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Importance of UDIN login in India

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From February 1, 2019, UDIN login gets compulsory for all certificates and documents issued by Chartered Accountants who are in Practice. It stands for Unique Document Identification Number.

Attestation of CA (Chartered Accountant) on the document or any certificate takes very much value. Chartered accountants ensure that there are no falsifications in the documents submitted by the company or organization.

It has been observed that some unscrupulous persons are issuing certificates and other documents by forging signatures as Chartered Accountants to mislead the authorities.

ICAI UDIN has developed the login method to secure documents issued by Chartered Accountants by issuing Unique Document Identification Number. This format of UDIN gives the person more clarity and certainty about the documents.

A prime example of UDI No. India is an audit report issued by an auditor in respect of the financial statements of an entity that reflects a true and fair view of the financial statements.

What is a UDIN login?

UDIN login is a login process for generating a Unique Document Identification Number generated by ICAI for the certificates and documents surety which are attested by a charted accountant who is registered on the UDIN portal.

Registration Process of UDIN

Practicing Charted Accountants have to register on the UDIN ICAI portal for generating the UDIN number for every attested document.

Step 1: First go to the ICAI UDIN Portal.

Step 2: Select the option of ‘Member Registration’ and click on first-time sign-up.

Step 3: Enter the information asking for their membership number, date of enrolment & date of birth after that click on the ‘Send OTP’ button.

Step 4: Enter the received OTP on the registered mobile number and e-mail address with ICAI and choose the Continue option after registering you can log in on UDIN login.

UDIN Generation:

Generate UDIN for a document and after registering on the UDIN portal:

Step 1: Go to the portal and Login with all received credentials.

After the first UDIN Login, you can change the password anytime.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Generate UDIN’.

Step 3: Enter all the required details. Details are as of Membership Registration Number, Name, Firm Registration Number, E-mail ID, Firm Name, Client Reference Code / Number, Document Description, Document’s Date, Keywords, and values, and after that have to choose the option of clicking on ‘Send OTP’. 'Keyword' as mentioned above means any keyword and its corresponding value/amount included in the document for which UDIN is generated. For example,

Step 4:  OTP we will get on the e-mail address and the registered mobile number with ICAI. After entering the OTP we can see the preview of all details entered and we can verify it by pressing  ‘Back’ we can make any changes in the details else and after that ‘Submit’ it.  

Step 5: The UDIN will be generated. Such as UDIN mentioned on a document by using a pen or as a watermark on the document.

ICAI has a limitation on the period for generating UDINs, Sometimes the UDIN last date is extended for generating.

UDIN login is a very important thing for a chartered accountant.

Implementation & Format Of UDIN-

UDIN stands for 'Unique Document Identification Number ‘and every charted accountant needs to log in on UDIN login. It is introduced in stages:

  • Firstly UDIN is mandatory for all certificates issued by Chartered Accountants.
  • The second time UDIN is mandatory for GST and tax audit reporting
  • The third time UDIN got mandatory for all other audits, attest, and assurance functions.
  • Further, it is a system-generated number of 18 digits in length. The formation of UDIN is as below-
  • First two digits – last two digits of the current year.
  • Next six digits  –  Membership number issued by ICAI
  • Last ten digits -  An alpha-numeric system-generated code.

Other Important Points

  • Mention of UDIN-

UDIN must be mentioned on the certificate either by printing (by watermarking) or handwritten/printed. If UDIN is handwritten/printed, it must be mentioned after the signature and membership number.

  • Cancellation/Cancellation of UDIN –

The generated UDIN can be revoked/canceled without any time limit. However, the reason for cancellation/revocation of UDIN must be provided.

  • Steps to Verify UDIN –

Regulators, banks, or third-party CAs can verify the UDIN mentioned on any document issued by them, by following the steps below-

  1. Visit portal site
  2. Verify UDIN.
  3. Enter your name, mobile number, UDIN, and captcha.
  4. Click on 'Send OTP' and OTP will be received on the mobile number.
  5. Enter that OTP.

Precautions to be taken while preparing for UDIN Login and Signing Documents

  • When a Chartered Accountant is required to sign multiple documents under one of their audits, the same UDIN will be used for the documents covered under one assignment.
  • UDIN will be generated by the only person signing the document/ certificate. No partner of the firm can generate UDIN on behalf of another signing partner.
  • Obtaining UDIN is not required for attested true copies provided
  • If duplicate certificates are issued at the request of the customer, the UDIN mentioned in the original certificates must be mentioned.
  • UDIN shall be required to generate both physically signed as well as digitally signed certificates online. The UDIN generated for digitally signed certificates will be retained by the CA in practice and provided in case of any inspection by the Authority.
  • The generated UDIN will be mentioned after each signature and member number of the CA in practice

As per the charted accountant Udin login is also important for every common people in India.

Verification Of UDIN:

After the creation of the UDIN of a particular document, its details along with the corresponding Unique Identification Number cannot be deleted or modified. However, situations may arise when a document needs to be modified or canceled. In this case, you can search for the document on the online UDIN portal and click on the 'Revoke' button to cancel the UDIN. It should be noted that you need to provide a valid reason for canceling the document. However, if the UDIN is searched for on the UDIN portal in the future, it will appear but be displayed with a status of 'Revoked'. Charted Accountant can verify it by UDIN login.


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