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Description of Bonafide certificate Form PDF

Bonafide certificate Form PDF

Every Institution or organization has its own individual Bonafide Certificate Form PDF. These certificates are for school students, college students, scholarships, and employees. certificate issued by that particular Institute or Organization and any department to prove that the student or employee of that organization has studied or worked in the organization.

This bonafide certificate is to show the identity of the employee and student. We need it everywhere. If you do not have a bona fide certificate, you cannot avail of these services. With the information in this article, you can download the pdf of bonafide certificate form.

How To Get Bonafide Certificate Form PDF?

To get bonafide certificate application form the institution/organization. You should first write an application to the head of the institution.

Thus, for this purpose, institutions prepare their prescribed form of application and students can use it in this way.

But in case, the form of application given by the organization is not available. Then now you can write simple letters too. About the requirement of the bonafide certificate.

What is Bonafide Certificate?                            

It is necessary for the Bonafide Certificate meaning. The bonafide certificate is a certificate which is a document issued by the Institution or Organization for any individual as a part of that institute or organization. It is proof that shows the identity of that particular person who belongs to that institution or organization.

Bonafide Certificate Format

Format of Bonafide certificate form PDF is in bonafide certificate letter format.

Bonafide Student Certificate

The Principal
XYZ School
Nagpur, Maharashtra

20th January 2022

Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I am XYZ, studying at ABC School, Nagpur. I require a bonafide certificate for --------------So, For that matter, I humbly request you to issue me the bonafide certificate. I will always be thankful to you.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely
Roll No.

Bonafide Employee Certificate:


The Manager

HR Department,

Organization / Company Name


Subject: Request for Bonafide Certificate,

Sir/ Mam

I have been working as a ____ for the___  position in ___ department of this organization. As identity proof, I need to provide a bonafide certificate for opening a bank account.

I humbly request you to issue me a bonafide certificate. Here are my details,


Company / Organisation


Employee ID


I am attaching all the required documents.

Thanking you


_______ Name

These are the format of the Bonafide certificate form pdf.

Documents Required for Bonafide Certificate

Students must ensure the following documents before applying for Bonafide Certificate

  • Sample Application for Bonafide Certificate.
  • A photocopy of the college ID is attached to the application form.
  • Thus a copy of the latest fee receipt should be attached along with the above form. Ensuring that the child is still a college student.

An employee can apply for the certificate at the workplace. The documents required are as follows,

  • A bonafide application will be submitted to the company's HR.
  • A copy of the employee ID card of the company they are working for.
  • The latest copy of the pay slip is attached to the application.

These are the documents required for the Bonafide certificate form PDF.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

Firstly apply to the head of the institution/organization from which institution/ Organization you want this certificate. The application requirements for a bonafide certificate may vary depending on the purpose, some places already have a prescribed format and in cases where there is no application, the individual is usually asked to write a letter instead.

Bonafide Student Application

A bonafide student is a person enrolled in a recognized school, college, or university or a student of a state-run technical college or institute for a sufficient period as well as to be considered as a full-time regular student by the institution for a particular class and subject in the educational institution.

As amended by Section 102(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, a bonafide certificate form PDF of a student may also be a student of an off-campus college work-study course or academic program at an affiliated institution of higher education.

Moreover, a bonafide student may also be less than a full-time student if working as a full-time employee at an accredited institution. Also, any bonafide student is permitted to do so during breaks that may occur between academic sessions such as summer vacations.

Further, universities and colleges are allowed to designate their full-time students as well as part-time students as bona fide students.

Bonafide Application for Employee

If this certificate is issued to an employee, It is also available in Bonafide certificate form PDF. It should contain the prospect's contact information, job profile, and employer details. In some cases, the employee's date of birth may also be provided in the certificate based on the nature of the document and its requirements. Following are the necessary documents you need to submit:

  • Copy of Payslip
  • Copy of Employee Identity Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate (Optional)

To get this certificate issued by the company, you need to send a letter addressed to the head of your department or organization.