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Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Money

legal notice for recovery of money

The format of legal notice for recovery of money is a professionally written document that is sent by the aggrieved party, who might be a person or entity. It indicates the purpose of sending them. It is delivered to warn the receiver of the matter that has caused harm to the sender as a result of the recipient’s actions.

The legal notice is the initial step in the legal process. The legal notice for recovery of money is a formal notice between two people warning the other before legal action is taken to get their due payment

Scope of Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Money

This applies to the legal notice for recovery of money: -

1. Every case involves promissory notes and bills of exchange.

2. The claim in which the plaintiff tries to recover money that has been paid to the defendant.

3. Such claims must be supported by proof of written agreement

Documents required for Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Money 

The following documents must be checked before drafting the legal notice for the recovery of money: -

1. Affidavit of evidence of money owed or loan to you

2. If recovery from the employer, an employment agreement states the amount that your employer is to give you in exchange for your service.

3. Any other evidence of money owed to the other person.

What is the Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money from Company? 

When the company/employer is not giving a legitimate salary to its employees then a legal notice can be sent for recovery of money for salary. You can also download the Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money from Company pdf.

Any person/employee who is seeking recovery should make a format of legal notice for recovery of money by an advocate in a prudent manner before taking any legal steps. The employer or the company must make the due salary payment to its employee within the time specified in the legal notice. 

The notice should give clear details of the amount claimed and the date of the offer letter issued by the company. The notice should also mention the performance of the desired action by the recipient i.e., the company. Sometimes a strong legal notice is helpful in the recovery of money which saves a lot of time for both parties.  

What is the Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Loan?

The format of legal notice shall comprise of :-

1. Mention the name, and place of residence of the sender of the notice

2. Details of the cause of action

3. The monetary relief claimed by the sender of the notice

4. The gist of the legal basis for the relief claimed.

Main Elements for the Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Money

The legal notice must be drafted on the letterhead of the lawyer including his name and it should be specific and correct.

  • It must also include the address and contact info. of the lawyer.
  • It must also include the date on which legal notice is issued including the name, address, and contact info. of the recipient.
  • As the legal notice is issued by the aggrieved party the name, address, and contact info are. of the same should also be given.
  • The legal notice must be clearly specified as to how the right of the aggrieved party has been infringed or violated due to the act or omission by the defaulting party. What remedy or relief do you want from the defaulting party?
  • The legal notice must be signed with a date by the lawyer and the aggrieved party.

Legal Notice for Recovery of Money in India format

The format of legal notice for recovery of money should be specific and accurate.

1. General information -

Start with the basic information for clarity to the addressee. At the beginning of the notice, a sender has to include his original details consisting of his full name, address, contact details, and detailed explanation of his profile.

2. Proof behind the reason of taking this action -

Every single piece of information in the legal notice is in the form of a paragraph. The significant statements addressing the various sections applied makes it easier for the addressee to read and understand. Every paragraph consists of disputes, important facts, and relevant arguments favoring the initiation of taking steps of sending the format of legal notice for recovery of money. The sender must attach proof in support of his statement.

3. Relief Sought -

The sender has to give in-depth details and describe the relief sought by him. It is generally written in the last paragraph of the legal notice. 


Sample Legal Notice for Recovery of Money


Legal notices are essential in the process of recovering money since they formally inform the debtor of their unpaid debt. You must send cheque bounce legal notice if you want ot recover your payment.

They function as formal communication and as proof in court cases. Legal notices raise awareness, establish deadlines, and forewarn prospective legal action, which promotes swift resolution and safeguards the creditor's rights.

Here is the sample legal notice for recovery of money, which shows the relevant information which is necessary to put in the legal notice format.



Legal Advisors




Office: _____________



Phone: ______________



Mr. Mohan Kumar Sharma

Ganga Co. op NSG, Society, A-wing

A.J Tagar Narapur Road, Delhi

Delhi 110092.


Dear Sir,


Under instructions of my client Mr. Gyan Sagar resident of H.No. 501, Shyam Radha Building, 1st floor, Chandrika, Nagar, Dhumil Road, Near Bus Depo, Delhi – 110092, I have to address you as under: -


1. Our client states that he has a shop bearing at Shop no. 5, Leo Court Co. op Asg soc Aarapur Road, Delhi– 110092.You approached my client for letting out the aforementioned shop for rent under a verbal agreement as on 1st May, 2020.


2. Our client states that first few months everything was going smooth but after that you started delaying in the payments of rent, and so my client and you with mutual consent entered into a lease agreement as on -------------, 2020for a year for renting the premises and for paying the overdue balance.


3.Our client states that your current overdue balance is Rs. --------/- which includes rent from ---------, --------- to ---------, -------- which was agreed to be paid in ---- instalments of Rs. -------- each between 1st and 10th day of every month starting from ----------, 2021 through digital transaction only under the agreement. And any failure to abide by the agreement will result in eviction proceeding of one month & legal action would be taken hereafter.


