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Online Udyam Registration Benefits under MSME Registration

Benefits Udyam Registration

Online Udyam Registration benefits for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are variously provided by the government of India. The registration under Udyam gives several benefits to the enterprises registered as MSMEs for ease of doing business in India. 

It has been launched as a permanent registration for MSMEs. It allows small, existing, and new businesses to sign up themselves through the online Udyam registration portal.

Registration in Udyam is based on self-declaration with an Aadhar card.  A certificate shall be issued at the time of completion of the registration process. In this article, we will be discussing the registration procedure along with downloading and printing the Udyam registration certificate.

What are the Online Udyam Registration Benefits?

The MSME Ministry gives various benefits for boosting the growth of MSMEs, and businesses with registration under Udyam can be benefited from the same. Registration under Udyam is free-of-cost for filing under Udyam as MSMEs. 

The user can just register with an Aadhar card and PAN required for Self- declaration. The various benefits given under Udyam registration are given below:

1. Loans without collaterals –

The government of India has launched many schemes for small-sized businesses by allowing credit without collateral.

This is one of the most significant benefits to enterprises as it provides a collateral-free loan approved under the name of The Credit Guarantee Trust fund scheme by the Government of India, Online Udyam Registration benefits also include the Small Industries Development Bank, and the Ministry of MSMEs.

2. Overdraft facility along with the exemption of Interest rate–

The companies registered as Udyam are liable to the Credit Guarantee Trust fund scheme to avail of an overdraft benefit.

3. Subsidy on Industrial Promotion & Registration of Patents -

The enterprises registered as Udyam are liable to a subsidy for the registration of patents and industrial promotion.

4. Concession on Electricity –

Small businesses under the Udyam Portal can obtain a concession on the electricity bill.

5. Benefits under Udyam are also exemptions on direct tax laws

6. The licenses, Approvals, and Registrations are quietly easy to get.

7. Online Udyam Registration benefits give government tenders easily.

8. The registered MSMEs can also participate in international trade fairs.

There are some other benefits under registration in Udyam.

How to Apply for MSME Registration Online?

Registration for MSME online is given in two categories as follows: -

1. For New entrepreneurs who are not yet registered as MSME or those with EM-II,

2. For having registration of UAM through assisted filing

After completion of the registration process, you can MSME Certificate Download from the portal.

Who can apply for MSME registration?

All manufacturing, services industries, wholesale, and retail trade that fulfill the revised MSME classification of annual turnover and investment can apply for MSME registration. Online Udyam Registration benefits are available for all the registered MSMEs.

The following list of entities is eligible for MSME registration:

1. Individuals & start-ups

2. MSME registration for private limited companies & Public limited company

3. Sole proprietorship

4. Partnership firm

5. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

6. Trusts

7. Co-operative society

What is the Process of Udyam Registration Online?

Registration of Udyam is based on self-declaration with an Aadhar number, PAN card, bank account details, and GSTIN (if applicable). The udyam registration process is given in the following steps:

1. Visit the MSME udyam registration web-portal

2. Click on the option ‘For new entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME’. Online Udyam Registration benefits are available to the registered MSMEs.

3. Enter the ‘Aadhar number’, and ‘Name of entrepreneur’ and click on the ‘Validate & generate OTP’ option. You can also download Udyam Registration Certificate after completing the registration process.

4. OTP will be sent to the entrepreneur’s mobile number linked with the Aadhar. You can enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile and then click on ‘Validate’.

5. Once the Aadhar is validated, the PAN verification page will appear. Enter the ‘Type of organization’, and ‘PAN’ numbers and click on the ‘Validate’ button.

6. Enter the details such as the Name of the enterprise, Address of the enterprise, mobile number, bank details, the NIC code, activity performed, and the number of persons employed. Online Udyam Registration benefits are available after the registration of MSMEs.

7. Enter the details of investment in plant and machinery, select the declaration, and click on the ‘Submit and Get final OTP’.

8. Enter the OTP and submit the form. You will receive the certificate and download Udyam Registration Certificate from the e-mail ID.

The registration of Udyam is also known as Udyam Aadhar Registration.

What is the Process to Download Udyam Certificate?

The Udyam certificate is sent to the registered email ID of the user. You can also download the udyam certificate on the official registration portal. The udyam certificate download can be done after the completion of the registration process. Online Udyam Registration benefits can be availed after receiving the registration certificate. You can make the MSME udyam certificate download by following the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the Udyam login

Step 2: First click on the ‘Print/verify’ option on the screen and then select the ‘Print certificate’ option for Udyam download.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Registration No. of Udyam’

Step 4: You can choose the OTP option from the Mobile number/email ID for receiving the OTP.

Step 5: Then you shall Click on the ‘Validate & Generate OTP’ option on the screen to download Udyam Registration Certificate.

Step 6: In the next step, you shall enter the OTP sent on the registered e-mail ID /phone no. and then click on the option ‘Validate OTP and login’ on the screen. Online Udyam Registration benefits are available after the registration certificate is issued.

Step 7: After login, the Aadhar Udyam certificate download.

What are the Steps to Print Udyam Registration Certificate?

You can take an Udyam certificate print with help of the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the 

Step 2: The next step is to click on the option ‘Print/verify’ and then select the ‘udyam print certificate’ to print the certificate.

Step 3: Now Enter the ‘Registration number of Udyam’

Step 4: From the Mobile number or email ID option, you can choose anyone for receiving OTP.

Step 5: Click ‘Validate & Generate OTP’

Step 6: The next step is to enter the OTP received and then click on the ‘Validate OTP & login’ option shown on the screen. Online Udyam Registration benefits are available after the registration certificate is issued.

Step 7: When you log in to the portal, you can udyam registration certificate print.


The benefits of Udyam Registration in India for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are numerous given by the Government schemes for MSMEs. The registration of Udyam is launched by the Micro, small and medium enterprises to boost the growth of MSMEs in India. It is zero-cost, with no fees, and free-of-cost registration which only requires your Aadhar number. It is based on self-declaration and you shall file one registration of Udyam even if you are carrying out multiple manufacturing or service-related activities. In this article, we have understood the Online Udyam Registration benefits with the process of registration. is the foremost platform for MSME Registration India. So Connect With us now & gain benefits of it.