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Legal Notice Reply Format: Addressing Your Grievance

reply to legal notice sample

Legal notice reply format is often sent in correspondence to legal notices. Legal notices can be sent regarding any situation in which you want to send intimating letter to the opponent addressing your grievance which had risen because of them.

All the relevant facts and figures are given under the legal notice which is necessary to bring in the notice of the respondent. Another purpose of sending the legal notice is to let the respondent put his point across by the medium of filling the legal notice reply format.

Legal notice states in firm language that if appropriate action is not taken in due course then the next step would be the initiation of legal proceedings in the court of law.

Basics of Reply to Notice Are –

The legal notices are filled as per the provisions section 80 of civil procedure. Legal notices are used quite frequently in the civil cases. It's usually sent by the aggrieved party through the registered advocate.

You can file it yourself too, but it is advisable to send it with the assistance of the advocate because they are familiar with the legality and technicalities of the law and the legal language.

You can also take the help of a legal professional while you’re reading the legal notice and thinking of filing a legal notice reply format.

Legal Notices From The Petitioner Side Contain The Following Things –

Content of Legal Notice Includes:

  • Precise statements of fact and matters of dispute.
  • What the plaintiff wants from the respondent, in terms of the course of action that he should take.
  • The plaintiff's way of taking things, meaning there by his perspective.
  • The summary of the facts
  • The ways to resolve it out
  • Small intimidation of legal proceedings in the court of law.

If the legal notices are drafted by the skilled persons they can act as the mediator between the parties. It has the power of resolving the matter beforehand.  The opponent on simple reading of the notice can get an idea of what he is going to face, by filing the reply and can start negotiations.

Who can Send the Legal Notice Format India?

The legal notices are formal communication between the aggrieved party and the party at default. The legal notices act as the sign that a lawsuit is being prepared by the aggrieved against the respondent and if you want to avoid it then he can do it by sending a legal notice reply format stating his stand to mediate things or to respond by the wants of the petitioner or fight suit in a court of law.

  • The notice is sent by the aggrieved person whose legal right or civil or any other right is violated by the person who is at fault.
  • The notice legal is sent through the registered advocate.
  • It is sent normally by registered post.
  • You can all send it by an electronic medium such as email, WhatsApp, etc.
  • But is advisable to send it by registry only to maintain proper records.
  • The same is the case with the filling of the legal notice reply format.

What will be the contents of the legal notice?

The legal notices must contain the as follow element necessarily –

  • The notices must be on the letterhead of the advocate
  • The name, address, and contact details of the advocate must be there
  • The person who is sending the notice must be mentioned on the notice with his all-essential details such as name, address, contact number, etc.
  • The date of filling out the notice should be there
  • The details of the person who is going to receive the notice must be there
  • Then you can start with the body of the notice where you have to mention all the relevant details.
  • The content of the legal notice reply format will remain the same.

This information on the notice should be made in easy-to-understand language, unnecessary things should be avoided being mentioned on the notice. In India, notices are sent by any person be it individuals’ businesses or governmental departments.

Situations Under Which You Can Issue Legal Notices

There can arise a variety of situations in one life when he feels to start legal action against the person who is standing on the wrong footing according to him. let's take some instances as under.

If you believe that person has committed a wrong against you, then you can issue a legal notice asking him to reverse his wrong deeds.

If you want to evict your tenant from the premises, you can send the legal notice to him, he need to respond within time frame and then he will know theat you have initiated eviction proceedings against him.

If your employer is harassing you or discriminating against you from others or whatever will be the situation, you can send him/her legal notice for showing cause by filling out legal notice reply formats.

If you got cheated by the trader or manufacturer before filing a complaint, you must file legal notice.

There can be various types of the legal notice.

What Can you do if you receive a notice?

If you receive the legal notice, there are some very significant things that you should do –

  • You should read the notice very carefully, to understand the content of the notice well.
  • If you remain in the doubt after reading the notice, you must read the notice.
  • Then you need to decide how to respond to the notice, you can choose to ignore it or respond to it. Ignoring the legal notice might be heavy on you.
  • By filling legal notice reply format, you can either choose to fight the case or accept the terms and conditions put before you by the sender on negotiations.
  • If you find that things mentioned in the notice are not correct and you receive notice from the lawyer's end, that does mean you are liable for whatever actions he desires to take against you, you can consult the lawyer to meet your need, don’t do the mistake of ignoring the notice simply because you find the content incorrect against you.

