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MSME Registration Fees: Online Process, Certificate & More

MSME Registration Fees

MSME Registration Fees are free of cost. No fees are charged by anyone who wants to register their organization under MSME Act, 2006. Udyam Registration is made free by the government of India. As of 30th June 2022, enterprises with UAM registration need to migrate to Udyam registration.

According to the Micro, small and medium enterprises development (MSMED) act, 2006, the government of India has introduced MSME. The main activity of these enterprises is the production of goods, manufacturing, or processing. In this article, we shall discuss the process of MSME registration and certificate renewal as well as download. Discuss the process for the MSME certificate validity check.

What are MSME Registration Fees?

There are no charges for MSME Registration. As per the new definition of MSME, Udyam registration is free of cost registration of MSMEs on the official website of the Government of India maintained by the Ministry of MSME. There is no other official website for registration. However, there are private consultancies that help you during the process of Udyam registration. They can charge fees depending on the service provided to the clients.

Who are Eligible for MSME Registration?

All existing enterprises registered under EM-Part II (Entrepreneurs Memorandum) or UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Portal) shall have to register again on the registration on Udyam portal on or after 1st July 2020. There are NIL charges for MSME Registration Fees. The existing enterprise registered before 30th June 2020, shall continue to be valid till the 31st day of March 2021. This is a basic classification of the MSME based on the following criteria given:

Classification Investment In Plant & Equipment Turnover
Microenterprise Up to Rs. 1 crore Maximum Rs. 5 crores
Small Enterprise Up to Rs. 10 crores Maximum Rs. 50 crores
Medium enterprise Up to Rs. 50 crores Maximum Rs. 250 crores

What are the two types of businesses registered under MSME?

The Udyam registration is done through the website udyam and can register their enterprises. The MSME industry can be classified into two categories based on the activities:

1. Manufacturing enterprises – These types of enterprises are involved in producing or manufacturing a product for other large enterprises or final use and can be given under this sector. MSME Registration fees are free of cost.

2. Service enterprises - These enterprises possess special skills and conduct their business. They may invest in small machinery.

What is the Process of MSME Udyam registration?

Udyam Registration is based on self-declaration andpermanent registration for MSMEs. Any applicant can register themselves just with their Aadhar card and PAN card on a Self-declaration basis. There are zero-cost MSME Registration fees. The steps of the MSME registration process for private limited company are as follows:

Can a private limited company register under MSME?

A private limited company can register under the micro, small and medium enterprises Act. Businesses like proprietorships, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Partnership firms, one-person companies (OPC), Private limited companies, Limited liability partnerships (LLP), etc can get MSME registration fees for free in India.

The MSME registration for private limited company should have at least two directors. It shall consist of a minimum of two shareholders. The liability of the members is limited by shares held by them. As per the Articles of Association, the shares of a private limited company are restricted to transfer to the general public.

What is an MSME registration certificate?

MSME registration certificate means self-declaration with no requirement to upload certificates, papers, documents, or any kind of proof. MSME certificate is replaced by the Udyam certificate. It is an electronic certificate with a 19-digit number that is assigned to every MSME registered under Udyam. MSME Registration fees are free of cost. In simple language, it is a type of Aadhar for business in India. The registration certificate comes with a QR code by which the MSME website can be accessed providing ease of business.

The Udyam certificate is valid until the existence of the registered organization. Thus, there is no need for MSME certificate renewal. A certificate is needed for getting benefits in getting loans from banks provided by government schemes to MSMEs.

How to Download MSME Certificate?

The Udyam registration certificate is issued to an enterprise. The certificate is sent to the registered email ID of the user. You can also MSME certificate download and MSME Registration Fees are free of cost:

Step 1: Visit the Msme Udyam Registration Web-Portal

Step 2: You must click on the ‘Print/verify’ button and then you have to select the ‘Print certificate’ option.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Udyam Registration Number.’

Step 4: You can choose the OTP option from the Mobile number/email ID for receiving the OTP.

Step 5: When you have chosen the option for receiving OTP then click on the ‘Validate & Generate OTP’ option.

Step 6: You shall enter the OTP received on the e-mail ID /mobile number and then click on the ‘Validate OTP and login’ option on your PC.

Step 7: After login, the MSME Udyam certificate download for MSME Registration fees is free of cost.

You can follow the same process for the MSME print certificate.

What is the Process of MSME Aadhar Verification?

Udyam verification is a process that is carried out to verify if an individual is a registered user of MSME or not. This process to verify MSME certificate is given below: -

Step 1: The first step is to go to the MSME Aadhar verification official website for verification

Step 2: Enter your 12-digit UAM number

Step 3: Enter the valid ‘verification code’ as given in the captcha image

Step 4: Click on the ‘verify’ button

Step 5: The Udyog Aadhar certificate online verification will be done

What are the Udyam Registration Benefits?

The Ministry gives several benefits for the growth and ease of business for MSMEs. MSME Registration Fees are free of charge. The significant benefits provided under registration under Udyam are as follows:

1. Loans without collaterals

2. Facility of Overdraft with an exemption of Interest rate

3. Subsidy on Patent Registration & Industrial Promotion

4. Concession on Electricity 

5. Exemption on direct tax laws

6. Registration under Udyam helps in getting government tenders

What are MSME trademark registration fees?

The fees of a trademark application for all non-Individuals are Rs. 9000/- per application. The Government of India pursuant to Trademark Rules, 2017 has reduced the Trademark Registration fees for MSMEs by 50% to Rs. 4500/- per application. MSMEs are mandatorily required to have their MSME registration certificate.

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MSME Registration in India for micro, small and medium enterprises to boost and facilitate growth in India. MSME registration fees are zero. You just need an Aadhar number for registration. The new definition of MSME registration under Udyam is introduced by the Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). You can file one Udyam registration even when you are carrying out many manufacturing or service-related activities. In this article, we have understood the MSME with the process of registration and verification.