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Types of Legal Notice Format and Related Details

Types of Legal Notice Format

Legal Notice Format is used in every case, usually, it’s the civil matter in which the legal notice is filled. The formal declaration severs the purpose of deterrence to the notice receiver. Where any sort of legal right is harmed or say affected, the person who is making the grievance has the opinion of either setting down it out of the court or initiating legal proceedings in the court of law.

The legal notice warns the organization or authority or person or persons in the group of the activities which are infringing their legal rights. Therefore, while drafting the legal notice, it becomes very important to note down the essential format of legal notice.

The person who is sending the legal notices should have the details of the person to whom he wants to send the legal notices, it’s the art of drafting which needed to be acquired, to send the righteous notice to the other party, which can communicate the message to the person in the firm language, the language of the notice need not be too technical, the wording used in the draft legal notice format should be simple and understandable.

The good drafted legal notice will successfully communicate the matter to the concerned party.

Essentials to be Mentioned in the Legal Notice Formats

Apart from, mentioning the name and address of the sender and receiver, In the body of the legal notices, you must state the facts and contention and the solutions to which can help both parties to neutralize the dispute and offensive behaviour.

The setting of a reasonable time limit to revise the action is also needed to be mentioned in the notice itself.  The legal notice must be taken seriously do not make the mistake of ignoring them, because it can cost you during legal proceedings.

The complication of creating Legal Notice Format in the dispute can be lightened by the notice because it severs the purpose of providing the chance to resolve the dispute by mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or any other means by which the lengthy legal proceedings can be avoided.

The notice should clearly state the legal provision under which the case falls, and the sender should confirm whether the matters fall under civil or criminal. The jurisdiction of the matter must also be made clear to the other party. So that they can clearly understand the sincerity of serving the legal notice.

Ideally what should be the legal notice format?

The most frequent query made by the people is, how to draft the legal notice, and what will the proper legal notice format.  we are hereby outlining a few guidelines on what the basic format of legal notice should be and how you can use and change it according to your need.  

  • The personal details of the sender, the full name and address, and other essentials should be included.  
  • The addressee needed to be mentioned with full particulars within the legal notice format along with their occupational and residential details, this is mandatory, if you are going to send the notice in offline mode.
  • The material fact out of which the dispute had arisen should be mentioned in the body of the notice.
  • The remedy or damage compensation, whatever you are asking, according to the facts of the case and demand which can arise out of that should be mentioned there.
  • The time in which the reply must be filled, should be mentioned.
  • The signature of the sender of the notice and the advocate must be there on the legal notice, to give it more authenticity.

The most essential contents which you need to mention in the legal notice format are provided in these points.

Now let’s go through the mode of issuing a legal notice format   

There is a standard format of legal notices because these are the communicators, however, exchanging such notices has changed with the advancement of technology. Let’s go through the medium with which legal notices are communicated.

  • Traditional postal services
  • Personal delivery of the notice
  • Courier
  • Electronic means, Email, WhatsApp, Snapchat, telegram, etc
  • Speed Post

Things that should be avoided in the legal notice formats

There are a few points that need to be taken care of while drafting a legal notice format

  • Avoid the use of abbreviations
  • In the body of the legal notices, the uppercase should be avoided
  • The use of words and phrases which are likely to confuse should be avoided.
  • The date must be placed below the addressing details or at the end of the body.
  • The subject of the notice should be below the date, which should carve out the purpose for which legal notices are sent.
  • The language is the main, communicator, therefore it should be simply worded, do not forget to proofread, the notice.
  • Exaggeration of things should be avoided
  • The lawyer and sender’s signature should be there on the notice.

Composition of the legal Notice formats

Like any other form of Legal Notice Format, the format of legal notices is drafted by following a certain defined pattern.

  • General Content: It consists of putting in brief the personal details of the persons. which includes the name, address, occupational status, etc.?
  • Body of the notice: In the body of the notice, you need to mention the facts and contentions, the reason why you issued the notice, the warning should be described in the paragraph, the statements should be short and precise, the sufficient time should be given to the addressed to revert to the statement given under the notices
  • The relief: The demand in Legal notice Format you are raising should be made clear to the other, besides the relief and demands you need to call for initiating the negotiation also .so as to resolve the issue outside the court.
  • Waring cause:  It must be made clear to the other side that if desired actions are not taken within time, legal proceedings under the appropriate law should be started.
  • Declaration of retention of copy:  The statement to the effect that legal notice copy is kept by the lawyer with him for future use.
  • Signature: The signature of the advocate and the sender of the legal notice.

