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Necessity Of Draft Format For Sending Legal Notice

Legal Notice format for Recovery of Salary

To write any legal notice it is necessary to know about the draft format of that particular notice. Every lawyer should know about the drafting format of the legal notice. Without the format, no one can write the notice for legal work.

The legal notice is a communication between the two parties about the legal matter. After receiving the legal notice it is important to send a reply to that particular notice.

For this reply notice format also there is required drafting format.  There are some rules and regulations for this reply notice, which has to follow by that particular lawyer while sending the notice to the party who sent that notice.

There are so many advocate legal notice format. In this article, we will get to know about the drafting format of the notice.

Basic Details About the Draft Format

There are some basic rules and details about drafting a notice,

  • The notice contains the name, address, and contact information of the particular person or company
  • A clear and brief description of the issue or problem
  • The notice contains an explanation of why the notice is being sent
  • It is necessary to request for help or also for to take a specific action
  • Mention the deadline for the recipient to take action
  • A statement that failure to act may result in legal action

This information must be presented in a clear and brief. The notice should be easy to understand. These notices can send on mail of the party in Legal notice format pdf. In India legal notices have legal notice format in Hindi also.

Legal Notice Format for Property Dispute

Following is a sample legal notice format for property. This one is Draft format of legal notice for property dispute.

Registered Advocate



[Opposite Part]

My Client: ABC

Subject: Legal Notice for recovery of money


On behalf of my Client, I write to you state as follows:

  • My client has gave you the possession on his property no._____(Address) to you on the lease basis where my client ____(Name) is lessor and you____(Name) is lease for 4 years  under the section 105 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Which has a rent of  Rs. XXX/- from the date___.
  • Upto the first 2 year you gave the rent to my client on regular basis as per the contract . But after 2 years from the date ____you hadn’t paid a single rupee of rent.
  • My clients intimate you again about to pay the rent. But  still upto the now _____ you hadn’t pay a rent. Now, this is a legal notice for taking legal action against you about paying a remaining whole amount of rent. this is the last warning to return the money up to _____(Date).

One copy of the notice is kept for office records.



Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Salary

This is a notice format for recovery of salary. This is a draft format.


…………………..Private Limited

By its director

Mr. …………………………………


Under the instruction and on behalf of my client ………………, who is a resident of ……………………. I am hereby giving you legal notice to:-

  • That you give notice, appointment of my client ………….. …………………….. through mail with offer letter to my client Salary Rs. XXXX/- per month and my client has joined the office on date …………..
  • That my client is a very hardworking employee and has performed her duties diligently and with utmost punctuality and integrity has built a good reputation in our esteemed organization. My client was completely devoted to her duties. You, the notice holder, issued the offer letter (hard copy) in the name of my client and printed the visiting card in the name of my client.
  • Then suddenly ………………..when my client went to the office you notice suddenly refused my client to attend her duty and you, the notice holder told my client that she is disqualified by her post in the office. You, Notice, terminated her without any reasonable cause or in a totally illegal manner. You, the notice holder have also not fulfilled the terms as per the employment contract. Contractually, you, the notice holder, are required to give my client a one month notice period prior to termination of services.
  • In terminating the services of my client, you, the notice holder, have not paid …………months salary and as per employment contract, my client is also required to pay one month additional salary.
  • My client visited your office from time to time for payment and called you many times but you the notice holder refused to pay and Rs. ……………….. Pending spent by my client doing fieldwork for your company.
  • You, the notice giver, are needlessly harassing my client by not paying the salary and that is a punishable office. My client is completely disturbed by your behavior. You, the notice holder, have also not provided the benefits of my statutory client, ie, the Provident Fund. etc. You, the notice holder, have also not paid the amount of bonus and other service benefits, which is in full Rs. …………/-
  • I therefore call upon you by this notice to make payment of Rs. ………………. shall be solely responsible for all costs, risks, obligations, expenses and their consequences. Please note carefully.

A copy of the notice is kept in my office for my record.

Signature of Advocates

This recovery notice can write in legal notice format for recovery of money in hindi also and this notice can send on mail of party as legal notice format for recovery of money pdf.

Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money

Following is draft format of recovery money. It is a sample format of recovery of money.



[opposite part]

My Client: XYZ.

Subject: Legal notice of demand


As per the instruction and on behalf of my client, I state as follows:

My aforesaid client is carrying on business at XYZ.

  • My clients started winding down their business towards the end of the financial year ____ and after having some unsold material left, approached you to purchase it.
  • As you are a long time supplier of my client's business, agreed to buy back the stock at cost price, valued at around Rs. ______. Accordingly, based on mutual understanding, my client sent the stock by courier on ______which was delivered to you at your business address______on______.
  • After that, my clients promised on mutual understanding that you will pay for the stock sold to you within 90 days. Subsequently, you have failed to pay my client's legal dues on several occasions and have been suspending your liability for over a year.
  • The contract between you and my client constitutes a legally enforceable contract where time is of the essence. Your offending approach and subsequent rejection is patently illegal and unfair; And you are responsible for fulfilling your obligations on behalf of my clients in a timely manner.
  • Your conduct has led my clients to believe that you acted in bad faith and misappropriated the stock delivered to you in good faith. My client understands that your fraudulent behavior and that you never intended to pay for it.
  • In the given circumstances, you are hereby requested to disburse in favor of my client, the entire amount of Rs.XXX /- with interest __ % p.a. XXX/- towards the cost of issuing this legal notice in addition to Rs. XXX/-.
  • If you do not comply with these instructions within 15 days of receiving these instructions, my customers will be forced to contact the appropriate authorities to resolve their grievances and enforce the rights against you, which are including but not limited to as well. Appropriate civil and criminal proceedings, all at your expense and consequences, which please note.

One copy of this notice is kept with me for record

Advocate Signature,

This is the recovery money legal notice format. You can get the legal notice format for recovery of money pdf on internet also for reference. This is also a format of payment legal notice format.

When the party receive the notice as mentioned above it is necessary to reply that particular notice by the lawyer of party. For these notice also reply to legal notice format exists. This reply notice also have draft format also.

There are so many bank notice format in legal notices.  Some of these notices are as below,

Cheque Bounce 138 Legal Notice Format

These are the notices which are considering under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. These notices are regarding of check bounce cases.


Dated —————




Subject:- Legal Notice under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.


Check No .—————— Dated —————- Drawn to the extent of ———————————————————————————— Branch, Issued by you in exchange for the discharge of your financial obligations to us.

This check was presented for payment but returned by your bank with endorsement ——————————–. By their check return memo ———–the bank has also informed us.

You are now requested to make immediate payment of the above amount in accordance with the provisions of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, in case we initiate criminal proceedings against you as contemplated under the the section138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

One copy of notice kept with me for office record.

Advocate Signature,

This is for your information.

Yours name


This draft format notice is a cheque bounce notice format. All are these are court notice format., is the leading platform for legal services, Book your Consultation now.