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Application for Bonafide Certificate 2023- Know More About It

Application for Bonafide Certificate

While applying, you need to write an Application for Bonafide Certificate for employee or students. The document Bonafide is something that is needed by the students or employees from the organization, to get themselves verify that a distinct person has an association with the institution or organization.

Generally, educational institute issues this certificate to their students. Organizations, companies, and firms also issue this to their employees. To get the certificate issued from the concerned entity you need to draft the application.

The certificate has got its significance, for various purposes, because whenever there is a need to show your association with a particular entity, this is the certificate that is asked for.

What is Bonafide Certificate Meaning?

Before we get into the application letter for the certificate Bonafide, we need to know the term.  The Bonafide Certificate proves your connection with the organization/school /college /university. The certificate verifies you as a member of the group, your association with the organization can be as a student or as an employee.

Some occasions get created in our lives where are required to show the certificate, which can prove that we are members of a particular entity, during a particular time.

To Whom the application for Bonafide Certificate is issued?

The application for issuing bonafide certificate is made by addressing the head of the institution/organization or entity and in the case of the school, the principal is the addressee in the application.

Some institution or organization have their own prescribed Bonafide certificate application format for framing the application. In the case where there is no format of the application of the institution. The certificate bonafide application for college student or employee needs to write the application in the form of a letter.

In the present article, we are focusing on the bonafide certificate format for employee applications for considering the Bonafide certificate pdf.

Let’s have a Glance first at the content of the application letter for Bonafide Certificate 2022.

  • Like any normal application, here also you need to address the head of the dept or institution from whom you are asking for the certificate.
  • After that mention the date on which you’re sending the application to the organization/institution /school.
  • Subject of the application letter – make it precise and clear.
  • After addressing the entity, describe yourself with a few details, like name, class, enrolment no, and address of your, so that your identity becomes identifiable to the institution.
  • Greeting the person like respected Sir or Madam
  • Start the body of the letter after the greeting and make a clear description of your association with the concerned institution/school and your essential personal details required in the certificate itself. Do not forget to add the purpose for which you need the certificate.

Generally, the application of Bonafide certificate includes the name of the school or institution of the student or employee who so ever is applying for the certificate accordingly, then the date of joining, entrance or enrolment number issued, the status of the student or employee, etc.

The important detail regarding meaning of bonafide student in a matter of employee would be his /her position in the company and other essential details which make his association with the company knowable. In case the date of birth is also given on the certificate.

The application will contain all the content just like legal drafting format that you require for your certificate of Bonafide. The content of the application so some extent may vary according to the needs and requirements of the person and the purpose for which he/she is making the application for Bonafide certificate.

Now let’s get into the format of the application for Bonafide Certificate –

Bonafide certificate application for School

The holder of the certificate is taken as the verified student at the school who has issued him the certificate.  The certificate verifies your enrolment year and the year on which you are going to pass out from the school.

The authentic document features the information related to the student on it such as Name, roll number, and course completion details. There arise some less frequent occasions where you need this document for example –An application letter for Bonafide certificate from school for a bank account.

Format of application for school

Example of how to write the application for Bonafide certificate from school by the student.


The principal

Name of the School

Address, Location of the School

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate for opening bank account

Respected Sir /Ma’am

I want to say that my name is -----------and student at your school in class --------- my enrolments number is ----------and bearing class roll number ----------. I joined your school on ---------Year.

By this application letter hereby Request from you the certificate of Bonafide for the reason I need to open my bank account with -------bank for availing benefits allowed to the students.

So kindly issue me the certificate so that I can prove myself as school student at your school. I will be highly thankful to you for your act of kindness.

Yours sincerely


Student of XYZ Class

Thank you ….

Certificate form School by Parents


The principal

ABC School


Dated: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir /Ma’am

My daughter XYZ is a student at your school since --------. And currently, she is studying at---------standard.  She is bearing the enrolment number-----------. And her class roll number is-------------.

We are going Aboard for some personal reasons, and  I had applied for a passport, then the fact of getting a Bonafide certificate for my daughter came to my knowledge. I humbly request you to issue the certificate Bonafide.

Yours faithfully


Thanking you.

How To Write Application For Bonafide Certificate From College?

The colleges also issue the Bonafide certificate to their student for a variety of purposes, here we are taking the example of an application for Bonafide certificate for an internship and a Bonafide certificate for Scholarship application.

So, let’s get into the Bonafide certificate application format


Certificate application for Bonafide for college

Name of the applicant

Enrolment number

Name of the Couse

Roll no and section

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: application for obtaining Bonafide certificate for internship


The principal,

Name of the college

Address with the location.

Respected Sir /madam

I want to bring to your kind notice that I am a student of your college of ----------stream and --------course. It’s my final year of the program for which I had opted. As our curriculum requires that in the final year we, students must do internships.  

The organization that I contacted for an internship is asking for a Bonafide certificate. Therefore, I urge you to issue me the certificate so that I can join the internship.

I will be highly thankful to you for your act of kindness.

You’re obediently

Application for Bonafide certificate for Scholarship


The Head of the Department


Address of the College

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: letter of application for issuance of Bonafide certificate for Scholarship.

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I am a student at your college. My enrolment number for batch ---------- is -----------. I have enrolled myself for ----------course. Presently I am reading in ---------semester.

I want, to let you know that, in last year’s inter-college competition, I presented my college. The fact that the winner of the competition will be rewarded by the college with a Scholarship from the state government came to my knowledge, since we had won that competition, make me eligible for the scholarship.

Therefore, to bonafide certificate online apply for the same, I need the certificate Bonafide from the college under your signature. So hereby I am requesting you to issue me one.

I will be highly thankful to you.

Yours sincerely


Now let’s take an example of the Bonafide certificate for employee

If the certificate is to be issued to the employees of the organizations then, it must contain all the necessary information about the employee. Such as his contact details, and the job profiling position that he occupies at the institution /organization.

The documents that you need –

  • Payslip copy
  • Employee ID card
  • Date of birth (in some cases)


Application for Bonafide Certificate for employee



The Head of the department

Name of the dept

Address of the company


Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Letter for obtaining certificate Bonafide.

Respect sir/madam

I am an employee of your organization of yours since---------- under the identity enrolment --------. In the --------dept headed by you.

The Bonafide certificate is required to form the company for applying for a loan from ---------a banking institution.

I will be grateful for this act.

Yours sincerely


Thanking you

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