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Udyam Registration – Eligibility, Process & Documents

Udyam registration was introduced by the government of India, Ministry of MSME (Micro, small and medium enterprises) vide Gazette of India, dated 26th June 2020 notified a composite criterion consisting of both investment and turnover as criteria for classifying the enterprises as MSMEs with effect from 1st July 2020.

The registration as per the new definition of MSMEs and ease of doing business in India has been introduced by permanent registration known as “Registration of Udyam”. It allows existing and new businesses to register themselves through the registration portal.

The key feature of registration under MSME is zero cost and which means no fees will be charged as an amount for the issuance of registration certificates.

Eligibility for Udyam Registration

All existing enterprises registered under EM-Part II (Entrepreneurs Memorandum) or UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Portal) shall have to register again on the registration on Udyam portal on or after 1st July 2020.

This is an overview of the classification as MSME based on the following criteria given as

Classification. Investment In Plant & Equipment Turnover
Microenterprises Up to Rs. 1 Crore Maximum Rs.5 Crore
Small Enterprise Up to Rs. 10 crores Maximum Rs. 50 crores
Medium enterprise Up to Rs. 50 crores Maximum Rs. 250 crores

Important Note for Udyam registration -

The calculation of investment in plant and machinery or investment in equipment is to be linked to the Income Tax Return of the last year filled in Income tax. While calculating the turnover of MSME registration, the export of goods or services, or both, shall be excluded.

Key Points to register a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Any person who intends to establish a micro, small or medium enterprise may file registration on Udyam online in the registration portal. It is based on self-declaration with no requirement to upload certificates, papers, documents, or any kind of proof.
  • the registration is completed,an enterprise will be assigned a permanent identification number to be known as the “Registration number of Udyam”.
  • An e-certificate known as the Udyam certificate shall be issued on completion of the registration process.

Process of Udyam Registration for New Enterprise

Step 1: Go to the Udyam Portal for obtaining the Registration

Click on the button for entrepreneurs who are new and not yet registered with Micro, Small, and medium enterprises.

Step 2 Enter Your Details

Enter the name of the entrepreneur as well as your twelve-digit Aadhaar number. After that, you can click "Validate & Generate OTP." Then, you will receive an OTP to the mobile number associated with the Aadhar. Enter this OTP.

Step 3 :Verification of PAN

It is compulsory to select the type of firm/business before entering the PAN number, then click the confirm button. The validation of the PAN is a must for Udyam registration.

Step 4 :Add the Details of the Enterprise Address.

When you enter all the details, then you also need to enter the full postal address of your enterprise along with the pin code, state, email address, and mobile number.

Step 5 :Your Bank Details

ou will have to give the company's bank account number that is in use along with an IFSC code of the branch at which the account was opened.

Step 6 : Details of the Enterprise

Mention the primary activity of the enterprise, either ‘manufacturing’ or ‘services.’ Provide the name of all people employed. Provide the NIC for the activities undertaken by MSME. You need to enter the entire amount that was invested into the machine or plant.

Step 7 . Select the District Industry Centre (DIC) and Approve The Declaration

Enter the OTP which was sent to a registered mobile number then click “Final Submit". When you click the 'Submit and Get Final OTP' option, you will receive a registration number.

Once all information has been thoroughly verified by the relevant authorities, the user will receive an udyam certificate that is sent to the registered email ID.

Process of Registration of Udyam Having UAM Registration

For the entrepreneurs, who already have UAM registration, the following are step-to-step processes on udyam registration.gov.in. (government portal) to migrate to Udyam or re-register are given below: -

Step 1 :Click on the option “For those having a registration in UAM” or “For person already having registration in UAM with assisted filing”.

Step 2 : Enter your Udyog Aadhar no. and then select an option for an OTP.

Step 3: Choose either of the two options given i.e., OTP on phone or email as registered in UAM.

Step 4: Once the OTP options are chosen by the applicant, then click on ‘Validate & Generate OTP’ button

Step 5: After entering OTP, registration details are to be filled in on the registration form MSME. The registration is completed.

Checklist While Applying for Udyam Registration Form

The registration process is quite easy and there are minimum documents required for the same. However, there are a few things that we need to know before applying for the same.

