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Udyam Registration is an online registration on the official website for micro, small and medium enterprises. In July 2020, the Ministry of MSME changed the process and name of MSME Udyog Aadhar registration to Udyam registration.

The Union Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises introduced a new method of registration and categorizing MSMEs. It is known by the name of Udyam registration. It allows existing and new businesses to sign up themselves through the MSME portal. 

Eligibility For

Earlier enterprises starting a new business and applying for MSME registration had to undergo a lot of paperwork and time-consuming processes. They also had to visit the government offices for registration. 

They can visit the website udyam and can register their enterprises through the portal of Udyam registration.

The eligible enterprises should qualify for Udyam registration Online should be in the manufacturing or service sector or both. The business carrying out the buy, sell, import, or export of goods are not eligible for Udyam registration.

It is important to note that the eligibility criteria for should be met as micro, small, medium enterprises for the MSME registration.

This is an overview of the types of enterprises that are eligible for Udyam registration is given as:

Classification Investment In Plant, Equipment Turnover
Microenterprise Up to Rs. 1 crore Maximum Rs. 5 crores
Small Enterprise Up to Rs. 10 crores Maximum Rs. 50 crores
Medium enterprise Up to Rs. 50 crores Maximum Rs. 250 crores

What are the types of MSME registration for businesses?

The Udyam registration is done through the website and can register their enterprises.

The MSME industry can be classified into two types based on the activities are:

1. Manufacturing enterprises

Those enterprises involved in producing or manufacturing an item for other companies or end-use can be included under this sector. 

2. Service enterprises

These enterprises possess special skills and conduct their business. They may invest in small machinery.

How To Apply For Udyam Registration?

The application process for Udyam registration is simple and easier to understand. The system has been redesigned. It takes less time in comparison to the previous method that has been abandoned. The government has also given several benefits for the registered enterprises to boost the economy and become a self-reliant country. 

The key feature of MSME registration is free of charge and that means no cost will be charged as an amount for the issuance of registration certificates. Since the process is made efficient by the Government of India, let’s now look at the easy step-by-step procedure to register under Udyam:

Step 1: Visit the official website –

First, going for online Udyam registration, you will have to visit the official government website for Udyam Registration. Click on the next button for entrepreneurs who are new and not yet registered with Micro, Small Medium enterprises. 

Step 2. Enter your details

At first, the user is required to enter their name as well as their twelve-digit Aadhaar number. After that, you can click "Validate & Generate OTP." Then, you will receive a second OTP to the mobile number associated with the Aadhar. Enter this OTP.

A Special Note For all companies, when you apply for Udyam registration, At you can forward the steps of the process with an Aadhar number is mandatory for Udyam registration of the owner, if the latter is the owner of a proprietorship company or the partner managing the business if it's a partnership company and the Karta in the case of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or the signatory authorized when it's a Limited Liability Partnership, or a Society, Company and a Trust or Cooperative Society.

Step 3: Verification of PAN

It is necessary to select the type of firm before entering the PAN number, then click the confirm button. The validation of the PAN is necessary.

The process for registration is done on In all companies, the Aadhar number of existing enterprises along with the signature and PAN number is required for the Udyam registration. If they own a proprietorship company and the partner managing the firm in the case of a firm or the Karta in the case of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or the signatory authorized in the case of a Limited Liability Partnership, Society, Company, and a Trust.

Step 4: Add the Details of the Correspondence.

When you enter the details in, then you need to enter the full postal address of your enterprise. Additionally, information regarding the pin code of the state where the micro small and medium enterprises are located, email address, and mobile number on udyam

Step 5: Enter your bank details

You will need to enter the company's bank account number that is in use along with an IFSC code of the branch at which the account was opened. If the given account is not registered with the IFSC code of your branch, you can also search in the passbook of the bank or can also go on its website.

Step 6: Details of the Enterprise

One must mention the primary activity of their company, which includes "manufacturing" or "services". It is mandatory to provide the name of all people employed by the National Industry Classification Code (NIC) for the specific activities of micro small medium enterprises. The Udyam registration process is to be carried out on udyam

After filling in these details the next step that is needed is to input the entire amount of cash (in lakhs) that was invested into the machine or plant.

Step 7. Select the DIC or District Industry Center and approve the Declaration

In the final stage of the application procedure, applicants must select the district or DIC industry center in the drop-down menu. You must then agree to these terms of service of the application and then click "Submit" and click the "Submit and Get final OTP" button.

Enter the OTP that was sent to a registered number then click “Final Submit". When you click the 'Submit and Receive Final OTP' option, you will receive a registration number. 

Once all information has been thoroughly verified by the relevant authorities, the user will receive an electronic registration certificate udyam that is sent to the registered email ID. is the foremost platform for MSME Registration India. So Connect With us now & gain benefits of it.