Samples of various types of notice format:

Legal Notice Format for Specific Performance of Contract



Office Address


Dated : DD/MM/YY

Subject : Legal notice format for the Specific Performance of the Contract .

Respected  Sir/ Madam

Under the direct instruction of my client , I am sending you this legal notice for the following reasons -

  1. That , the agreement had been made out between you and my client XYZ , the purpose of sale of house no  ---------- which is situated in --------colony ----------Area ----------district , in the state of ---------.
  2. That , you and my client had agreed to ,sell the house to my client for one portion and second will remain with you , vide  an agreement for sale dated-------------------.
  3. That , agreement for sale, has been executed between both the parties under clause ----------- of the said agreement on ------------date
  4. That  deed of the conveyance is to be completed with in ----------months from the date of execution of  the agreement .
  5. That , my client is ready and willing to perform his part of deed , if you perform the desired action on your part.
  6.  That , my client submitted  and undersigned --------------- deed of sale and purchase and will immediately perform the action on his part , on the specific performance of your part made out by the deed itself.

I hereby make it clear to you that in case you fail to perform the desired actions on your part , then my client is left with no other option then whiling the suit for specific performance against you , with the court of appropriate jurisdiction .

Yours Sincerly


Signature of the Advocate

Signature of the Sender

Dated : DD/MM/YY


Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money

Ref No--------------

Registered Advocate

Office addressee

Dated: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Legal notice format for the recovery of the money



Resident of ------------

Respected: Sir /Madam

Under the instruction of my client and on his behalf this legal notice is being served on you for the following reasons.

  1. That, my client is the firm in name of XYZ, under the name and style of miss--------------.
  2. That, my client is in the business of ---------------Since -------------
  3. That, my client, had against your valid and confirmed order, dispatch the assignment to you, on a time-to-time basis as your credit account is running our account books.
  4. That, a client had raised the bill, for each assignment which is /had been assigned to you, and you have /had acknowledged the bills raised by my client.
  5. That, you despite acknowledgment of due payment, continuously failed to provide the payment, my client had given enough opportunities to you, because of aged old business relations. Now my client started suffering great losses because of you.
  6. That, my client is not in a position to bear such damages, therefore he is

Know asking for all the due amount with interest @12% of the date, when payment had become due.

  • This legal notice is served on you, in very assertive and firm language that if you did not make the payment within 15 days from the receipt of this legal notice, then my client had directed me to start the proceedings in the court of law, having proper jurisdiction to entertain the suit.

Your Sincerly


Signature of the Advocate

Signature of the sender

Legal Notice Format for Divorce

By the registered Advocate

Office address

Chamber no ------

Phone no -------

Dated: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Legal notice for the divorce



Resident of -------------

Respected: Sir /Madam

Under the instruction, of my client and on his behalf, I am sending this legal notice to you.

  1. That you got married to my Mrs ----------------on DD/MM/YY, in presence of all the family members, relatives, friends, associates, companions, and acquaintances, in accordance with Hindu marriage rituals.
  2. That after the solemnization of marriage, you both live together as husband -wife, you both cohabited in ----------place, out of the wedlock the children were born to both of you, one son named ---------on ------YY and one beautiful daughter named -------on -------YY.
  3. That after the marriage you both live happily together for the period of seven years, but onward -------YY, you got your transfer to -----------place.
  4. That my client holds the strong opinion that after ------years of your transfer, your behavior suddenly got changed, she told me that is hired a private spy to know what’s wrong with you, and through him, she came to know that you are having extramarital affair with your Colleagues Miss---------since ---------YY almost.
  5. That, on one of the occasions my client caught you red-handed when confronted you denied the very fact, but afterward you harassed my client not only with my physical cruelty but mentally and emotionally also, because of this kind of frequent fight between both of you, and reduction in-home visits, the children of yours also suffered emotionally.
  6. That, my client had tried hard to make things work out for both of you, because of the children, but now it seems to her that it’s broken down to such an extent that it cannot be reverted to the previous phrase, she no longer has the power to bear such mental and physical torture because it is affecting her well being and of children, she already told the parents of yours and her that things between both of you are not going well, they tried to make some middle way out, but that too failed.
  7. That, my client wants custody of both the children because you are disabled of the same, she is a very strong and independent lady having her financial resource which is more than enough to maintain, herself and both the children, you just need to simply put your signature on the divorce paper.

