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Identification of Legal Notice Format PDF

How to reply legal notice

A legal notice format PDF is a PDF of notice which is a formal written communication between the two parties. It is necessary to know what is legal notice. Through a legal notice, the sender informs the recipient of his intention to take legal action against the latter.

A legal notice also helps to make the receiving party aware of the sender's grievances. It acts as a last warning to fulfill a certain condition if the recipient does not want a court battle. A legal notice has very much value in the legal field. It is a type of warning on paper in legal writing format.

Now in this digitalized world, we can get the legal drafting pdf of a legal notice format. Legal notice can write in the particular local language of that particular court where it belongs which is up to the district court. Anyone can get legal notice format in Hindi also.

Legal Notice Format PDF Used In Various Situations

Here you will get to know about diiferent pdfs format for legal notices are as included:

  • In consumer forums

If a person is supplied with a defective product or service, he can send a legal notice to the concerned person and ask him to rectify the deficiency.

Disputes related to property such as partition, eviction, or possession issues.

  • Debt Defaulters

Where the securitization and reconstruction of the Financial Assets and Securities Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI Act), debt recovery proceedings are initiated by sending a legal notice for recovery of money to the defaulters. Anyone can get a Legal notice format PDF for a sample case.

  • Cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act

In case of dishonor of a cheque, the victim can send a legal notice for recovery of payment.

  • Money Recovery Cases

The first step in money recovery cases is to send a legal notice to the concerned person.

  • Employee and Employer/Company

If the employer deprives the employees of their salary in any way, the employee can send a legal notice to the employer.

How To Reply To Legal Notice?

When you receive a legal notice, you must respond within a specified period. It is mandatory to send a reply to receive legal notice. Save this notice reply in Legal notice format PDF on a computer. Non-response within the given time frame may be helpful to the addressee. There are several things you need to keep in mind after receiving the notification:

1) Once you receive the notice, you should check it carefully to know if the problem has arisen. If the issue is not fully understood, seek the help of a legal expert.

2) If you decide that you want to resolve this in court, you need to explain your facts and concerns to a lawyer.

3) Finally, you need to draft and respond to the sender by post or courier.

Legal notice reply format pdf is also available on the internet. Which is helpful for the draft of a reply to a legal notice.

Legal Notice Format For Recovery of Money

Following is a sample legal notice for recovery of money and this one is an example of a legal drafting format. Several Legal notice format PDFs are available today.

Legal Notice To Either Repay Unsecured Loan Along With Interest

  A.B.C. Advocate Supreme Court / ……………. High Court (Enrollment No……………………..)   Address: ………………………………                ……………………………… Email: …………….…………..………. Mob. No……………………………….. Landline No..………………………… PAN:……………………………………. Aadhar  No…………………………… GSTIN No:……………….…………….

Regd. A.D/Speed Post/ Courier

Dated: …………

  • M/s________________________________
  • CIN- _________________________________
  • Address:_________________________________
  • Through its ___________________________

Subject:        legal notice on behalf of M/s ________________. Having its registered office at _______________ represented by its authorized signatory sh. _________ (hereinafter referred to as “my client”)

  • My client is a _____________________ duly incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, its registered office being ----------------- here its authorized signatory Shri. ------------.
  • My client was originally incorporated as ----------------- and my client name was subsequently changed from -------------. ---- to ----------- dated ----------- Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana.
  • Thereafter, the name of my client was again changed from ------------- to ----------- as a certificate dated --------. --------- Issued by Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana.
  • By finally changing the name of my client to M/s -----------, all assets and liabilities of M/s ---------- -------, and Then all the assets and liabilities of M/s ----------------- now vest in my client whose present name is M/s -----------, Who will deal with and is now my client, -----------, dealing with all vendors/creditors/mortgagors and all third parties.
  • The addressee had contacted my client that the addressee had received Rs. Some financial assistance in the form of unsecured loans from --------- to Rs. --------- From time to time in ---------. The addressee has requested that the addressee avail financial assistance from time to time in installments over the next __ years, And the addressee promises that the addressee will repay the unsecured loan on or before --------- with interest @----% per annum till the date of repayment. The addressee further promised that if the addressee fails to repay the unsecured loan amount with interest @----% per annum From the date of payment to the date of refund, then the addressee will hold My Client Equity Shares in the addressee for Rs. ---/- per share or NAV (Net Asset Value) of the shares as per the last audited balance sheet of the address available at the time of allotment, whichever is higher.
  • Addressee is liable to return to the address an amount of Rs. ---------/- with interest at ----% on or before --------- but my client has not received any refund to date.
  • Addressee, Please note that if the addressee fails to comply with this letter, my client will have no other option but to initiate such civil and criminal proceedings, including lodging an FIR with the Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police for the offenses. Criminal conspiracy at all addresses as prescribed by law.

You are further informed that a copy of this legal notice has been kept in my office which may be inspected during office hours.


Yours Truly,




There are so many samples of legal notice formats for recovery of money pdf on the internet for the help to write the notice. You can get a Legal notice format PDF.

Format of Legal Drafting In India

Legal drafting is the most important tool of legal communication. Good drafting skills are thinking and communication skills. Therefore, it is important to identify the purpose of a legal document.

A legal document must be drafted in such a way that it specifies the legal issues, the client's statements, and any remedies sought. Legal drafting is important because it ensures that the Legal notice format PDF document is properly structured.

A concise draft document conveys its purpose and applicability. Drafting skills acquire not only the ability to create crisp documents but also the ability to acquaint the common man with the intent of a legal document. There are so many various drafting forms for different topics.

A lawyer should know about it. Now on the internet, anyone can get legal drafting pdf as well. A lawyer should save a soft copy of a draft of the notice as a Legal notice format PDF. has several years of professional record in offering legal services in India. So connect with us for more details to get the service on the seamless pace.