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Recovery Money Legal Notice Format Procedural Overview

legal notice format india

Recovery money legal notice format requires drafting skills. Sometimes there arises a dispute which needs to be addressed by the court, but before moving to court we, notify the other party by a legal notice about our intentions that we are going to knock on the doors of the judiciary if the proper course of action is not adopted by the other side within a reasonable period.

On several occasions there arises a situation in which we have a disagreement which can be resolved by the negotiations between the parties before heading the court of law.

Purpose Of The Recovery Money Legal Notice Format

By sending legal notices for the recovery of money we set the law in motion, this is the initial step in the process of recovering money from the person who withholds it. The foundation is laid by sending the legal notice which is a professionally drafted document.

It describes the whole dispute in the precise form to the other person, asking him to stay away from doing the things or activities which are not by the right course of action and infringe the legal right of the sender of the notice.

It warns the infringer that he /she should refrain from doing things of such nature, otherwise he/she will have to face legal proceedings in a court of law.

All the relevant facts and information are given in the legal notice to the receipt of the recovery money legal notice format.

Notice for recovery of money is drafted with the assistance of advocates and lawyers or legal draftsmen.

These notices are sent in verities of situations some of the instances of which we are mentioning here –

  • There might arise a situation where the government is not paying pensions or withholding them without any proper reasons.
  • Employer is not providing incentives to its employee.
  • Cheque bounce case
  • Failure to repay the loan
  • Money let to the friend but now he /she is hesitating to return it.
  • Consumers cases, in which there is a faulty supply of goods customers want their money back.
  • In compensation for damages cases.
  • All of these are circumstances where one can file recovery money in legal notice format.

Important points while serving Money Recovery Legal Notice 

In India, a recovery money legal notice format can be sent by any person who wants to initiate legal actions in a court of law against the wrongdoer, therefore, to intimate him/her legal notice format for recovery of money is filed for his understanding that in the matter he /she can be prosecuted.

While serving the notice things that must be kept in mind that the notice should contain the following things –

  • Notice must be on the letterhead of the advocate
  • Notice needs to contain the contact details of the sender and receiver of the notice.
  • The head letter of the advocate should also have all the essential information about him so that a reply notice can be filed therein.
  • The body of the notice should be made precise but must contain all the relevant information and fact of the matter in recovery money legal notice format.
  • Notice must give intimidation to the receipt that if the act is not revised within a specific time, the legal course of action can be taken against him.
  • The notice is sent by the registered advocate, through the post or courier at the address of the receipt. The serving of the notice can be done personally or by electronic means.
  • But the registered post is considered the most appropriate way of serving it so that a proper record of a notice being sent can be maintained in a suit for recovery of money format.

Legal Notice Format For Recovery Of Money In Hindi –

Legal notices are very frequently used in civil matters; before the institution of the suit the notice formats are sent by the advocates on the behalf of the advocate.

In India along with English, Hindi is also used in court proceedings at some judicial complexes. Hindi is the official language of India.

Many people in India are not good at English so people often found searching for recovery money legal notice format in Hindi, many platforms provide notices in Hindi format, and you can find legal notice format for recovery of money pdf very easily online or get it made for you by the service provider in the field.

Scope of the Draft Legal Notice for Recovery Of Money –

The scope of the legal notice for the recovery of money is not restricted it has a vast area of application in today’s time and even before. There are many occasions when we find it difficult to get back our hard-earned money from various sources due to one reason or another. 

The recovery money notice applies to –

  • Each case that involves the promissory notices and bills of exchange
  • The recovery claims in which the plaintiff is going to sue the defendant.
  • Claim needed to be proved with evidentiary proof

The situations mentioned above under the purpose of legal notice also fall within the scope of the recovery money legal notice format.

Documents Required in Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money

Whenever you are preparing a legal notice of recovering money, some documents are needed from you are given below let’s check them out, before filling out the notice.

  • The affidavit that money is owed or loaned to relatives, family members, friends, or some other person. This affidavit act as a piece of evidence.
  • The agreement or contract which specifically mentions that your employer must pay you in exchange for services you are providing to him/her.
  • Other additional supporting documents that might be required to prove recovery money legal notice format filled by you to the defendant before the suit.

Jurisdiction in the Recovery of Money Cases –

The place of institution of the suit can be decided by considering the area in which your defendant resides or carry on business or where the cause of action has arisen the territorial jurisdiction is determined in this way. The pecuniary jurisdiction is determined by the valuation of the suit.