4. You issued a cheque dated on 10th of May, 2022 for Rs. -------------- drawn on ----------------------------- Cheque No. ----------------for discharging your liability. At the time of issuing the cheque, you have assured my client that cheque will be honoured when presented.


5.That when the aforesaid cheque given by you was presented, for encashment by my client to bank,  the same was returned unpaid with the reason that there was “Insufficient Fund / No Fund”. My client immediatelyinformed you about this through email and phone.


6. After that you have issued a cheque to us again dated ----------/2022 for Rs. -------------- drawn on ------------, ---------(Name of the Branch) Cheque No. -----------for discharging your liability. At the time of issuing the cheque, you assured us that the cheque will be honoured when presented and will not be dishonoured like the previous one.


5.That when the aforesaid new cheque when was presented, for encashment by my client to bank the same was again returned unpaid by the bank with the reason that there was “No Fund / Insufficient Fund”. The memo for the has been attached in the notice for reference.


6. After defaulting in payment of the overdue balance of Rs. ----------/- which includes rent from -----------, 2021 to ---------, 2021 and abiding the agreement you were asked to vacate the premises and after month long deliberation the premises was vacated on ----------- 2022.


7.My client states that despite various reminders, you failed to make payment to my client. You are avoiding my client and have left us no other option but to sent  you the legal notice.


8. My client states even after the acknowledgementof the liability of payment of Rs. ---------/- you have been miserably failed to make payment of the said amount and because of which my client is suffering from grave financial hardship and crises. Such conduct from your part have caused immense mental torture, pain and agony to my client.


9. My client states the total amount of recovery to be done is as follows:


Cheque Bounce

Rs. --------

Cheque bounce charges

Rs. -------

Rent for the month of June, 22 + 10% increased

Rs. -------

Rent for the month of July, 22 + 10% increased

Rs. -------

Electricity bill for the month of 1st April, 2022 – 20th July, 2022

Rs. -------

Damages done to meter board and wiring while vacating the premises

Rs. -------

Mental agony and torture which client has to go through (travelling expenses of my client to get the premises vacated)

Rs. -------


Rs. --------------


10. Thus you are liable to pay the requisite amount of Rs, --------------my client along with interest.


11. That my client requested you several times through telephonic call and Email for the release of the said outstanding payment, but you have always been delaying the same on by making various excuses and have not paid any amount till date.

12.That you have failed to comply with the provisions of the law and also failed to discharge your liability from your account and the same cheque was dishonoured intentionally and wilfully.


13. I, therefore through this call to you to pay Rs. -----------/- along with interest @ (Mention Interest rate) ----% p.a. to the amount due till actual payment of the amount, together with legal reimbursement of  Rs. 5000/- to my client either by demand draft or digital transfer to account, whichever mode suites you better, within a clear 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice.


14. My client states that, either you discharge your liability in next 15 days or criminal and civil charges will be framed against you.






Notice Format for Recovery of Money from Company

Registered Address

Legal notice

To, ______(Name and address of the recipient) Dated:

Company Name,

Through its Managing director

Mr. X


Legal notice under instruction and on behalf of my client Mr. A, S/o______, R/o________ I do hereby serve you with the following notice:

1. That my client was appointed by your offer letter dated 10th November 2021 and the salary of my client was fixed at Rs. 56,000/- month (Statement of facts should be mentioned format of legal notice for recovery of money)

2. You issued the offer letter in the name of my client and also gave him an Identity card.

3. That my client performed his duty regularly with utmost punctuality.

4. That on 4th May 2022 when my client went to do his duty then your office refused him to continue his duty. You told my client that his services are no longer required. Thus, you terminated the services without any reasonable cause. At the time of termination of services, you did not pay the salary for March and 15 days salary for April which comes to Rs. 33,500/- 

I, therefore, call upon you through this format of legal notice for recovery of money, to make the payment of Rs. 33,500/- to my client along with interest up to date, within 15 days. 

In case you fail to do so, my client has given clear instructions to me to file a criminal as well as a civil suit for recovery in the competent court of law, and in that event, you will be fully responsible for all the costs, risks, responsibilities, expenses and consequences thereof. 

A copy of this notice is kept in my office for record and further necessary action and you are advised to keep the copy safe as you would be asked to produce it in the court.


Reply to Legal Notice for Recovery of Money Format

When you receive the legal notice in the format of legal notice for recovery of money, you need to respond to it within the specified period. The things you should be aware of legal notice after receiving it are:-

1. Once you receive a notice, you need to examine it carefully to know the raised issue by the sender. If the matter is not understood, the help of a lawyer should be taken.

2. If you have decided that you need to settle this in court then you need to brief your side of facts and concerns to the lawyer. 

3. In the end, you need to draft and reply to legal notice.

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Legal Notice can be given for various reasons, Here we mentioned some types of legal notices:-

1. legal notice for property dispute

2. Legal notice under section 138

3. Legal Notice for consumer complaint