  • The form of registration is available on the Udyam portal
  • There is no fee for filling in for registration for Udyam.
  • An aadhar number is mandatory for the registration process
  • If an enterprise has already taken registration of Udyam with PAN, it must fill up the deficiency of details for the previous years based on self-declaration
  • No one should apply for more than one Udyam no. The enterprise must mention the specific number of activities like manufacturing and service during the Udyam registration process.

Documents Required to Register For Udyam Certificate

The list of documents for obtaining the Registration Udyam Certificate is as follows

1 Aadhar Card

  • In case of proprietorship firm, Aadhar no. as given on the Aadhar card of the proprietor is to be entered in the Udyam form of registration
  • In the case of a partnership firm, an Aadhar card number of the managing partner is taken for entering in the Udyam form of registration
  • In the case of Hindu Undivided family, the Aadhar number of the Karta is entered in the Udyam form of registration
  • In the case of the Limited Company or LLP or Cooperative society or trust, an Aadhar no. of an authorized signatory should be entered in the Udyam form of registration.


3. GSTIN(Goods and Services Tax Identification number), when an enterprise is required to be registered under GST Act.

Bank account details of the business.

About Udyam Registration Number

The registration portal of Udyam gives a permanent identification no., also called as the Registration Number of Udyam. It is in format as given the registration number is UDYAM-XX-XX-XXXXXXX. The Udyam code to download your udyam certificate online or confirm whether you comply with your registration of udyam.

The format for registration udyam number could be described in detail.

1.First 5 Letters - UDYAM

2. Next 2 Digits - STATE CODE

3. Next 7 Digits – It is an unique number which is assigned to an enterprise for registration of udyam. The Udyam no. is also used in the certificate download with the help of a phone number.

Steps If You Forgot Udyam Registration Number

When an owner has forgotten his/her registration no. of udyam, he/she can obtain the registration no. with help of following the given steps:

Step 1: Visit the Udyam portal for registration

Step 2: Click on the ‘Print/verify’ option and click on the ‘Udyam Forgot /UAM No.’ option

Step 3: : Choose the registration option for registration and Choose an option for OTPs, fill in the phone no/email address and then click on the ‘Validating & Generating OTP’ option.

Step 4: Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number/email ID and click on the ‘Validate OTP and Login’ button.

Step 5: After validation of OTP, the registration number of udyam will be sent to the entrepreneur on the mobile/email as selected by him/her

About Udyam Registration Certificate

Udyam certificate is an electronic-certificate with a nineteen-digit unique identification no. (in format UDYAM-XX-00-0000000) given by the Ministry of Micro, Small, & medium enterprises. In simple meaning, it is also known as an Aadhar for business. The registration certificate contains a QR code by which the website of the MSME can be easily accessed through the Udyam portal which facilitates ease of business in India.

The Udyam certificate is valid throughout the existence of the business of an enterprise. Thus, there is no need for renewal. An enterprise is unable to apply for exceeding more than one registration. All the activities that are covered in the certificate. A certificate is required for acquiring loans from the financial institutions like banks with the benefits given under several government schemes to MSMEs

Steps to Print Udyam Registration Certificate

Once the Entrepreneurs have completed the registration process. The registration number is assigned to the enterprise. The certificate is sent to the email address as provided. However, you can take a printout of the Registration certificate by following the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2: Click the ‘Print/verify’ button and select the ‘Print Udyam certificate’..

Step 3: E Enter the ‘Registration no. given in Udyam’, .

Step 4:Choose an option for the OTP where you will be receiving an OTP i.e., Phone number or email address.

Step 5:: Click on the option called ‘Validate as well as Generating an OTP’.

Step 6: : Enter your OTP received on the phone/email address and click on the option ‘Validate OTP and login’..

Step 7:After login, take a printout of the Udyam certificate of registration.

Steps To Get Udyam Verification

Verification of udyam is a process to prove that you are a legal member of Udyam MSME. An entrepreneur who is eligible under the criteria given for registration can file online verification for udyam.

Documents for Udyam online verification:

  • You should have a lawful business to apply for Udyam online verification
  • Details of Aadhar card are required for applying in the verification process
  • UAN/URN number is needed if you are already a member of Udyam.

