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Significant Aspects of Udyam Registration Benefits

udyam registration benefits

Udyam Registration Benefits in India for micro, small and medium enterprises. The registration provides numerous benefits to the MSMEs and ease of doing business in India has been introduced by permanent registration for MSMEs. It allows small, existing, and new businesses to sign up themselves through the Udyam portal.

Registration in Udyam is based on self-declaration with no requirement to upload certificates, papers, documents, or any kind of proof. A certificate shall be issued once the registration process is completed.

After the registration is completed, an enterprise will be assigned a permanent identification number to be known as the ‘Registration Number of Udyam’.

What are the Udyam Registration Benefits?

The ministry of MSMEs provides various benefits for the growth of MSMEs, and companies with registration under Udyam can also be benefited from the same.

The Udyam registration zero cost for filing under Udyam as MSMEs. The applicant can only register themselves with an Aadhar number and PAN for Self- declaration. The significant benefits provided under registration under Udyam are as follows:

1. Loans without collaterals –

The government of India has introduced various schemes and reforms to small-sized enterprises by allowing credit without collateral to be used. This is one of the most significant Udyam Registration Benefits to enterprises as it provides a collateral-free loan approved under the name of The Credit Guarantee Trust fund scheme by the Government of India, the Small Industries Development Bank, and the Ministry of MSMEs.

2. Overdraft facility with the exemption of Interest rate–

The enterprises registered as Udyam under the MSMEs Ministry are liable as part of the Credit Guarantee Trust Fund Scheme to obtain an overdraft benefit.

3. Subsidy on Patent Registration & Industrial Promotion –

The enterprises registered as Udyam under the MSMEs Ministry receive a strong subsidy for patent registration and industrial promotion.

4. Concession on Electricity –

Small businesses in Udyam registration benefits under the Udyam Portal can obtain an Electricity bill concession.

5. Exemption on direct tax laws

6. Ease of obtaining licenses, Approvals, and Registrations.

7. Registration under Udyam helps in getting government tenders

8. The registered users can participate in international trade fairs.

There are other benefits under registration in Udyam for MSMEs.

What is the Process of Udyam Registration Online?

The step-to-step process to register under Udyam is as follows:

Step 1. Visit the UdyamRegistration.Gov.In

Click on the button for entrepreneurs who are new and not yet registered with Micro, Small, and medium enterprises.

Step 2. Enter your details

Enter the name and your Aadhar number, then click "Validate & Generate OTP." You will receive an OTP to the mobile number associated with the Aadhar. Enter this OTP to have Udyam registration benefits.

Step 3. Verification of PAN

It is compulsory to select the type of firm/business before entering the PAN number.

Step 4: Add the Details of the enterprise address.

Enter the full postal address of your enterprise along with the pin code, state, email address, and mobile number.

Step 5: Enter your bank details

You will have to give the company's bank account number that is in use along with an IFSC code of the branch at which the account was opened.

Step 6: Details of the Enterprise

Mention the primary activity of the enterprise, either ‘manufacturing’ or ‘services.’ Provide the name of all people employed. Provide the NIC for the activities undertaken by MSME. You will get various Udyam registration benefits. You also need to enter the entire amount that was invested into the machine or plant.

Step 7. Select the District Industry Centre (DIC) and approve the declaration

Enter the OTP which was sent to a registered mobile number then click “Final Submit". When you click the 'Submit and Get Final OTP' option, you will receive a registration number. 

Once all information has been thoroughly verified by the relevant authorities, the user will receive a registration certificate that is sent to the registered e-mail ID.

What is Udyam Registration Certificate?

Udyam certificate is an electronic certificate with a nineteen-digit unique identification number (i.e., in form UDYAM-XX-00-0000000) given by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and medium enterprises. 

You will get various Udyam registration benefits after the registration. The registration certificate has a QR code through which the web page of the MSME can be accessed through the Udyam portal facilitating ease of business.

The Udyam certificate registration is valid till the existence of the enterprise. Thus, there is no need for renewal. An enterprise cannot apply for more than one registration under Udyam. All the activities will be covered in the registration certificate.

What is Udyam registration status?

The Registration Status of Udyam can be checked online at the official udyam portal. It is an easy process through which you can verify your Udyam status. You will get various Udyam registration benefits after the registration is completed. You can also verify your Udyam status and print your Certificate.

What is the process of Udyam Registration Verification?

Udyam verification is used to verify that the applicant is an authorized member of Udyam MSME. Online verification is carried out by anyone who wishes to start a micro, small, or medium enterprise. This process of verification is as follows: -

Step 1: Visit the Udyam registration portal

Step 2: Enter your 19-digit Udyam number for Registration Certificate Verification of your business.

Step 3: Enter the OTP received on your given mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the CAPTCHA provided on the page.

Step 5: Select ‘verify’ and enter the CAPTCHA code with the OTP received by you. You will get various Udyam registration benefits. You will see the validity of the Certificate of Udyam on your screen.

The same process is performed while going for Udyam Certificate Verification.

What are the steps to Print Udyam Certificate?

Once the Entrepreneurs have completed the registration process. The registration number is assigned to the enterprise. The certificate is also received on the email ID. However, you can take a printout of the Registration certificate by following the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the Udyamregistration.Gov.In Print

Step 2: Click the ‘Print/verify’ button and select the ‘Print certificate’.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Registration number of Udyam

Step 4: Choose the option on which you want to receive OTP i.e., Mobile number or email ID.

Step 5: Click on the option ‘Validate and Generate OTP’.

Step 6: Enter the OTP and then click on the ‘Validate OTP and login’.

Step 7: After login, Udyam Registration Print the certificate.

What is the process to download Udyam Registration Certificate?

Once the registration is completed, you will get various Udyam registration benefitsYou can also download the certificate of registration by following the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the Udyam portal

Step 2: Click on the ‘Print/verify’ option and then select the ‘Print certificate’ option.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Registration Number Udyam.’

Step 4: Choose the option on which you want to receive OTP i.e., Mobile number or email ID.

Step 5: Click on the option ‘Validate and Generate OTP’.

Step 6: Enter the OTP received on the mobile/email and then click on the ‘Validate OTP and login’.

Step 7: After login, Udyam certificate download.

The Udyam number is also used for the Udyam Certificate Download Pdf format.

Bring To The Closure….

Udyam Registration Benefits in India for micro, small and medium enterprises are numerous given by the Government schemes for MSMEs. The registration under Udyam is introduced by the Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to boost and determine MSME growth in India. It is zero-cost, and you only need your Aadhar number for registration. 

You must file one registration of Udyam even if you are carrying out multiple manufacturing or service-related activities. In this article, we have understood the registration benefits for Udyam with the process of registration and verification. The process of printing and downloading the certificate.


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