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Major Role of Legal Advice On Sole Proprietorship Firm

Legal Advice of Sole Properietorship

Firms are opening and closing with specific detailing as per the law. But it is necessary that we need to understand the importance of Legal Advice for sole proprietorship businesses.  It is high time that we understand the requirement of legal expert consultation to run our business seamlessly. 

Most people nowadays want to set up their own businesses. It can either be small, medium or large. It is wholly dependent upon the finances the one wants to invest in his business. There are different business setups; it might confuse people to choose which one best suits their requirements. 

The most opted business setup includes:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Subchapter Corporation

Before setting up any business, you might need legal advice; taking a right is very important; otherwise, it can affect you adversely because many things should be kept in mind while starting any business. 

Business formation is controlled by the laws of the state where you want to set up your business. 

A sole Proprietorship is the most looked-at business setup because it is easy to form and offers to compete for control to one person. Legal advice on it is easily available via online and offline modes. 

Assistance of Legal Advice Due to Features of Sole Proprietor Business

Legal advice on of advantages of a sole proprietorship:

Easy To Establish And Wind Up 

The most amazing thing is that it is easy to establish; you can set it up with small capital. There is no legal formality involved in setting up except for those where there is a requirement for approval or license from local authorities. 

It’s simple even to wind up the company with expert legal advice like its formation, and it depends upon you whether you want to form or close; it can be done at any period.

Concept Of Efforts And Their Rewards

The profit earned by the firm is the sole property of the proprietor. There is no sharing in a sole proprietorship; all the losses and profits go to the sole proprietor.

Decision-Making On The One Hand 

In a sole proprietorship, the proprietor alone is responsible for the decision making and as a result, the whole process of acting becomes quick. 


Every activity of sole proprietorship goes in the hand of one person; everything is maintained and managed by professional legal advice experts; he is the planner and executive. Therefore, he has good control over the affairs of the firm.

Secrecy Is Maintained

Every business has its business secrets, and maintenance of those is very important for growth purposes; business secrets involve – strategies, technicalities, and business plans.

Relationship with Employees

It is always in a good position to maintain personal contact with employees, clients, and customers; this helps him better understand likes and dislikes.

This also states in the business facts that the legal advice is also taken by the experts of the business field itself. 

Operational Flexibility

It is free to change the nature of his business, and when required, he can expand it or reduce it at any time.

Limitation of Sole Proprietor To Take Legal Advice

Some disadvantages are also present that will be one of the drawbacks for your organization. So it is necessary to cover up all the relevant factors that are covered now. 

Limited Capital 

It’s always difficult for a sole proprietorship firm to find finances; the firm’s owner has to look for finances if he has limited resources.

Unlimited Liberties

Business obligations and debts incurred are the sole responsibility of the business owner and also fall under respective legal advice. This aspect makes him extra cautious while making decisions.

Continuity Lacks

Legal Advice for every business continues to be in existence till the life of proprietor’s illness, disease, death or insolvency can be proved fatal to the existence.

Limited Size

There is a limit to a sole proprietorship. This business is in the hands of a single person. It becomes difficult to expand it beyond certain limits.

Lack Of Expertise

Due to a lack of enough resources, it becomes extremely difficult for the owner to arrange a professional manager. 

Legal Advice On Setting Up of Sole Proprietorship Firm in India

There are two requirements associated with the firm: 

  • Choose a unique name for your business
  • Place where you want to carry your business

After fulfilling these minimum requirements, you can start running your firm. 

Documents Needed:

  • Address proof
  • Permanent account number 
  • Bank account 
  • Aadhar card
  • Certificate issued by municipal authorities
  • Income Tax Return documents
  • Certificate from food and drug authorities 
  • Import and export code 
  • Utility bills in the name of a sole proprietorship firm

No registration is needed in the case of sole proprietorship firms, but for the smooth functioning of the firm you can get it registered under-

  • GST Registration 
  • MSME Registration
  • Shops and Establishments

Legal Advice On Procedure Involved in Sole Proprietorship Registration

All business structures have to follow some procedure and registration; this Procedure will aid you in getting your documents and paper for the registration of sole Proprietorship

GST Registration –

isn’t compulsory for the business owner earning below twenty lakhs; GST is an indirect form of tax that applies to business; you need some documents to get GSTIN.

It’s not complex to get GSTIN, and it can be available only by applying to the GST portal. When authorities get your application, they will investigate the credentials as per legal advice provided by you; it will take three to four days and will provide the GST number to the applicant. After getting a GST number, you can start your business.

SME Registration–  

It’s not compulsory for the sole proprietorship business to register with small and medium enterprises, but it can impact the growth and existence of the business. It can give benefits such as getting an ISO certificate, government tender etc with legal advice experts.

Shop And Establishment Act– 

This is mandatory for small-scale businesses. The authority which provides licenses is Municipal Corporation. It is done based on the number of employees and business. 

Is Registration Of Sole Proprietorship A Compulsory Requirement?

No, it’s not mandatory; it’s optional. Usually, banks insist on registering it if you want an open account for your proprietorship, but it’s not necessary by law.

If someone opts to register it, the government will not issue a different permanent account number, which will remain the same for both proprietor and sole proprietorship firms which are preparing as per the legal advice.

Meaning of Sole Proprietorship Before Taking Legal Advice

Proprietorship is ownership of any business. Sole Proprietorship means exclusive control on the one hand; there is no distinction between owner and business entity. 

In Sole Proprietorship Legal Advice, there is no concept of distinct legal personality. Let’s take some examples – a local grocery store, cloth house, freelance writer, IT consultant, or graphic designer. 

It is important to note the difference between One Person Company and Sole Proprietorship. 

  • One Person Company offers the hybrid as it has the elements of sole proprietorship and private limited company. 
  • One-person companies are taken as separate legal entities, and they have limited liabilities. There has to be one board of directors meeting in six months. 
  • Whereas Sole Proprietorship is not a legal entity like a partnership or private limited company, there is no need for board and annual meetings. 
  • Here Proprietorship and proprietor are in the same legal entity. The owner of the business is responsible for all profits and losses. 

Features Of Sole Proprietorship- Go Through For Legal Advice Online

  • One-person ownership 
  • No Separate legal entity
  • Ownership and management are, on the same hand
  • The proprietor owns all the profit, liberties and ownership 
  • No complex formalities 

Closure Now… 

By considering the benefits associated with setting up a sole proprietorship.

Most of the commonly asked questions by a business start-up are concerning their advantages, disadvantages, documents required, and Procedure for registration of sole proprietorship is it compulsory to get to register, and what is the difference between a sole proprietorship and a one-person company?

Here we addressed the issues and concerns associated with sole proprietorship by providing a small piece of online legal advice, is the leading platform for legal services, Book your Consultation now.