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Bonafide Certificate Letter: Need for Students and Employee

Bonafide Certificate Letter: Need for Students and Employee

A bonafide certificate letter is a document of utmost importance to the students and the employees. The letter is given in the shape of a certificate to the person who is asking for it. 

This document of certificate is used as evidence that the person holding is the member who had worked for or working for the institution or organization and in the case of the student holder, it proves that the person having the certificate is the student and studying at a particular institution.

The Showcasing of this certificate becomes necessary in certain circumstances when you need to have this certificate to prove your association with the specific organization/institution/company /firm or educational institute as a member employee or student.

What is meant by the Bonafide certificate letter?

The need of acquiring the certificate may be according to a situation that can arise in somebody’s life. The Bonafide certificate is not very popular among the masses. There are very few people who know about this certificate. Most people come to know about it when they apply for some subject matter that requires the certificate.

The Bonafide certificate as we had already mentioned above is the certificate which is issued by the institution /organization/company /educational institution from whom it is asked for by the individual to prove that person holding it is associated with the provider of the certificate.

The bonafide certificate meaning in Hindi is that it is a document that can be used by an individual for some special purpose such as to prove that holder is a student at a specific educational institution and is eligible for getting an education loan.

What is the Need for Acquiring the Bonafide Certificate letter?

The Bonafide certificate meaning itself speaks that it proves the genuine association of the holder and provider of the certificate. The Bonafide Certificate is a document that is need-based. The purpose of getting the certificate may be different for people. A bonafide certificate for employee is acquired by one employee for getting the loan and by another individual for applying for the passport.  

The Student Bonafide certificate may be acquired by one student for getting enter into some industry for educational purposes and at the same time, other students might be applying for a Bonafide certificate letter, to participate in a seminar or conference at the national or international level. Student bonafide certificate pdf is displayed on some educational institutions’ official websites.

What certificate bonafide do?

The bonafide certificate works as the authenticating agent on the behalf of the company, organizations, institutional groups, or educational institutions.

The person who is holding it does not need to do anything to prove that he is a member of the particular organization, this work is done by the certificate which he holds in his hand.

All the descriptions are made on the Bonafide certificate letter. You just need to provide the certificate to the authority who is asking you to prove your association The use of a bonafide certificate is as an authentication document.

How To Write Application For Bonafide Certificate From School By Students?

A bonafide certificate from school is obtained by the certificate application for bonafide. Your school website might be blinking with bonafide certificate 2022 process of obtaining and the procedure thereof.

The request letter for bonafide certificate is provided by the school to its bonafide students.  Meaning of bonafide student is a genuine student at the school. The proper verification of the student is done before the certificate is granted to him.

The bonafide certificate letter significant factors like the year in which he got enrolled in the school, the class in which he reads, the class roll no, results of the students, etc are the elements by which the school could get to know whether he/she is the student at their school or not.

The student can get his certificate from the school by writing a letter to the school or filling out the application format of the school with the administrative department of the school. By requesting letter for bonafide certificate student can get it from the head of the school.

Content of the bonafide applications-

  • The student must write to the head of the school, in most cases, it will be the principal of the school, and the student must address the letter of application to him.
  • Date must be clearly mentioned on the application
  • Subject must be precise and clear at the bonafide certificate letter application.
  • You can start the body of the application after the salutation to the head
  • The body must mention the details of your association with the school, such as when did you join the school, the class in which you read, the roll no, etc.
  • When you must write the reason for obtaining the certificate so that  important details are made on the certificate by the school

Certificate from school by parents –

The parents of the child can also apply for the certificate by writing to the school principal a formal letter of application in this regard.  The content of the application will remain the same for the parents too. But need to address yourself in the third person that’s it.  The bonafide certificate letter will be issued in the name of the student.

The certificate is asked for the parents when their children are kids, and they can’t apply themselves for it usually. The reason for obtaining the certificate by parents can be a variety of reasons.

Bonafide certificate from college -

The bonafide certificate letter is granted by higher educational institutions too. The college-going student can also get their certificate prepared by the administrative department of the college.

The procedure for obtaining the certificate is the same as for the school. The one who desires to have it for a certain purpose needed to write to the head of the college in which he is studying.

The bonafide certificate application for college student will be the same as the application letter for obtaining a certificate from school. The content of the application will also remain the same.

Some colleges provide a bonafide certificate apply online services to the students for obtaining the bonafide certificate letter.

Summing up Note –

The bonafide certificate is a document that has its own role to play in the lives of college students, school students, and employees. Anybody who desires to have the certificate can apply for it. There is no high requirement that this certificate demands. Use of bonafide certificate is worked as a document needs while applying for the certificate in case of employees are a copy of payslip, copy of employee ID Card, and Date of Birth Certificate under certain situations along with the application letter.  The students only need to write an application detailing with association therein.

Formats of Bonafide Certificate Applications –

Bonafide Certificate for Educational Loan


The principal

ABS, School

At -------Place

Dated: DD/MM/YY

Subject: bonafide certificate obtaining an application for educational loan.

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I want to bring to your kind notice that I XYZ a student of --------class of your school. I have joined the school since ---------. Currently reading at -----------class.

My enrolment number is---------. Whereas my roll call number is ---------. Sir, as mentioned above I am a student of 12th standard and in urgent need of financial assistance, which will be getting in the form of an educational loan for further higher studies.

 The banking institution -------- told me to get the bonafide certificate letter from the school. So, I am hereby applying for the issuance of the same.

I humbly request you to grant me the bonafide certificate, I will be grateful to you for showing the needed favour.

Thanking you

Your Sincerely



Format of bonafide certificate for passport.


The head of the department

Name of Organisation

Location of the Organisation

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject – Application for obtaining a bonafide certificate for applying for a passport.

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I want to bring to your notice that, I ABC is working in your organization located at --------place, For ------ years. The department working for is --------which is duly managed by you.

My current position in the department is as------------. By identity card no is -------------.

I have been promoted to ---------a position recently by the organization. The organization wants me to visit the headquarter which is located aboard in the city

------- with ------state.

For visiting purposes, I have been applying for a passport, which requires a bonafide certificate letter.

So, I humbly put the letter of request to you. I will be thankful.

Yours sincerely



Bonafide Certificate Format –

We are hereby Illustrating the contents of the bonafide certificate for your understanding. The basic format used for the certificate is approximately like mentioned below.

                               Bonafide Certificate

This is to certify that Mr/Mrs /Miss -----------------------------is the bonafide Employee of -----------------Organisation headquarter at--------------and having subsidiary company at------------location for which employee is working for ,Since -----------years and currently holding the position of -------------.

The employee number is--------------. The employee is a holding genuine association with our organization.

He/ She is reliable, honest, sincere, hardworking, and bears the character of morals. His / Her Date of Birth is --------------and Place of residence is -----------.

Date of issuance of Bonafide certificate letter.

Signature and Seal of the Organisation.


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