Legal Notice Format India

The format means well-defined structures that are followed in the case of legal notices. Every legal document is written in a formal setting. The formal document whether legal or non-legal does follow pre-defined structures. Some of the Formats of legal notices are mentioned below check them out –

Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money

Sometimes we do give money to our close one in the need of hours, to help them out financially.  But sometimes there arise situations where it becomes difficult to get the money out from them because at the time of taking it, they had promised you that they will return the same, within a specific period, but now there are hesitating in doing so.

There can be several situations where one needs to recover his money from the government as an employee or the manufacture of faulty goods for instance.

Let’s go through the legal notice for the recovery of money.

Legal Notice (Legal Notice Reply Format)

Reference number --------


Through the Registered Advocate

Name of the Advocate


Mr/Mrs -------------

Resident of------------


Respected Sir/Madam

On the direct instruction of my client Mr.-----------and on his authority, I am sending you the legal notice for the following reasons.

  • That my client is a well-known and repudiated firm under the name of------------.
  • That the firm is engaged in the business of ------------since --------.
  • That my client firm had as per your order, sent you the parcel of a manufactured item containing furniture with dispatching voice -------------on ---------date.
  • That at the time of dispatch you suddenly told my client that you will pay it on credit bases against your running credit account with the firm.
  • That I accepted your request on your promise of duly payment of all the credit within six months from the date of receipt of the current order.
  • That despite the acknowledgment from your side of the receipt of the order worth Rs-----------.  You had miserably failed to provide the amount to my client that you had promised.
  • That legal notice is being served on you to provide the firm duly within 30 days of the receipt of the notice.

The copy of the notice is being kept with us for the record and future reference

Yours well known



Date: DD/MM/YY

(Note: sample of legal notice for recovery of money)

Reply to legal notice for recovery of money format, With Sample reply to legal notice.

The legal notice reply is addressed to the advocate of the sender, who had severed the notice on you. The name and address and contact details will be available on the letterhead of the advocate.

Mentioning your perspective with facts about the issue is only essential, there is no need to give out everything there. Mention only relevant dates events and times.

Then your lawyer will file the legal notice reply format. There is the body of the notice, and your lawyer's response to the allegations will be made out.

Do file the response within the limitation period of 3 years in any civil action from the date of the right to sue.

The format that is drafted by the lawyer of the receiver of the notice is almost the same as the legal notice above drafted, with some changes to the body of the notice. The format will remain the same.

Reply to legal notice for breach of contract.

The Indian Contract Act section 39 describes the breach of contract. Breach arises when you entered some contractual obligations but now he/she is not fulfilling the obligations entered by them. Damages to a breach of contract are expressly mentioned in section 73 of the contract.

Who can sue under this:

Any person who is all ready to perform his part of the action or has already performed his part can issue notice firsthand regarding initiating the proceedings to the other side then on receipt other parties will file the legal notice reply format.

Legal Notice Reply Format –

Name of the Advocate

Address --------

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject Matter: Reply to notice for breach of contract


Name of Advocate (who send)


Respected Sir/Madam,

We are hereby acknowledging the receipt of the legal for breach of the contract on ----------date

  • On the behalf of my client XYZ, I am asking you to come to the table, to start the process of negotiation.
  • There some clause of the legal notice sends by you that we accept to be correct. (Mention the clause that you agree with)
  • We are not completely agreeing with the fact and figures made by you under clauses a, b, and c.
  • we are already for settlement, so asking you to contact us for negotiations.

Copy of the notice is kept by us for future use.

Your Sincerely

Advocate ABC

(Note: sample reply to legal notice India)

Format of Reply to Legal Notice Under Section 138 Cheque Bounce

This section is of the negotiable instrument act 1888, It deals with matters about cheque bounce. The instrument in the name of the cheque usually got bounced when there is some mark or overwriting on the cheque. But frequently cheque bounce case under section 138 is filed when the issuer of the instrument issues the cheque knowing that there is no sufficient amount in his bank.

Legal notice format for cheque bounce (legal notice reply format)


The Advocate,



Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Legal notice for cheque bounce





Respected Sir/Madam,

Under the instruction and authority of my client, this notice is being served on you –

  • That your business concern -------------namely had purchased from my client good worth Rs-----------On -----------.
  • You have promised of paying the amount by cheque ------------
  • But when my client went to encash the amount, they found that there is not sufficient amount against your bank amount number--------
  • That legal notice severed to pay the amount within 30 days of receipt or face the court proceedings

Copy is with us as notice for being used in the future.


Your friend


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