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How Do You Write A Reply To Legal Notice?

Reply to legal Notice

After receving of legal notice, its reply must be filed within the stipulated time with the aim to resolve the dispute as it is a written document that serves as a formal correspondence between the parties involved in a specified matter. 

A notice is sent to convey the intention before the legal proceedings and make the other party aware of the grievance.

The objective of a legal notice is to display the intention of the party to initiate legal proceedings. The main aim of giving an opportunity to the other party to reconsider his position and to make amendments. 

It secures the public good by avoidance of unnecessary litigation. In this blog, we will discuss the key points for response to legal notice.

What are the Points to Remember While Writing a Reply to Legal Notice?

The legal notice must be replied in the timeframe prescribed by the sender, if not replied in the given timeframe it can be beneficial to the addressee. The following are the given points that must be kept in mind:

  • Reading the legal notice carefully - It is important to read the notice properly to understand the issue and other concerns that are raised by the other party. When the receiver of the legal notice feels that the matters raised in the legal notice could be resolved amicably then a conversation should be initiated immediately.
  • Contacting the lawyer- If the contents of the legal notice are not clear, then for drafting a reply to legal notice a lawyer must be contacted who can further legal action in the matter. The receiver should keep a record of the time of receiving the legal action which will be advantageous even if the matter is taken to the court by the opposite party.
  • Description of the reply- The response must be planned in order to be broad or specific or both which depends on the context and subject of the notice or communication that has been received. The purpose of the notice is to protect the receiver from making any claims that might harm the position of the receiver in the current legal situation. The one thing to keep in mind is to reply to legal notice every communication with the other party contributes to the strength of the legal case.
  • Briefing the lawyer- This shall be done with utmost care and the matter shall be explained to the hired attorney. You should provide all the required details to the lawyer about the evidence.
  • When a lawyer is consulted then one must remember that both the sender's and lawyer's signatures are needed to reply to the notice.
  • Sending a reply- The reply notice is sent either through a registered notice or courier, once the lawyer drafts the reply notice on your behalf. The lawyer keeps a copy of the reply notice for future reference. You can also download the reply to legal notice format pdf from google.

What are the Benefits of a Legal Notice?

The legal notice has the following benefits as follows:

  • Warning – A notice acts as a warning against the recipient as it ensures that the recipient is an aware of the duties that have to be performed by him the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Resolution of dispute – A chance is given to both parties to resolve their dispute which can be by negotiation, mediation or arbitration without going to the matter before the court.
  • Amicable settlement – The litigation process is time and money-consuming thus it is preferable to directly settle the matter via legal notice is much easier and a quick process. While writing the reply to legal notice for defamation, the accurate incidents held must be mentioned and contest the information made in the notice.
  • Out-of-court settlement – A legal notice includes the complaint of the party which is inclusive of all the necessary facts. It stipulates the relief and the legal remedy required by the party. It is made very clear in the given notice that the grievances can also be sorted in an amicable way if the other party is agreed to and within the prescribed time. One essential thing you should remember is that a notice is a communication tool.
  • Mutual understanding – A legal notice can be productive in the procurement of the desired result rather than oral communication. A reply to legal notice for breach of contract bring a mutual understanding between the two parties.
  • Cost friendly – A notice is a very powerful tool and not so costly. The cost of the notice may differ from the office and the complexity of the issue involved.
  • Record – It is in a form of a written record that a valid relief was sought from the receiving party before going to the court.

How to Draft a Reply to the Legal Notice?

The following steps to legal notice reply format are as follows:

Step 1: Before drafting the reply, it is important to read and understand the content of the legal notice precisely.

Step 2: The applicable laws for the draft a reply to legal notice and with reference to the sending a legal notice shall be studied thoroughly.

Step 3: In most legal notices, there will be a time limitation for replying and if not done within the mentioned time frame, it might lead to heavy penalties or some other undesired consequences. It shall be made sure that the timeline for replying to the legal notice is taken care of.

Step 4: Designate the reply properly. The matter of the reply plays a vital role. It shall be followed by the reference of the legal notice to which the reply is being made. You can download the sample reply to legal notice India from google.

Step 5: Each paragraph of the legal notice should be answered pointwise. The first para of the reply must either deny all the allegations or justification of each of them.

If it is mentioned in the notice to submit any documents in the notice, then the documents should be attached as an annexure to the reply.

What are the Key Points for a Reply to the Legal Notice for Recovery of Money?

When you receive the legal notice for recovery of money, you need to respond to it within the specified period. The things you should remember while preparing the reply are: -

1. After you receive a notice, you must examine it carefully to know the raised matter by the sender. If the issue is not understood, the lawyer should be consulted.

2. When you have decided that you need to settle in court then you need to give an explanation your side of facts and concerns to the lawyer.

3. In the last step, you must draft and reply to the sender.


Getting a legal notice is very common because there are various contracts that people enter into on a daily basis. It is important to go through the legal notice and file the reply that is best suited for oneself. A fast reply should be provided and efforts should be made to settle the situation through arbitration, negotiation, or mediation instead of dragging the matter to the court which involves more time and money. is the best place where you all find best  advocate within few clicks, for availing all the benefits Contact us now.