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Obtaining Bonafide Certificate for School Students

Bonafide Certificate for School Students

Bonafide certificate for school students is made by the educational institutions for use of the students. This certificate has a vital role to play in the lives of school students. The certificate carries a value of utmost importance when some students need to prove their associations with the educational intuitions or school.

Students need to get themselves engage in various academic and other activities to get wholesome experience in various fields. During the student’s life, you need to get most of the exposure to build his personality. 

So there comes many occasions when you must prove yourself as a student at a particular school.

Purpose of Bonafide Certificate for School Students

The Bonafide certificate is a letter or says a document of formal nature. Which is issued by educational institutions to their students. The purpose of this is to prove the association of the student with the school.

Some of the important and relevant information about the students are given in the certificate. The content of the certificate varies somehow within the certificate of different intuitions and it to some extent also differs in content according to the purpose for which it is required.

The purpose of Bonafide Certificate for School Students can be –

    • To obtain admission to the new school within the city or somewhere else.
    • To get travel expenses and concession in the public transport, which are available to students.
    • While you are applying for an educational loan.
    • To get into seminars, workshops, and conferences national or international.
    • To get a visit into industries or some firm, or company for the internship purpose.
    • To obtain a scholarship from the government or some private body.

There are various circumstances under which you can get your certificate of Bonafide prepared.

What will be the Application for Bonafide certificate and its contents?

The format of the Bonafide certificate is not very complex and you need a professional drafter or writer to make it. The application letter will be a formal one. This application for a bonafide certificate for school students can be made by any person who wants the certificate.

Students can make an application for the issue of the certificate like any other application they make to the head of the school. The parent of the child can also move the application for obtaining the certificate.

Let’s have a glance at the contents of the application -

  • Address the application to the head of the school /institution /college /university.
  • Date on which the application is moved
  • Subject of application for bonafide should be clear and specific.
  • Salutation to the person’s address
  • Body of the application, in which you must provide all the relevant details about the purpose for which you need it. Make the body content simple and in understand language, be specific with the information to give, and that you want the school to be mentioned in the bonafide certificate for school students.
  • Add the statement in the application as a request for the issuance of the same.
  • Add at last your name as the submission of the application.
  • Put the signature there

What is the Bonafide Certificate Meaning?

Meaning of the Bonafide certificate is the document that is used as evidence to prove the genuine relationship between the educational institute and the person who is asking for the certificate.

This certificate is used as the authentication to prove that the person who is holding it is a member of the school /college or university. Amongst the most important document that is needed by the students is the certificate of Bonafide.

This certificate’s main motto is to certify that he /she positively belongs to the school or college which issued it. It tries to prove the association between individuals and organizations. 

A bonafide certificate for school students can not specify within a strict sense the limit in which it will be used because it can be put into use under various circumstances.

What is Bonafide Certificate Letter?

A bonafide certificate application letter is nothing but a simple written document that addresses the person who holds the office in the capacity of head of the school or college. When some person who is in need writes the formal application to the authority for a Bonafide letter making the purpose for obtaining it clear in the application.

School bonafide certificate is used by the students to avail some of the benefits which are specially made for student class and in some other situations to get admission or entry into some educational or academic institutions or for some other purpose. 

A bonafide certificate for school students is a good piece of evidence to show that students are members of the school who had issued the certificate letter to them.  

A bonafide student certificate is made by the school for their people.

What is a Bonafide Certificate Format?

The bonafide certificate uses a very basic format. It contains the relevant information which is to be mentioned in the certificate about the person and important details concerning the matter for which it is required. Meaning thereby certificate carry’s the information that is needed for the purpose.

The certificate format is like any other certificate used for other purposes. Here below, we are putting some of the bonafide certificate for school students.

Bonafide Certificate


This is to certify that Mr /Miss ----------------- son and daughter of Mr. /Mrs ------------------------ is bearing the roll number ----------- for the student of -------------- class for the academic year ------------. He /she is sincere student of the ------------------School/university for --------------number of years.

He/she is a regular student at the school and bears the moral character of value. Being a hardworking, punctual, and meritorious student of the school.  

What is a Bonafide Certificate Meaning in Hindi?

The bonafide certificate carries the same meaning as in the English language, there is no difference between English and Hindi meaning, it is the document that is used by the educational institution particularly to authenticate that person is a genuine member of the school /university or college as the case may be.  

The certificate of bonafide can be issued in the Hindi language on the demand of the who is asking for it, bonafide certificate for school students can be made in Hindi by the school.

How to obtain the Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship?

The bonafide certificate for a scholarship which is issued by the educational institute /organization or school is to prove that you have been a part of the school /college /university /organization for a specific number of years and currently doing a specific course or work for the organization.

For obtaining the certificate you need to make the application in the proper format to the institution /school. While making the application you need to pay attention to the details of the information you want to be put into your certificate. 

A bonafide certificate for school students can be obtained for a scholarship and the content of the certificate will be according to that.

The ultimate content of your certificate is decided by the purpose. In the application for the bonafide certificate. You need to mention that you are obtaining it for applying for a scholarship.

Is School Bonafide Certificate PDF Download Available?

Some school provides a certificate of bona fide in letter form to their students manually. Many educational institutions maintain websites in which there are some important documents, and their filing form is made available.  A letter to the principal for the bonafide certificate is made by the student to desire to have the bona fide certificate.

The bonafide certificate application format is also made available by the official website, for making it easy for students. The person who wants to obtain it can fill out the application online or download it and present whatever suits his/her needs before the authority. 

Bonafide certificate for school students can be supplied in online mode after the appropriate filling of the application. You can make a bonafide certificate download for yourself.

What Does Bonafide Student Meaning?

The article is discussing the bona fide student certificate from the school. Therefore, it becomes very significant to know about bonafide students, the term is given to those who get enrolled in an accredited institution /college /university /school. 

Bonafide students stand for the genuine student of the institution. It means their membership as the student of the class with the provider of the certificate is genuine. The bonafide student can be of a school /college/university /institution organization.

The college bonafide certificate carries the same meaning as the bonafide certificate for school students.

Formats of Bonafide Applications


The Principal 

XYZ School

Place of school

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Bonafide certificate for obtaining the scholarship.

Respected Sir /ma’am

I want to state that, being a student of your school for ---------a number of years, my particulars as a person and in academics are well known to you. currently I am pursuing the class of -----------under the roll number --------------.

Last month board results showed up me the merit of the state school education board. I am hereby eligible for the scholarship provided by the state government to meritorious students.  

While applying for the scholarship the fact of the bonafide certificate for school students requirement came to my knowledge. I hereby request you by this letter to provide me with the certificate of bonafide to prove my association with the school.

I will be highly thankful to you for your act of kindness.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Student of-------

Roll no --------.

Summing Up Note:

The bonafide certificate requirement varies differently according to the purpose of obtaining. Many students are not aware of this certificate and its related concepts. The purpose of the article is to make people, especially students and employees aware of this certificate requirement under various situations.  

The certificate is made by the school /college/university on the demand of the students, this establishes the linkage between the school or any educational institution and its members. 

The certificate carries the name of the institution and the holder on the face of it. The bonafide certificate for school students is issued by the principal of the school under his signature and stamp of the school to prove the genuineness of it.