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Benefits of Bonafide Format PDF Certificate

Benefits of Bonafide Format PDF Certificate

Every Institution and Organization has its bonafide format PDF which can be downloaded by the Student of the institution and employee of that particular organization. This bonafide certificate gives an identity to the student and employee as a part of that particular institution or organization. This bonafide certificate form will become very much useful in various cases.

Such as, attaching this certificate to identify as a student or employee for various documentation, like attaching bonafide for the Loan procedure, for traveling pass for students, etc. 

If any institute or Organization doesn’t have PDF format, then employees and students of that organization or Institution need to write it on paper. This is very essential and The bonafide format PDF gives a lot of benefits.

A student seeking to obtain permits issued by public transport companies such as city buses, local trains, and the Metro may need to provide this certificate while invoking concessions. A document may also be required while seeking a bonafide certificate for a passport. Corporations can tie up with companies to generate additional income.

For example, a business may have a tie-up with a taxi service to offer discounts to their employees. Employees can confirm their eligibility with the help of this certificate.

Uses of Bonafide Format PDF

If anyone enrolled for higher education in colleges and universities or also for any legal documentation works, then often he/she will get a bonafide certificate. For that matter this is a very essential document that is authorized by the organization.

For employees, this certificate is useful for the identification of that employee and any legal purpose or loan documentation. Applicants know where it will be useful for them.

Before going into the details of the form of application for a bonafide certificate, it is important to state the purposes for which it is generally used. 

Further, it is also important to clarify what it looks like so that applicants know where this bonafide format PDF certificate is required and where it is not, especially because of the burden of official documents.

The right given to educational institutions and employers to bonafide certification for staff and students is a very powerful one and should be exercised with great care and caution gave the times in which we live. By providing the whole people with the tools to get ahead in life.

• Travel benefits should be available

• For education loan’s from school or bank

• For permission to visit the industry for project work

• Applying to participate in seminars or workshops in other educational institutions.

• To join a public library abroad.

• To open a bank account abroad.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

Firstly, apply to the head of the institution/organization from which you want this certificate. Although the application requirements for a bonafide format PDF certificate may vary depending on the purpose, some places already have a particular format and in cases where there is no application, the individual is usually asked to write a letter instead.

Bonafide Student Application Online

A bonafide student meaning is a person enrolled in a recognized school, college, or university or a student of a state-run technical college or institute for a sufficient period as well as to be considered as a full-time regular student by the institution for a particular class and subject in the educational institution. Student needs the bonafide certificate form pdf for various reason.

In that case, first of all, the student has to apply for the bonafide certificate. Students need to school bonafide certificate pdf download from the website of that institution and fill it out to submit. 

Otherwise, if that institution doesn’t has the bonafide format PDF form then they can apply through writing on the paper also.

This application needs to be the head of the department of that institution. As amended by Section 102(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, a bona fide student may also be a student of an off-campus college work-study course or academic program at an affiliated institution of higher education. Moreover, a bona fide student may also be less than a full-time student if working as a full-time employee at an accredited institution.

Required Document for Application:

  • Photocopy of your ID Card
  • Application Form
  • Fee Receipt

Bonafide Application for Employees

A certificate is issued to an employee, it should contain the prospect's contact information, job profile, and employer details. In some cases, the employee's date of birth may also be provided in the bonafide format PDF certificate based on the nature of the document and its requirements.

The documents required are as follows:

  • Copy of Pay-Slip
  • Copy of Employee Identity Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate (Optional)

We can write it or submit the bonafide certificate application in Hindi also.

Bonafide Format PDF Sample

Bonafide Certificate for Project


ABC Institute (Place)

12 July 2022

Subject: Application for bonafide certificate.

This is to certify that this bonafide project work______ in the subject of ____ has been completed by ____(Name) of Class ____ in the _____year. This project is submitted for the______ at ____.

Seal of Institution                                                                              Principal signature

Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship


ABC Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

14 March 2022

Subject: Application for bonafide certificate.

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

My son/daughter (add name) is a bonafide student of this school and he is studying in Class ____. This a request for a Bonafide Certificate for _____Scholorship (for him/her).

Thanking you,



Letter to principal for bonafide certificate


ABC Institute, Amaravati, Maharashtra.

14 June 2017

Subject: Application for bonafide certificate.

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

 I am _____ (name), studying in Class ____ at the ABC school and I require a Bonafide Certificate for _____ (reason: passport, school transfer, etc.) I kindly request you to issue me a bonafide certificate. I will be thankful to you.

Thanking You,



Information Regarding Importance of Bonafide Certificate 2022

A bonafide format PDF certificate is very valuable even if it is a simple paper. This document opens doors and allows students and staff to advance their life prospects. Making life easier for millions of people by empowering them and enabling them to apply for higher education and better jobs or loans, passports, or visa’s. In that sense, there is no other document so valuable and useful.

Thankfully, getting a bonafide certificate is a very simple and easy process that doesn't require a lot of hustle and bustle. It is hardly surprising that a bonafide certificate is so valued and valued.

A bonafide format PDF certificate describes a document issued by an educational institution that certifies that the person being referred to is a genuine student pursuing a particular course. These certificates are accepted as supporting documents while applying for scholarships, visas, etc.


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