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Benefits of E Shram Card Registration Online

e shram card registration

What is E Shram Card? This question might strike your brain when you heard of E Shram Card Registration Online. Here we are going to tell you about the whole concept behind the E Shram Card. In India, the government had and has been launching many welfares and social security Schemes, for people working for the growth of the country.

These schemes are well within the reach of the people who are working in the Organized sector, the problem that the government face is in forwarding the benefits to the people working in the informal sector of the country.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, the government launched a portal named e shram where shramik card registration can be done.  There is no need to stand in long queues in front of government offices, what you need to do is just visit the official website marinated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment for E shram card registration online.

Now, let’s get to the term, E shram Card.

During the Pandemic, the people of the informal sector are affected badly. The main reason behind this was that there are no laws, Rules, and Regulations which govern the people working in that sector.

In order to collect data on the overall population of the country working under this sector, the government launched the E shram card registration online portal. 

Whenever the E shram registration online is completely done, and your application for labour card apply online are proceeded the submission of the from then you will be delivered the card which will be called an E shram card or E shramik card and English language, it is known as UAN, the extended full of this term is Universal Account Number.

This is embarked on the E card issued to you. The Number contains 12 digits, which is uniquely assigned to each person who got his /her registration for having the benefits of an E shram card. 

The Card is issued to the persons who are engaged in the unorganized sector, this will be the permanent number which means once assigned, it will remain unchanged for the worker’s lifetime.

Any person can have his or her self registration E shram card done by simply visiting the government's official website, which is

You just must do e shram gov in login. when you reach the application form of E Shram Card Registration Online, you need to provide your details of yours, the occupation you are carrying, so that your category can be fixed, your saving bank account number which is linked with the Aadhar number, your mobile number which again must be linked with the Aadhar number. 

We can put it like this in simple terms E shram card means digital data of shramik of the unorganized sector which is electronically registered on the special portal of the government of India.

In brief, we can say that any person can do his or her E shram card registration online by feeding the webpage of a computer screen with the name, mobile number, and bank account details of any person who is eligible to get him/herself registered.  

The eligibility criteria include an age limit between 16 to 59 years and the condition that they must work in the informal sector.

What are the benefits of E shram card registration online up with you?

To help people to get into the mainstream for availing the benefits of social welfare and social security schemes. The main idea behind the e shram card gov in registration is the financial inclusion of the persons working in the unorganized sectors. 

This is done for improving the access to financial resources and for developing the reasoning for saving among people of lower socioeconomic classes.

The main advantages of E shram card registration online are as follows –

  • The most dominant use of shram card online registration is far more than, what you know, let’s have a glance at the benefits of e shram card, the first benefit which most of us already know is that it will give the sum of Rs 3000 minimum when you will turn off 60 years.
  • If some accident or misfortune happens then, you will be entirely covered.
  • The available benefits will be transferred to the wife of the recipients, in case of the accidental death of the worker.
  • The person who is holding the card will be qualified to get himself or herself enrolled in the government programs which are designed for the benefit of employees if you are having your E Shram card registration online.
  • Under the PMSBY scheme, the individual having the eshram card online, will get the accidental Insurance cover of Rs two Lacs.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, if the worker dies in an accident or if had become completely disabled in that case he will be given the sum of Rs two lakh and in case of partial disability, the amount will be worth Rs one lakh.
  • In case of an accident, the beneficiary of the scheme will get insurance worth Rs 50,000.
  • The worker who got his E shram card registration online has to contribute through their E Shramik card and the sum of the same amount will be deposited by the government of India.

If any individual is having an E shram card then he or she can avail the benefits of all the government schemes run for either health purposes or any other.

We, hold the opinion that the e- shram checklist holds many advantageous proposals which can bring the people of the unorganized sector with the people working in the organized sector in terms of social welfare schemes run by the government of India.

E Shram Card self-registration online –

  • First visit the website officially made for, registration of the E shram Card.
  • When you reach the homepage you will be given the options, if have got your registration done then hit the button.
  • On hinting the button, you will get the option to update your profile.
  • Then, you must put your Aadhar-linked mobile number
  • OTP will be sent to your mobile number, after entering the OTP and Captcha code.
  • After the verification, your profile will get opened
  • Now you can update for E Shram Card Registration Online, your shram card profile
  • After updating, you must apply, you will get your card when the application has proceeded completely.

How to register yourself for the E shram card online by mobile phone –

  • Go to search Brower, make a query for the official website of E shram
  • Check the home page of the website, and go for the  eshram card self-registration online there
  • Enter your mobile number linked with the Aadhar number
  • Fill up the Captcha code on your screen
  • Click on the information that is asked from you, such as whether you have EPFO or ESIC, etc., in yes or no.
  • Fill in the details in the application form
  • Upload the document required for eshram card registration online
  • Click on the submit button and take the print of the application along with you.
  • You will get your E shram card after the application has proceeded.


E Shram Card Registration Online awareness among the masses, about the beneficial Schemes, is the key to their success of them. The execution of the governmental Schemes depends upon the mechanism used for them, to bring transparency these days the government is focusing on the use of the internet and its related technology so that, evil corrupt practices can be crab at the initial stage. 

The portal of the E shram is launched to have data about the people working in the organized sector so that the government can fulfill their essential requirements.