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Information about ZERO FIR

what is zero fir

When there is a delay in the registration of FIR then the process of investigation gets delayed further and this can lead to a miscarriage of justice as delayed justice is of no use.

Here the zero FIR comes into play, let’s learn some interesting facts about it.

First, you must be aware of what is an FIR? ‘it is the first information given to the police personnel under section 154 of the CRPC.

The purpose of registering FIR is to set the criminal law in motion. It provides the police with information regarding the happening of crime in their region.

The person who wants to file an FIR has to provide information regarding the facts, timing, and the person who is involved in the crime to the local police station.

If there is a delay in FIR can lead to a delayed investigation, in this scenario come to the concept of zero FIR. Now you must be thinking of what is zero FIR, Let’s learn something about it

The zero FIR is not restricted by the jurisdiction, it can be filed in any police station regardless of the place where the crime had been done.

Usually, wha when you register FIR some particular number is assigned to them , but in case you file the first information report in any place without bothering about judication then FIR will be given the number zero so it’s zero FIR.

This concept of zero FIR is new as it was introduced after the Nirbhaya gang rape case on the recommendation of the justice Verma Committee. This zero FIR is a very vital tool in reducing the delay in the administration of justice.