You can also check the status of verification udyam if you have applied for registration and did not obtain the certificate immediately. You can go to the government website and check the progress of your udyam registration application.

Process of Udyam certificate verification

The udyam certificate will be received on the registered email ID in your application. Once the certificate is received, download the e-copy.

Step 1:Visit the official Udyam portal.

Step 2:Enter the registration number of udyam assigned to you in your certificate.

Step 3:Enter the OTP received on the mobile number registered with the application. The OTP is case-sensitive.

Step 4: Enter the Captcha provided on the page. The numbers and letters are case-sensitive. Select ‘verify’ after entering the Captcha and the OTP. You can view the validity of the registration in the Udyam certificate.

Steps for Udyam Registration Verification

Entrepreneurs can easily verify the registration number of Udyam with help of following steps

Step 1:: Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2:Click the ‘Print/verify’ option and select the ‘Verify registration number’ option..

Step 3:Enter the ‘Registration of udyam /Reference number’, Enter the captcha code, and click on the ‘Verify’ button..

Other Ways to Verify the Certificate of Udyam

You can check udyam verify the certificate once you have received it. All certificates include a unique QR code. You can also use the QR code to check the status of your certificate and verify the details of the same.

Step 1:Scan the QR code using your mobile phone.

Step 2:You will be redirected to a webpage where all the details of the business are provided.

This method of verification is useful when you are providing your certificate during MSME loan applications. The lender can scan the QR code on the certificate and verify all the details provided on the certificate of udyam registration.

Steps to download Udyam Certificate

The registration certificate is sent to the registered email address. However, Entrepreneurs can download their registration certificate for Udyam by following the given steps:

Step 1:Visit the Udyam website..

Step 2:: Fill in all the details on the download for the Registration Certificate

Step 3:S: Make the online payment for your Registration of udyam download.

Step 4:The registration certificate of Udyam will be delivered to your email address within 1 - 2 working hours..

You can verify the udyam certificate status and determine if your Certificate of Udyam has been issued. The certificate of Udyam is valid when the phone number and OTPs are provided accurately.

Steps for Udyam Registration Certificate Download By PAN Number

You can also download Udyam certificate with help of your PAN details following are the steps:

Step 1:Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2:Click on ‘Print / Verify' and ‘Print certificate’.

Step 3: Input the Registration Number of Udyam as well as your 10-digit mobile number to sign into the platform using OTP..

Step 4:You will receive an OTP on the mobile number you registered that you need to enter, and then click on "Validate OTP and Print.'

Step 5:: You can get a copy of the certificate by choosing ‘Print' or 'Print with Annexure.'

The certificate will be issued when you select Udyam certificate Print as well as the UAM application when you select the option 'Print with Annexure.'

Steps for Udyam Certificate Download By Mobile Number

You can download the Udyam certificate after you have completed Udyam registration process on your phone by following these easy steps: -

Step 1:Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2:Click on ‘Print / Verify' and ‘Print certificate of Udyam’..

Step 3: Input the Registration Number of Udyam as well as your 10-digit mobile number to sign into the platform using OTP..

Step 4:You will receive an OTP on the mobile number you registered that you need to enter, and then click on "Validate OTP and Print.'

Step 5:: You can get a copy of the certificate by choosing ‘Print' or 'Print with Annexure.'

You can save a copy of the udyam certificate download pdf on the mobile as well.

Steps to Download Udyam Registration Certificate

The registration number of Udyam is allotted to the registered enterprise. The certificate is sent to the registered email address. You can also download the Registration certificate with help of following steps:

Step 1:Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2:Click on the option called ‘Print/verify’ and then select the option for ‘Print certificate’.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Registration Number assigned by Udyam.’.

Step 4:: Choose an option for OTP where you will be receiving the OTP on either phone no. or email address.'

Step 5: Click on the option saying ‘Validating and Generation of OTP’'

Step 6:Enter the OTP that you received on the phone/email address and then click on the ‘Validating OTP and login’ option.

Step 7: After login, certificate of Udyam registration download'

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Steps for The MSME Udyam Certificate Download

Step 1:Visit the MSME website for registration.

Step 2:Fill in all the details on the Registration form for MSME.

Step 3: Make the payment through online mode for your MSME application.

Step 4:One of the executives will ensure the process of your MSME application.

