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How To File a Complaint Under RERA?

How to Complaint Under RERA

RERA is the Real Estate Regulatory Authority that helps in filing complaints against antagonized builders. It is an act for the regulation and promotion of real estate for ensuring the sale of apartments, plots or buildings efficiently and transparently. A court for the real estate sector exists to protect the interests of home buyers. 

It is an initiative by the Indian government in the real estate sector. There are defined timelines for faster and time-bound resolution of disputes between builders and homebuyers. 

The steps for filing a complaint under RERA:

  • The complainant shall visit the state’s official website to file a complaint with the authority and search for the page of complaint registration.
  • Click on the complaint registration link and the required details are to be filed for making the complaint.
  • Submit the personal details with Name, Address, Contact Details, and Project Details.
  • Attach the required documents with the complaint.
  • The complainant must pay a sum of Rs. 1000 for filing the complaint or Rs. 5000 for the complaint filed before the adjudicating officer. The payment is made online for completing the transaction.
  • There is a verification of the applicant with the content of the paragraphs. The acknowledgment of true personal information is taken with the signature of the applicant mentioning the place and date.

The reasons for filing a RERA Complaint are:

  • Delayed Possession

If a builder delays the possession of the property then a buyer can file a complaint against the builder for immediate delivery of possession or a full refund with interest.

  • False Advertisement

A complaint against the developer, promoter, and endorsers can be filed when a buyer is misled by false advertisements based on the deposit of a sum with the promoter.

  • Advance Payment

A builder can ask for ten percent of the cost of a building, apartment or plot. If a builder demands more than ten percent then the buyer can file a complaint against the builder.

Different Forums under the RERA Act

There are three different forums:

1. RERA Authority

The RERA was established by the Indian government to standardize practices in the real estate sector and ensure greater openness and responsibility. 

2. RERA Adjudicating Officer

The RERA Adjudicating Officer is appointed by the Central Government to exercise powers and jurisdiction conferred under the act. 

3. RERA Appellate tribunal

The Appellate tribunal holds the power to revise any order of the RERA Authority or Adjudicating Officer. The tribunal can call for the records that are relevant for the disposal of the appeal.


The RERA complaint is filed when there is improper registration of a project, no details about the project, structural defects, ownership transfer, etc. The act also gives rights to buyers with an aspect of transparency, clarity in area measurements, claiming refund, speedy trial, etc.