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Legal Notice Format for Consumer Complaints

Legal Notice Under Consumer Law

We know that legal notice format is issued for a variety of reasons, usually, notices are sent as common practice in civil matters mostly, it is served as a deterrence, in civil, criminal as well as in consumer matters.

Important Element for Legal Notice Format

  • The name, address, and contact details of the concerned person who is sending the notice to the other party.
  • You should also get the full particulars about the name, address, and the person to whom you’re going to send legal notices.
  • The clear and concise detailing of the fact, contentions, and demand raise.
  • don’t forget to mention the deadline by which the legal action has to be taken.
  • A statement in firm language to the effect that if the desired action is not taken on time then that would result in action being taken in a court of law.

The language of the legal notice format should be framed in such a way that the person who is going to read it out, can understand the terms and conditions of the notice, and the facts and contentions raised in the format of legal notice.

Who can draft the legal notice format?

  • It can be framed by some person who has great experience, in the practice of drafting legal documents, it is not necessary that the person is a lawyer or advocate, he can be the draftsman of the legal document only.
  • Any person who has sound knowledge of the writing or say the person who knows some aspects of legal provisions can draft the format for himself.
  • if one wants to send a notice which more impactful then, he must hire a lawyer or advocate, because the knowledge and expertise of the advocate, can make the draft of the notice, and bring the desired results.

Procedure of issuing legal notices under consumer law.

The notice like legal notice format for breach of contract, is the first thing, with which we initiate legal actions, about any dispute. The format of legal notices becomes a very important document evidencing the claims as the consumer, as and when the case proceeds.

Therefore, it becomes very important to get knowledge about the procedure, of issuance, and the things to keep in mind.

  • Before filing the notice, you need to prepare some papers, such as a piece of evidence such as invoice number, warranty cards, guarantee cards, copy of the advertisement if any.
  • The safety measures, and preparation procedure if any detailed in the product, should be highlighted in cases, in which some physical or other harm is caused.
  • The mode in which payment is made should be there, that is proof of the purchase must be preserved.
  • In the case of electronic transactions, it is advisable to take a screenshot or printed checkbox leaf page, which can prove the receipt of the payment, made.
  • If someone has speeded his /her money on repairing the damaged or defective goods, then do have with you the proof which proves such repairs, etc., the picture with original condition and after repair should be there.
  • If the products or service provider has a website, in which a grievance redressal mechanism is built, which is compulsory under the law, then you need to first register your complaint there, then keep the reference number, email, and the response that you received from them with you.
  • While sending the legal notices, it’s important to have a copy of the receipt of legal notices with you, it’s not necessary to use the registered or speed post, but they are preferable, as they can easily prove the receipt of the legal notices.
  • If there is a personal submission of the notice then, must obtain the receipt acknowledgment from the seller or manufacturer.
  • The period of limitation is two years from the date on which the cause of action is aroused.

Hence it is advisable not to approach the consumer dispute redressal agencies inordinately delay.

Legal Notice Format Under The Consumer Protection Laws

 It must be intently framed in communicable language by the drafter to the seller or manufacturer of the goods, it should lay down the grievance and the remedy sought which has to be sought.

Here we provide the checklist you can consult while drafting the legal notice formats of the consumer complaints.

  • The invoice number and the receipt number can prove the actual sale from the seller, which can also identity the goods and services.
  • Make a clear statement about the defects in the service and products, here the consumer needs to provide the law under which he can be charged if he is found guilty.
  • Do highlight the expense, which is incurred, due to faulty products or services.
  • The consumer must detail the suitable compensation, that it wants from the defaulter, which could be –

Move the concerned defect from the goods brought or

Replace the goods with another one.

Take the defective goods back, and provide the money paid within a specific period.

Compensate for the defects, injury, or harm caused with or without interest.

Last but not the least, do provide in firm terms, that if no appropriate action is taken on time then a civil or criminal or consumer case through legal notice format for recovery of money will be filed against you within proper jurisdiction within a particular period, for the advocate is already providing instruction.

After sending the legal notice to the consumer, the consumer can file a complaint with the district consumer dispute Redressal forum or any other consumer forum which has the jurisdiction to entertain the complaint.

Sample of Legal Notice Format Under Consumer Law

                           Legal Notice


The Proprietor

Mr. ------------

A resident of XY Place

New Delhi,

Dated:  DD/MM/YY

Subject:  legal notice to the supplier, for supplying goods of inferior quality goods.

Respected Sir / Madam

Under the instruction and authority of my client M/s. ------------------ Resident of ----------------- Place.

This Legal Notice is served on you, for the following reasons.

  1. That is, my client purchased food products from your manufacturing units worth Rs ------------vide your Delivery challan /dated---------- for the retail sale.
  2. That the purchased assignment was delivered to our client in the month of ---------.
  3. The assignment of the food product is found to be in such a condition, that it cannot be sold out in the market.
  4. That my client, when hearing about this from his employees, immediately, made a telephone call to your manufacturing unit, if received the complaint.
  5. That, in pursuers of your promise, my client had reverted the products to your mill.
  6. Since my client received your email, that replacement will be made within --------- period, but no replacement had been made to date.
  7. That due, to this behavior of yours, my client suffered a huge loss, not only in terms of money but also in mental agony.
  8. That, this notice is being served on you, to make it clear that if you are not going to take the appropriate step within the period of 15 days from the receipt of this notice, then we will proceed with the legal process without any delay.
  9. That you are required to pay the amount double the amount paid to you by my client.

The copy of this notice is with the advocate, for future use.

Advocate ----------

          Chamber no ---------

          Signature ----------

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