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Drafting of Legal Documents: Application To Legal Matters

How to send Legal Notice

Drafting of legal documents require the art of writing with essential components. The person who wants to exile in the field of drafting legal documents needs to require the knowledge of the law with the art of drafting the papers which are required in the field.

The format used in the legal document is quite different from normal paperwork. When someone draft some legal documents they should know some facts of the matter concerning which it has been made.

Because the draftsman needs to apply some legal elements to the facts and content in the document so that it becomes a legal document in the real sense.

What Are the Skill Required in Drafting of Legal Documents?

The writing of the legal documents requires digging for information from the informant. This requires the oral communication silks of the person. There are several silks which are needed to be possessed by the person who wants to draft the legal documents.

By effective writing silks, an individual communicates his/her expertise to the work and tries to resolve the problem of the person who came to ask his/her assistance in a dispute /matter of legal nature.

Here we are providing some of the skills that the drafter of the legal document must possess.

  • He /she needs to be a good researcher.
  • Good reader
  • Quest to acquire knowledge
  • Information seeker, to add value to the drafting of legal documents.
  • Being updated with day-to-day happenings
  • Good knowledge of vocabulary
  • Understanding of the style of conversation
  • Aware of grammatic rules and standards
  • Knowledge of rules of interpretation

What Is the Significance of the Legal Drafting Format? 

The legal professional communicates majorly with the documents they use to file during legal proceedings of any nature it can be civil or criminal there are a variety of documents that are required.

Professionals in the legal field need to improve their writing silks to develop effective communication across various fields. Drafting skills help to support the things around which matter resolves, if someone had acquired the art of writing legal documents they can represent things clearly and can demonstrate his /her knowledge about the law.

The legal formats which are made carefully provide the advantage in the courtroom while you’re arguing in favor of your client. Your plaint or written statement, complaint, or any other legal format will speak things for you. The drafting of legal documents has a great role to play in the domain of the legal field because everything is to be made on paper only.

The legal format Size used in legal documents after the Supreme Court decision which is based on the recommendation of the committee constituted of justice S Ravindra Bhat and Hemant Gupta is of shifting legal paper with one side printing to A4 size paper with double side.

The legal-size paper has the dimensions of 35.56cm x21.59cm whereas the A4 size paper has the dimensions of 29.7cm x 21cm.

Here in this article on the drafting of legal documents we are particularly dealing with legal notice format let’s have a clear idea about them.

What is the Legal notice format India?

The legal notice format in India is not very complex it’s very normal, and anybody can make it for his use, the only things that are needed are the knowledge of legal writing and legal provisions to make it legal in its true sense.

 Advocate legal notice format is considered more worthwhile to serve upon the person rather than once made notice. There are a variety of reasons or occasions in which we need to send legal notice to the other person. Some websites on legal services are providing legal drafting pdf which can be of great help.

Legal notices are filed in the matter of civil nature commonly in India, this is done to let know the other party that the aggrieved person is now preparing to take the dispute in court if the course of action is not taken on time. 

Drafting of legal documents needs professional assistance in creating legal notices are also legal documents. The legal format of the notice remains the same except for some changes that are required according to the demand of the content or nature of the matter.

Content of Legal Notice Format

  • Name of the advocate through whom notice is sent
  • Name of the person who sends the legal notice
  • Date and subject of the notice
  • Salutation
  • Body of the legal notice
  • And at last statement that if the proper course of action is not taken you will be taken to court.
  • At the end name and signature of the sender of the notice.

This is the basic format of the drafting of legal documents in name of the legal notice. Hope you had find the answer to your question what is legal notice.

How to Send legal notice?

The legal drafting of the notice is done by the registered advocate for his /her client. Before making the notice he/she will take out the necessary information from you regarding the matter in which the legal drafting format of the notice is to be sent.

While taking the information advocate will make notes and present essential facts with the legal provision in the notice. The notice is made on the letterhead of the advocate in which all the information about him was there.

When the draft is prepared by him he will send it to the defaulter by the registered post. The receipt of the legal notice will be kept by him to be used as the piece of proof of notice being served with a photocopy of the legal notice.

Drafting of legal documents requires the research and analytic skills of the lawyer. The website that deals with legal services provide the legal notice format pdf in ready-to-use form.

How to file a reply in the legal notice format?

While giving the reply to the legal notices there are certain these which need to be taken care of, these elements are listed below do check them out in case of a reply to legal notices.

  • Carefully read the notice –

If you receive the notice read it carefully and try to understand the content of the notice. When you read the notice make the note of the things to which you are agreeing and those you choose to oppose. If there is something in the notice that you are unable to understand do visit the office of the nearest advocate.

  • Visit the nearest advocate –

To know the legal provisions which are in your favor and contrary to the matter made out in the notice. While the drafting of legal documents lawyer will take note of the things you are providing to him /her. Notice your hold must be produced before the advocate so that he/she can know the contentions raised by the other party and your stand regarding them.

  • Introduce the matter to the advocate –

You must spill out the whole story regarding the dispute in which legal notice is served. Nothing should be hidden from the advocate because that can be fatal to your case. The essential and relevant information will be taken by the advocate on his note so that he can make a suitable reply on your behalf.

  • Send reply 

Your advocate will make the proper format of a legal notice. He /she will put the information together in such a way that will make the drafting of legal documents speaks for you and communicate your message.

All the legal information provided above is the answer to your query on what is legal notice in India.

Sample legal notice for recovery of money -

We hereby in this article provide some of the sample formats of the legal drafts of legal notices, it will help you understand the basics of legal notices and their contents.

Legal notice format for recovery of money in Hindi is also made available for the use of the people, who are more used to the Hindi language. Some notices are prepared by advocates in Hindi only so that receipt of the notice will better understand the content of the notice and the matter to which it relates. Drafting of legal documents is a wide concept it is not limited to recovery money legal notice format-like concepts. Let’s check some formats for illustration purposes.


By the registered advocate

Office Address


Date -------

Subject: legal notice format for property



Place of residence

Respected sir /madam

By direction of my client drafting of legal documents in legal nature of notice is being done by me for being served upon you his contention in the matter at dispute.

  • That my client Mrs. XYZ, told me that your firm under the name of ABC enterprises executed the sale deed in favor of my client’s date on dd/mm/yy.
  • The property in the sale deed is located at ---------place in --------colony in ---------state.
  • That, my client told me that he asked you for the delivery of the possession of the property in the sale deed.
  • The deed itself says that on the execution, the property will be delivered within 15 days.
  • That, you failed to deliver the possession and this drafting of legal documents is done to bring to your knowledge the fact of the legal suit being brought against you if within 30 days of the receipt of the notice you do not deliver the possession.

A copy of the notice is with me for further use.

Your advocate


Signature of  Advocate


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