The Limitation Period For Filing The Case –

The Indian courts have set the three years’ limitation from the date of arise of the course of action for the recovery of money. The suit filed after the limitation period will not be considered by the court of law.

You need to provide the exemption grounds to consider your case after the period of limitation is over. This will be the limit to which recovery money legal notice format cases are to be filled.

What did a person need to do if he /she receives the recovery legal money format?

When you receive the legal notice, some things need to be taken into consideration lets go through them.

  • Read the notice carefully

Whenever you receive the notice you need to carefully read it. If there is something in the notice that you cannot understand, you must visit the office of the advocate.

  • Contact the nearest advocate –

When there is something that makes you left out, you must consult the office of the advocate and ask him to file the reply to the notice.

  • Brief your Advocate-

You must brief each aspect that is essential to your case to the advocate so that he can file the proper reply to the notice. Reply filing will make your side stronger in case of recovery money legal notice format.

  • Send the response –

After briefing the advocate, he /she will make the reply against the notice. The advocate will make it on his letterhead and send it to the advocate of the plaintiff through the registered mail or courier and you need to keep in safe custody the post office receipt.  A copy of the notice will be with the advocate for future communication purposes.

Why Do We Need to Consult Professional Legal Service Consultants?

There are many reasons to consult a legal professional, you might need when in various situations that might emerge in your life let’s have a glance at them, and we are going to discuss them in points.

  • Lawyers and legal consultants are individuals who can help you with a variety of legal issues.
  • If you are stuck in some matter which needs to be addressed legally you need a legal consultation before starting with the legal procedures.
  • Recovery money legal notice format will be prepared by the advocate for you in case of money recovery and all other legal notices too.
  • Lawyer knows the law best, he/she can make you understand the matter in a good sense.
  • Lawyers advise people on what needs to be done in situations which had become complicated.
  • You should bear it in mind clearly that there is a difference between a lawyer and a law consultant. lawyers are the person who use to practice law in the court of law whereas legal consultant is persons who only provides legal consultation services.
  • We need to consult the legal profession in each step that led us to the legal proceedings for instance in the case of recovery money legal notice format.
  • They help you to get out of the legal trouble in which you had struck.
  • Legal professionals will not only be going to represent you in the court of law, but they will fill or do documentation and other ailed work for you.
  • Many techniques are involved in a legal matter, if we do some mistake during the legal proceeding against us or by us it can cost us heavily, therefore, legal professional consultation is a very effective tool.

Sample Legal Notice for Recovery of Money

Ref no ---------


By the registered Advocate

Subject: Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Salary


Name of the debtor

Respected sir/ma’am

Under the instruction of the client and on his behalf, I serve on you the following recovery money legal notice format.

  • My client is an employee at your firm under the name of ABC style Pvt. Ltd.
  • That my client is engaged in your services for -------- number of years, recently due to a national wide pandemic, my client had been retrenched from the services.
  • In the letter of termination, you mentioned that you will give him a Three-month salary in advance.
  • That my client had been sitting free for the last month at home without salary, you had even failed to give the amount that you had promised in the termination letter.
  • That on the behalf of my client I am asking you to pay the six-month salary in advance or reappoint him to services within 30 days of the receipt of the notice otherwise we are going to take legal action against your firm after duly serving recovery money legal notice format.

A copy of the notice has been kept by me at my office for future use.

Your friend


Signature of the Advocate

Signature of the Sender

Format of Legal Notice for Recovery of Payment

By the registered advocate

Office address


Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: legal notice for recovery of payment.



Residence address

Place --------

Respected sir/ ma’am

Under the instruction of my client and on his behalf, I hereby file a legal notice for the following reasons.

  • That my client is a -----------company under the name of ABC enterprises.
  • That my client is engaged in the business for -------year
  • That you had made an order to my client for the supply and manufacturing of the ---------goods.
  • That on your request special manufacturing of ------------several items had been done; over the telephone, it will be made you know. You asked for the supply of the same.
  • That you made a written promise to my client of payment in cash, to which my client had agreed.
  • That, after the supply of the products the amount delivered by you is only half of the payment.
  • When my client asked you about this, you told him that you are making the other half of the payment in cheque form, which my client agreed to.
  • That, my client had made a call on you for the payment to which you asked for one-week time.

Now, as the time allowed to you had lapsed, he is making a legal notice to you for payment remained otherwise you will be taken to the law of court after the service of the recovery money legal notice format.

A copy of the legal notice is with me, for future use.

Your advocate



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