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Step by Step Process to Check Company Registration Online

Process to Check Company Registration Online

You can check company registration online through the Ministry of corporate affairs also known as the MCA portal. It provides details regarding all types of companies including Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). One can check the registration of the company status number, date of incorporation, type of company, charges of the company, directors of the company, etc. The master data search page has been accessed and a search can be initiated by entering the complete or partial name of an entity.

The balance sheet and other documents related to the company along with annual returns are available on the website on payment of given fees. In this blog, we will be discussing the Check the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) and name availability search.

Details Required to Check Company Registration Online

The details of the registered company can be checked on the official MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs) database. The following information required is given below for checking the information on the official portal:

  • Corporate Identification Number or CIN: The 21 digits unique number which is issued by the Registrar of Companies can be checked on the MCA portal.
  • Name of the company: The official portal will consist the company’s name which is registered on the Ministry of corporate affairs.
  • ROC registration number: The ROC number of the company can be checked and it is granted by the registrar of companies to the companies during the registration process.
  • Class of the company: The MCA website also performs check company registration online for the class of the registered company whether it is a public or a private company. The number of directors, paid-up capital, and members.
  • The authorized capital of the company: The official portal of the MCA and details of the maximum amount of capital the shareholders are empowered to place in the company.
  • Paid-up capital of the company: The MCA portal displays the capital that has been granted by the company and the amount that has been obtained by the company.
  • Date of Incorporation: The date on which the company has been registered can be viewed on the MCA portal.
  • Registered address and e-mail of the company: The MCA also supports check company registration online and shows the registered address and e-mail ID of the company.
  • Date of last AGM: It also displays the date of the last annual general meeting of the company was held.
  • Date of the Balance sheet: It can be checked on the MCA online portal. The balance sheet discloses the assets and liabilities of the company and is prepared at the end of the year.

How to Check Company Registration Number in India?

The process of the company registration status on the MCA can be done by any Individual searching for the basic details of a particular company.

The details are not confidential and you can also check company registration online. It is allowed to be shown to the general public are displayed on the portal.

The user can also check about the charges on the company and details about the directors can also be viewed by searching for signatory details.

The steps to check company registration number online are as follows:

·      Visit the official portal of the MCA or Ministry of corporate affairs

·       Click the MCA services, Select the ‘Company services’ option and click on the ‘Find CIN’.

·       Select the option ‘Company’

·       Select ‘Search based on Existing Company / LLP name’ option.

·       Select the option ‘Start with’, enter the existing name of the company, and you can also check company registration online by clicking on the ‘Search’ button under the ‘Search based on Existing Company / LLP name.

·       The CIN of the company will be showed on the page.

What Are the Reasons for Checking the Company Registration Status?

There are various reasons to check registration status of the company. The following are some of the reasons are given below:

1. To check the company name availability and search:

The first step towards registration process is to select a name for your company and check whether the name is available or not. Most businesses in India have built their brand on an online platform for reaching a wider audience possible. The name availability and search in India are mandatory and you can also check company registration online because there is a huge number of companies registered with MCA. It helps in making the process of registering a company easy and effective. The introduction of E-Form SPICe also known as Simplified Proforma for incorporating the company electronically has made the process quite faster and easy.

2. To check annual filing:

A chartered accountant can check the annual filing status with the MCA portal. There is no need to contact the client for basic information.

3. Research Purpose:

The MCA portal facilitates various research or marketing research companies for finding the relevant data to help companies. For instance, new consumers can be found with such research.

4. Legal reasons:

The professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc can visit the MCA portal to check company registration online and MCA check the company name, date of incorporation, charges created on the company and other searches.

What Are the Details Found While Checking the Company Registration Status?

The MCA database result page will display the complete details of the company, charges created and signatory details which are listed below:

1. Company/LLP Master Data details

·         CIN

·         Name of the company

·         RoC code

·         Registration number

·         Company Category

·         Company subcategory

·         Class of Company

·         Authorized capital

·         Paid up capital

·         Number of Members

·         Date of Incorporation

·         Registered Address

·         E-mail ID

·         If a company is listed or unlisted

·         Active Compliance

·         Date of Last AGM

·         Date of Balance sheet

·         Company status (for e-filling)

2. View Charge Details by check company registration online

·        Assets under charge

·        Amount of Charge

·        Date of creation

·        Date of modification

·        Status (whether open or closed)

3. Directors or Signatory details

·        DIN/PAN of the director

·        Name of director

·        Appointment Date

·        When you click on DIN/PAN it will display other entities' names where the same director is appointed.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a government official website giving all the details of the registered companies and LLPs in India.

The official website provides the facility to MCA check company name which can also be checked when the name is applied, check registration number of company and other various options.

The CIN is the Company Identification Number that is required to check company registration online and also gives the status of the company. It shows the chance of probability of approval by the authorities., is the leading platform for legal and Compliance Services, Book your Consultation now.