution to bring the lower caste on equal footing with upper caste people.

To do so reserve in various government services and education national institutions had been provided and even in promotion of services.

In 1989 the reservation was extended to other backward classes, which fall between the upper caste and lower.

Therefore, to claim reservation in various sectors you need to have a caste certificate, which most essential element.

This certificate proves that an individual has the right to claim the benefits of reservation. It proves that a person belongs a to Scheduled caste. The categories of persons who fall into the Scheduled caste are provided by the government.

You need to have this cast certificate for your child or children also, as it is vital.  When the child grows up, they need their certificate to claim the benefits provided to them because of their birth in a particular caste.

Significance of Caste Certificate :

The community certificate is the documentary proof that authenticates that a person belongs to a specific caste and by his caste, he can apply for caste certificate.

India is a country where one can easily have different castes which are now a day classified as General where Brahmin and Rajput or upper caste people scheduled caste and other backward classes that categories of special prevail age, where they can claim government reservation under various sectors.

The government of India requires your certificate of caste if you want to claim the benefits provided to you. This certificate ensures the protective discrimination among the General class and  Schedule caste, Schedule tribes, and other backward classes, by providing an advantage in getting a fair chance in academic government jobs, promotions, etc.  This provision of reversion provides power back to the scheduled classes to get better representation not only in education, and governmental services but also in election processes of the legislative assembly, Panchayats, Parliaments, etc.

What Is The Document Needed For The Certificate?

When you know the significance of the caste certificate it becomes important to understand the process of getting the certificate and the documents need for the same.

Because of its hue value and to avoid the illegal way of obtaining the certificate the government had made certain rules. if you are thinking of applying online for the certificate then you must make a pdf of the document that is required.

The List of Document Required for Caste Certification Is as Under:

  • Residence proof, that you can upload the original scanned photocopy of the ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill, or water bill having your current address
  • Password-sized photograph
  • Parental caste certificate, if in case you do not have their certificate then you can upload their educational certificates.
  • Photocopy of a certificate containing your age proof and address
  • Photocopy of the income certificate
  • The application form for obtaining the certificate should be filled out correctly
  • You need to prepare the affidavit for the certificate and upload the photocopy of the same on the website of the concerned authority supplying the certificate.
  • Certificate of school leaving or migration to prove age can also be supplied.

Procedure for obtaining caste certificate:

It’s now become easier and quicker to obtain your certificate, through the digital mode of application many states had shifted from offline to online mode of the application procedure, as it is less burdensome and there is no need to warding here there in government offices and running after the staff of the concern departments.

Many people in India are now having internet access and they can even process the application through the help of Lok Mitra Kindra which is made specially to help people in applying online for various digital programs.  

You can apply conformably from anywhere for the certificate by just following a few simple steps

  • You must know the official website to obtain the certificate for your state, you can get to know about this very easily by making a simple query.
  • While processing the application, the requirement can differ from state to state according to the need of their software programming.
  • Some websites may ask you to make your account with them and after doing so you are asked to fill in your login details.
  • Then you may need to fill out the application through certificate form, and after doing so document asked by the concerned authorities needed to be uploaded.
  • After doing away with the formalities you have to wait for a certain number of days if asked for and in case there is no waiting period then you can get your caste certificate download from the website.

The Validity Period of the Caste Certificate:

The period of validity may vary from state to state, some states make it for a lifetime whereas some had a provision of renewal after a couple of years.

The validity of caste certificate is mentioned on it, the certificate is vital while Appling for seats that are reserved for specific categories in different institutions in India.

The validity mentioned on the certificate authenticates that your benefits rights, you can also get your cast certificate prepared by the concerned panchayat or revenue office.

Summing Up:

With the introduction of the online procedure for obtaining the caste certificate in India, it become easier for the common masses to get it prepared quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

It becomes more transparent as the record are made more informative than ever before.

The caste certificate online is the proof that beneficiaries must have while claiming their right of protected discrimination provided to them.

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