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College Bonafide Certificate – Meaning, Purpose, And Format

Collage Bonafide Certificate

A college bonafide certificate is proof that you are a student of a particular college. The certificate confirms that you are or were a part of a particular college. The word bonafide is derived from the Latin term ‘bonafide’ means ‘in good faith.

Bonafide is a synonym for genuine. The document that provides information like your name, date of birth, parent’s name, and the course you have pursued is a bonafide certificate. It is defined as a formal certificate that you need at the time of admission to the college.

Therefore, it depends upon the student and employees as both require the document to satisfy different purposes. It is used for enrolling in Aadhar card or other documentary processes.

Purpose Of College Bonafide Certificate

The bonafide certificate is required for multiple uses given as follows:-

1. The bonafide certificate is required when you are applying for a passport.

2. Students can apply for low-interest loans through the bonafide certificate.

3. For submission of documents to traffic authorities to apply for a driver’s license.

4. To visit an industry for a project

5. This certificate is required for visa applications.

6. For student concessions granted by public transportation organizations such as city buses, and metros.

7. Filling out the Scholarship application.

How To Write Application For Bonafide Certificate From School By Students?

The principal,

School name



Subject: Request for Issuance of Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/ma’am,

I am ___(name), Class ___ at this school and I require a Bonafide Certificate for __________(reason: For e.g. passport, school transfer, etc.). It’s my humble request to issue me a Bonafide Certificate at the earliest. I will be very thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,



Roll no.

While writing an application for College Bonafide Certificate, you may be asked to submit copies of additional documents related to identity proof. The supporting documents are:

  • Photocopy of Student identity card
  • Fee receipt
  • Any other document is required depending upon the purpose.

Is Study Certificates and Bonafide Certificates the Same?

Candidates who have completed coursework or training in a specific area are awarded a study certificate. A application may be submitted to the school/college. 

Whereas, a bonafide certificate is usually used to denote the bonafide place and state of residence and is also known as the Residence certificate of an individual. 

It is used for certifying whether a student is studying in an institute or not. College bonafide certificate is issued by the head of the institution. The study certificate is required only for getting a local government job for local candidates. Both certificates are completely different.

How To Apply for Bonafide Certificate Online?

Many institutions have provided online applications for Bonafide certificates to their students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The step to step process is given below:-

1. First ‘Login to the account using the username and password’.

2. Click on the ‘students’

3. Select ‘View Students’

4. Click on the ‘More’ tab

5. Select ‘Apply Bonafide’ for applying for it.

Application For Bonafide Certificate

You must make the College Bonafide Certificate application to the head of the institution. The essentials of a Bonafide Certificate may vary depending on the purpose. Some schools/institutions have already prescribed formats for an application forms. 

In case there is no format for an application form, then the individual is asked to write a letter. A bonafide student is an individual enrolled in a particular school, college, or university. He/she can be a full-time bonafide student or part-time bonafide student. 

While every institution has its format for this certificate, it mainly includes particulars like the institution's name printed on the letterhead, the date of issue, the applicant’s details, and the signature of the head of the institution. You can also make an application for a college bonafide certificate.

Documents required for a Bonafide certificate are:-

1. Application form

2. Photocopy of Student’s ID card

3. Copy of Aadhar card

4. Copy of 10th/12th mark sheet

5. Fee receipt.

Here’s a request letter for a bonafide certificate from the school by parents


The principal

School name



Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/ma’am,

My son/daughter,_______(name) is a bonafide student of Class___ at your school and has been studying since Class____ for __ years. I require a bonafide certificate to_____(apply for Aadhar card or any other reason)

It’s my humble request to issue me a Bonafide Certificate at the earliest

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


You can also make an application for a college bonafide certificate.

Bonafide Certificate 2022

A bonafide certificate is mandatory when students are taking admissions in foreign universities, applying for scholarships, opening a bank account, etc. A student may download this certificate from an online portal or by applying for the same. This certificate is required while applying for a job, higher studies, etc.

To get the bonafide certificate, you must apply to the institution in a specific format of the application form for this purpose. You may also write a letter if there is no application form.

The bonafide certificate is usually valid for three months. When the time limit of bonafide certificate has expired, you can apply for it again by writing a letter using the bonafide certificate letter.

A college bonafide certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to a particular educational institute or organization. is leading platform for legal and compliance services. Contact us Now.