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Process on MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal

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MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal is maintained by the Ministry of Micro, small and medium Enterprises. It is an official portal for online registration of MSME under Udyam. On, 1st July 2020 the government introduced a new version of Udyog Aadhar registration.

The new definition for MSME was given for ease of doing business and growth of small-sized businesses in India. The eligible enterprises must obtain registration under Udyam to avail themselves of the benefits of various schemes provided by the government of India.

The main feature of registration under Udyam includes zero cost and no fees will be charged as an amount for the issuance of the registration certificate. 

Who can register on MSME Udyam Registration web-portal?

Registration under Udyam on a portal under the Government of India and the Government’s single window systems authorized to do MSME registration or undertake activities related to the process.

All existing enterprises registered under EM-Part II (Entrepreneurs Memorandum) or UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Portal) shall have to register again on the registration portal of Udyam on or after 1st July 2020.

An enterprise shall be classified as a Micro, small and medium Enterprise on the basis of the following criteria given as:

  • A Microenterprise, where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment is a maximum of one crore rupees and turnover is a maximum of five crore rupees;
  • On MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal, A small enterprise, where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not exceed ten crore rupees and turnover does not exceed fifty crore rupees; and
  • A medium enterprise, where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment is a maximum of fifty crore rupees and turnover is a maximum of two hundred and fifty crore rupees.

Who can apply for Udyam Registration?

The following entities are eligible for MSME registration on MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal:

  • Individuals, start-ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
  • Public and private limited companies
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership firm
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Co-operative societies
  • Trusts

All the manufacturing, service, wholesale, and retail industries that satisfy the revised MSME classification criteria of annual turnover and investment can apply for registration of Udyam. Therefore, the registration eligibility of an enterprise depends on the annual turnover and investment of the enterprise.

What are the steps for the MSME registration process for private limited company?

Now you know how to categorize different businesses according to their nature of business and investments, the next step is to know how to register a business as an MSME. The registration requires a few documents, personal details, details about the entrepreneur and much more. We will be discussing the process of MSME Registration for Private Limited Company as follows:

1. Visit the MSME Udyam registration web-portal

2. Click on the option ‘For new entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME’.

3. Enter the ‘Aadhar number’, and ‘Name of entrepreneur’ and click on the ‘Validate & generate OTP’ option.

4. The OTP will be received by the entrepreneur on his mobile number which is also linked with the Aadhar card. Then, you can enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number and click on ‘Validate’ button.

5. Once the Aadhar is validated, the PAN verification page will appear. Enter the ‘Type of organization’, and ‘PAN’ numbers and click on the ‘Validate’ button.

6. The next step is to enter the details such as the Name of the enterprise, Address of the enterprise, mobile number, bank details, the NIC code, activity performed, and the number of persons employed on the MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal.

7. Enter the details of investment in plant and machinery, select the declaration, and click on the ‘Submit and Get final OTP’.

8. The final step is to enter the OTP and submit the form.

The registration of Udyam is also known as Udyam Aadhar Registration.

How to make MSME Udyam Certificate download?

The Udyam certificate is received on the e-mail ID of the applicant. You can also MSME certificate download on the official registration portal. The Udyam certificate download can be completed once the registration process is done. You can make the download by following the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the MSME Udyam registration web-portal

Step 2: Click on the ‘Print/verify’ button shown on the computer screen and then select the ‘Print certificate’ button.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Registration No. of Udyam’

Step 4: You can choose the OTP from the option of either Mobile /e-mail ID for sending the OTP.

Step 5: In the next step, you must click on the ‘Validate & Generate OTP’ option.

Step 6: In the next step, you shall enter the OTP sent on the registered e-mail ID /phone no. and after entering the OTP, click on the ‘Validate OTP and login’ button on the device.

Step 7: After login, download the registration certificate of udyam.

You can also take an MSME Print Certificate on MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal by following the same procedure as discussed above.

What is the process of MSME Aadhar verification?

Udyam verification is performed to verify if the person is an authorized member of Udyam or not. This process of MSME verify is given below: -

Step 1: Visit the Udyam login

Step 2: Enter your registration number for Udyam.

Step 3: Enter the One-Time Password. The OTP is sent to your registered mobile number linked with your Aadhar card. The OTP is case-sensitive.

Step 4: For Verify MSME Certificate Enter the CAPTCHA provided on the page. The numbers and letters are case-sensitive.

Step 5: Select the ‘verify’ option on MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal and then enter the CAPTCHA as given on the PC along with the OTP.

What is the process of MSME Certificate renewal?

For the entrepreneurs, who already have UAM registration, the following are step-to-step processes to migrate having MSME Certificate to Udyam or re-register are given below: -

Step 1: The first step is to click on the “For those having registration as UAM” or “Through assisted filing for those already having registration in UAM”

Step 2: Enter the Udyog Aadhar number and select the OTP option.

Step 3: Choose the options to get OTP on mobile or email as filled UAM.

Step 4: After choosing the OTP options, click on ‘Validate and Generate OTP’

Step 5: After entering OTP, registration details are to be filled in on the MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal.

The MSME Certificate renewal to the registration of Udyam is completed.

What are MSME trademark registration fees?

The Government of India pursuant to Trademark Rules, 2017 has reduced the Trademark Registration fees for MSMEs by 50% to Rs. 4500/- per application. MSMEs are compulsorily required to obtain their Udyam registration certificate. The registration process is quick and easy that only requires fewer documents as mentioned below. The required documents for Registration of Trademark for MSME are as follows: -

1. Copy of Logo (if any)

2. Proof of registered business address

3. Registration certificate of Udyam

4. Certificate of Incorporation or partnership deed in case of an unregistered Partnership firm. MSME Udyam Registration Web-Portal is an official portal for registering your MSMEs.


Registration of Udyam is a simple process held on the official registration portal of Udyam. The website provides many services to the members of Udyam. You can also amend, update and check the validity of your registration of Udyam. The dynamic QR code which is given on the certificate helps in quick access to the details about the enterprise. The other facilities are the download, printing and verifying of the Udyam certificate. is the foremost platform for MSME Registration India. So Connect With us now & gain benefits of it.