Therefore, through this legal notice I am, bringing the facts to your knowledge that, she wants a divorce from you and nothing less than that, in case you try to harass or abuse her mentally or physically she will approach the concerned authority without a due, it’s in your interest to avoid the ligation proceeding beforehand.

Your friend


Signature of Advocate

Signature of the sender

Legal Notice format for the Restitution of the Conjugal rights


             Office Address


              Chamber No

Dated: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Legal notice for the restitution of conjugal right under section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act.



Resident of-----------

Under the instruction of my client Mrs ----------------having her present address at------------place, I have to address you as

  1. That, marriage between you and my client was arranged by the relatives of both sides, Mrs ------------- and you meet for the first time at----------------place, and thereafter meeting with family members along with both of you had taken, at the residential home of Mrs---------------.
  2. The marriage between my client and you were fixed after consulting the Astrologer --------------, the solemnization of the marriage takes place on-----------------at ------------place as per necessary Hindu rituals and customs and the same has been duly registered with the registrar of the Marriages at-------------place, on DD/MM/YY.
  3. After the marriage you both cohabited at ------------place, as husband and wife, for ---------- number of YY.
  4. That, after the marriage, you both traveled to ----------places, for ------------days and enjoyed each other company.
  5. That, my client and I use to attend social gatherings together and often enjoy meals at hotels and restaurants on weekends.
  6. That, out of wedlock two beautiful daughters were born namely ----------and---------on ------------YY and-------------YY.
  7. Sometime around --------------period the things between you and Mrs started changing, she told me that you often desert her without giving any reason, this desertion of yours is not only physical but sometimes it is constructive too.
  8. Onward ---------YY and month, you suddenly leave the company of Mrs-------------, she tried to make you join her company, but you did not restore to her company.

Therefore, she was left with no other option than, to send this legal notice for restitution of the conjugal rights, you are required as per law set in section 9 of the Hindu marriage act to respond in due course.

Your friend


Signature of Advocate

Signature of Sender


Legal notice format under section 80 of CPC



Office Address


Dated -----------

Subject:  Legal notice under section 80 CPC



Department of-------------

In the State of--------------

Respected Sir /Madam

Under the instruction of my client Shri ------------ I am serving with this legal notice in unequivocal terms.

  1. That, my client ABC, use to work in the XYZ department for the last --------number of years.
  2. That, with his hard work and perseverance, he got promoted to the ------- rank, During -------- year, my client has earned a good reputation and respect, among his co-worker, subordinates, and superiors.
  3. That, my client had received appreciation from the authorities on many occasions for his dedication to the work.
  4. That, during the period of service,  he had been in different places, where his work was time and again appreciated.
  5. That, my client is a permanent resident of ------------state and he is presently living at the address mentioned above with his family.
  6. That, my client is working in the department of -----------for ---------- period, he has a long-standing career, because of the nature of his work he has to deal with a lot of people, common people recognize him, as a person of integrity and marvels character, my client is a well known public figure.
  7. That, news article containing a defamatory statement about my client, was got published on-----------date, under ------------named newspaper, against ---------column no, the facts made out there are false, frivolous and vexations, made with the sole purpose of damaging the reputation of my client.
  8. That, you have deliberately, made out the news article, containing defamatory material against my client, under the title -----------which is very offensive.
  9. That, you had intentionally tarnished the image of my client, in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society, in collusion with Shri-----------with correspondence to Shri----------, under the direct influence of political ------------.
  10. That, this act had directly affected the well-being of my client not only in terms of reputation, but he along with his family member suffered great mental agony, solely because of your undesirable action.

Therefore, I am calling upon you, to address the issue within two members of this legal notice, otherwise, we will be left with no other option than initiating legal proceedings against you.

You are required to revert your action, by making a public statement asking for apologies from my client and his family, in the same newspaper under which defamatory statements were made, and also provide compensation worth Rs ten Lakhs to my client immediately.

Yours sincerely


On the behalf of----------

Signature of the Advocate

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