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How to file Cyber Crime Complaints

Procedure to report cyber crime complaint

Cyber crime complaint is rising in number for all times. So it’s a high time to share information regarding it. So check out the blog now.

The term cybercrime is well known phenomena in the today’s world, the term cybercrime is the combination of two worlds cyber +crime, this denotes the space where cybercrime can be done that is the cyber space itself.

That is place, which is virtual in nature, where information on almost every matter exists through the medium of computer.

When the both the term cyber and crime are combined it denotes the phenomena on social, economic and ethical crime which are performed in virtual space like normal crime.

What Does the Cyber Crime Complaint Exactly Denotes?

Cybercrime can be referred as the unlawful acts which involved the use networked devices such as computer as medium to commit them.  It is the computer which is the main element either in the commission of the crime or computer itself can be target of crime.

The crime which required computer as the weapon to committee the crime involves crime like cyber terrorism, pornography, intellectual property rights etc. where in the later categories the crime like hacking, virus attacks etc. are committed.

Internet in today’s era is acting like a double-sided sword, On the one hand it is providing benefits in so many forms which is lessing the human efforts and saves times and on the other hand it is also an extremely powerful tool in the hand of people with criminal mind set. The misuse of the cyber space can cost us so much because in today world every day today thing is done by the means of internet networks.

It became very important to report cyber crime complaint, like any other crime, cybercrime is very serious itself, lets learn the procedure to report them.

To tackle the issues of cybercrime, in various cities the cyber complaint cell has been opened. The information technology act had putted it clearly that when any sort of cyber crime is done it has a global jurisdiction and hence a cyber crime complaint can be filed anywhere.

Procedure to report cyber crime complaint in steps:

The first thing you need to do while lodge a cyber crime compliant with the cyber cell. There is special cell which are designed for the cybercrimes, these cyber cells do not only report the crime but also investigate the crime.

The victim of the crime can make the complaint to the cell both in online and offline mode. you can also directly call at the helpline number provided.

  • You need to provide your mailing address and telephone number while filing cyber crime complaint with the application which is to be addressed to the head of the cybercrime investigating cell.
  • You also need to provide certain documents when registering the complaint. The document which are to be given various according to the nature of the crime.
  • Do attach the document which support your facts of the case.
  • The crime can be reported easily with the national cyber crime reporting Portal which is the initiative of the government of India.

This portal is made for the public nation-wide, so that they can feasibly report the crime by their fingertip.  The national cyber crime complaint report is one of the components of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre which is establish by the ministry of home affairs. It deals with all kinds of the cybercrime.

The cyber crime portal use to register two kinds of crime that is –

  • Crime against the Women and Children-

Digital Rape


Sexual Material containing children in any of its form in which they are abused or exploited

Content that is Sexually explicit.

  • Other forms of Cybercrime include –




Social Media

Mobile crime

Online Financial frauds.

How to Report cyber crime complaint against women and children Anonymously?

You need to visit the online portal of the government meant for registration of the cybercrime. There is no need to provide any personal information. Your complaint will get filled anonymously.

The crime in the heinous nature such as pornography, Sexual abuse, content containing sexually explicit material like rape or gang rape video.

While filling a cyber crime complaint you need to provide certain incidental information such as-

  • Nature of the crime that is in which category of cybercrime it falls
  • Timing of the offence
  • Place of committal that is state or district in which victim of crime remains.
  • The platform through which it has been done like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp or any other
  • The evidence relating to crime that means link, video, or document etc.
  • Some details of the suspect if you have suspicion on someone, his identity proof, or other necessary details which you consider can assist the investigation authority.

Reporting and tracking of the crime:

When you have done with filling the registration of the cyber crime complaint you will be provide with the PDF which contains your cyber crime complaint.

You can track your complaint / by the following process.

  • Go and visit the national cybercrime reporting Portal, choose the option of report and track, when starting the registration, due register your name and mobile number. One-time password will be sent to your given mobile number, when you will enter the OTP, your complaint will have got registered, now you can choose the category in which your complaint falls.

On successfully registration you will be provided the Complaint ID through which you can track the status of your cyber crime complaint Online.

Same will remain the procedure for reporting the other cyber, you just need to select the correct option under which your crime falls.


The need of the hour related to cyber crime complaint is to build safe space for internet user, As the government of India is encouraging the digital invocations and technology among masses, in view of that it become extremely significant to make people aware of the crimes that occur through the medium of the technology.

There is urgent need to from the strong legislation on the cybercrime, and areas connected with it.

The awareness among community in relations to cyber crime is less as compared to traditional crimes.  Therefore, the procedure to fill the cyber crime should be easy and quick. is the leading platform for legal and compliance services. So you can connect with us to resolve your queries with an expert.