Step 5:The MSME certificate will be delivered to your email address within 1 - 2 working days.

Step 6: Login to your registered e-mail account and check for the MSME mail, you can find the soft copy of the MSME certificate of registration

Step 7: Click on it and download the file named MSME certificate download on your desktop'

Check The Udyam Registration Status

You can check the registration udyam status online from the portal where the form is submitted by following the below steps:

Step 1:Visit the Udyam portal.

Step 2:Click on the ‘Print/verify’ and then select the option saying ‘Udyam Print certificate’.

Step 3: Enter your ‘Registration no. allotted by Udyam’.

Step 4:Choose an option for OTP where you will receive the OTP i.e., on phone no. or email address.

Step 5:Click on option for ‘Validating and Generating OTP’.

Step 6: : Enter the OTP which is received on the phone/email address and then click on the ‘Validating OTP and login’.

Step 7: You can already view the status of the certificate of udyam.'

Difference between Udyam and Udyog aadhar

Udyam Aadhar Udyog aadhar
It is a single-page enrolment that comprises a self-declaration. It is quite similar to the aadhar card number given to every citizen of the country.
It is a 19-digit unique identification number to the MSME registered under Udyam. Udyog aadhar is a twelve-digit number given to micro, small and medium enterprises by the government.
The registration is free of cost and no charge is taken by the ministry. It is free of cost and known as an Aadhar card for business.
Registration of Udyam is the updated version of Udyog aadhar registration. Udyog aadhar is an older version of Udyam.

Benefits of Udyam Registration Certificate

Any business that wants to register under MSME should apply for a certificate of Udyam. One can avail of various benefits provided under government schemes to boost the economy. You can also make udyam aadhar certificate download from the website. Below are the major benefits of registration in Udyam.

  • Lesser interest rates on loans
  • Collateral free loans
  • Discount on electricity bills
  • Lesser Interest Rates for Bank Overdraft
  • Assists in getting business government tenders
  • Advantage on Patent and trademark fees
  • Industrial promotion Subsidy eligibility
  • Availing access to government licenses and registrations
  • International trade fair consideration
  • Protection against delayed payments
  • Obtain special exemptions under Direct tax
  • Barcode registration subsidy
  • Credit rating provision

Udyam Process

Checking Name Availability

Documents Required

  • Aadhar number
  • PAN card
  • Goods and Services Tax Identification Number
  • Bank account details
  • Enterprise address with PIN code, state.
  • Email address and mobile number
  • The activity carried out by the enterprise with NIC code.

Filing of Documents

Udyam Verification

  • Legal business
  • Aadhar card details
  • Udyam registration number for checking the status.
  • OTP received on the mobile number or email address.
  • QR code is mentioned in the certificate for verification purposes.
Filing of Documents

Declaration of Udyam Registration

A self-declaration is made by the owner with no charges of registration. There are various benefits provided under government schemes.

Filing of Documents

Submit documents and Obtain Certification

After providing self-declaration, an Udyam registration certificate is issued with the Udyam registration number by the Ministry of Micro, small and medium enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for Registration does it redirect to the old portal?
The Udyam Registration website is the new version of Udyog Aadhaar which is the old portal. It is used for specific purposes and new options are added in the new portal.
Is there any option for an Aadhar number for registering under UAM?
In the state of Assam, there are people who don't have an Aadhar card. In these situations, the option of PAN number issued to the applicant can be used in place of Aadhar number..
What are the legal provisions applying for an MSME under Udyam Registration?
The provisions of composition levy, Input tax credit, tax invoice under GST, exemption from compulsory audit, etc.
How can I check my Aadhar card status?
After submitting the biometric data with fingerprints and iris scan. The photo is clicked of the person with the Aadhar card. There is an acknowledgement number through which the Aadhar card status can be viewed.
How can I get a business certificate for Udyam Registration?
You can apply with the name of an applicant with the business name, address and additional information like details of the activity of business and submit it with online payment.
Is it mandatory to obtain the GST registration for MSME?
It is not necessary for taking GST registration for enterprises which are not eligible under the Goods and Services act.
Is there an exemption for Udyam Registration to get a GSTIN?
A large number of MSMEs with annual turnover less than the threshold limit are exempted under GST registration as per the Act.

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