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How to Check Company Status in India?

Mca Company Status

The government portal facilitates the search of How to check company status for corporate bodies registered under the Ministry of corporate affairs MCA. Anyone can check the information submitted by public and private companies, One person companies, Limited liability partnerships (LLP) and many more. The registration is regulated by the MCA website.

The Ministry of corporate affairs mainly deals with the Companies Act, 2013, Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and the Insolvency and bankruptcy code, 2016.

The guidelines and rules are made to safeguard the interests of customers. Expert bodies like the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Company Secretaries and the Institute of Cost Accountants of India are combined working with the ministry.

How to Check Company Status with A Corporate Identification Number?

The three easy steps for checking the registration status of the company are given below:

  • Go to the MCA website.
  • Click on the MCA services tab and you will view the menu with the MCA master data of the company/LLP under the drop-down menu. The menu also provides search options like View Index of charges, View signatory details, View Companies/Directors under prosecution, View Director Master data, View Directors/Designated partner details, and so on.
  • Provide the Company CIN (Corporate Identification Number)/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN or company name, and enter the Captcha as shown in the image. Click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • One can also search for CIN by clicking on the icon beside the ‘Company/LLP name’ for How to check company status; by clicking on ‘Search’.

The webpage will include the following details given below:

1. Ministry of corporate affairs company details

  • CIN
  • Name of the company
  • RoC code of registrar
  • Registration number
  • Company Category
  • Company subcategory
  • Class of Company
  • Authorized capital
  • Paid up capital
  • Number of Members
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Address
  • E-mail ID
  • A company is listed or unlisted
  • Active Compliance
  • Date of Last AGM
  • Date of Balance sheet
  • Company status (for e-filling)

2. View Charge Details of the company

  • Amount of Charge
  • Date of creation
  • Date of modification
  • Status (whether open or closed)
  • Assets under charge

3. Directors of any director/designated partner/LLP can be verified for How to check company status:

  • DIN/PAN of the director
  • Name of director
  • Appointment Date
  • When you click on DIN/PAN it will display other entities' names where the same director is appointed.

What is the Company Registration Number in India?

The company registration number is also known the CIN number. It is a unique identification number given by the Registrar of Companies. Multiple Indian states host the ROC, which reports to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The registered is an online portal that is used for the purpose of finding a company/LLP. Company registration number India provides the status of the company along with its attributes. A corporate Identification number or CIN helps in How to check company status. You can also conduct the check company registration number online on the MCA portal.

The Company registration number consists of 21 digits and you can also check company registration with the help of company name or CIN:

  • Section 1: The first digit symbolizes L or U for listed or unlisted companies.
  • Section 2: It specifies the industry to which the company belongs.
  • Section 3: The Next 2 digits depict the state of registration
  • Section 4: The Next 4 digits depict the year of incorporation
  • Section 5: The Next 3 digits are whether a company is a Public Limited or Private Limited company.
  • Section 6: The Last 6 digits are of the ROC number issued for How to check company status by anyone after the registration is completed.

Where is the Corporate Identification Number Used?

Every company incorporated in India must mention its Corporate Identification number on number of documents which consists of the following:

  • On the Registration page, the E-forms require CIN to prefill the details of that particular company
  • Any other works of the company
  • Memorandum
  • On bills, contracts and reimbursements
  • On letterheads of notices
  • Annual reports and audits
  • Company’s official publications
  • Statistics for the year.

What Is the Process to Download the Incorporation Certificate of The MCA Registered Company?

The steps to download a certificate of incorporation from the MCA official portal are given below:

Step 1: The first step of How to check company status is to log in to the MCA online portal using your User ID and password. In case you are unregistered then you need to create an account.

Step 2: Locate the menu and click on it.

Step 3: Click on ‘Document Related services’ in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: The first option shows ‘Get certified copies.’ Click on the same.

Step 5: Type in the dialog box. Enter the name of the company or 21-digit Corporate Identification number and select the MCA company details. Then click on submit

Step 6: A list of documents will appear. You can get all the required documents related to your company here. Select the ‘Certificate of Incorporation' option for How to check company status.

Step 7: Select the page numbers that you need to download and the required number of copies of the document.

Step 8: You must click on the ‘Add to cart

Step 9: In the next step, Click on the ‘View Payment Details

Step 10: You can now pay using a credit card, debit card, internet banking, UPI, or NEFT to pay the required amount to proceed further.

For each of the copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, you have to pay Rs. 100.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs publishes all the information of the registered companies and LLPs which is accessible to anyone in India. The official website provides the facility on How to check company status and MCA check company name.

The CIN is an identification code that is required for company registration in India and also gives the basic knowledge of the company. The CIN can be changed in certain circumstances by the MCA. For instance, any change in the location of the company like changing from one state to another state or any change in the listing status or any change in the sector or industry type of the company., is the leading platform for legal and Compliance Services, Book your Consultation now.