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How to Check MCA Company Name Search?

Procedure of Company Name Search

MCA company name search is performed on the government website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) maintains a record of company names. It has all details of types of companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The MCA has a regulatory framework set up that you have to follow for choosing the name of the company. The name is a significant choice for your company’s growth.

The Companies Act, 2013 has made rules and guidelines for restricting the words used for naming the company. The basic rules for the company name must end with the words ‘Limited’ in the case of a public company and ‘Private limited’ in the case of a private company. In this blog, we will be discussing the rules for company name availability.

What Is the Process of MCA Company Name Search?

You must visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for performing the company name check and follow the steps given below:

1. Check the top section on the MCA website. Click on MCA services. A range of options will be available. Then click on ‘View Company Master Data/LLP’

2. You will need to enter the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) if you don’t have the CIN of the company then click on the MCA company search, write the name of the company and you will find the CIN.

3. Once you get the CIN, enter the CIN and enter the captcha text and search. For the MCA company name search, you will view the relevant data related to the company on your device. You can also take the printout or save it as PDF.

While applying for name reservation you can submit two proposed names of your company with the RUN services. You can check if the name is already registered or not. If the company name appears in the company registration directory, you will have to choose another name.

Under the MCA rules, it is an important condition to choose a company name that must be unique and not identical to any existing company name.

How to check MCA Company Name Availability?

The Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 deal with the name approval process for undesirable names on MCA company name search as follows:

·     The proposed name must not be identical to the name of an existing company;

·     The plural version of a word appearing in the company name

·     Type and case of letters used with spacing between letters and punctuation marks

·     Joining words together or separating the words does not make a name distinguishable from a name that uses similar, separated or joined words,

·     The use of a different number of the same word does not distinguish one name from another,

·     Using different phonetic spellings variations shall not be considered as distinguishing one name from another.

·     Misspelled words whether intentionally misspelled or not, do not conflict with similar words. MCA company name search is conducted on the official MCA portal.

·     The use of different tenses in the names shall also be disregarded.

·     The proposed name contains the name of an individual. If the name of any person other than the promoters or their relatives is used, then no objection from such other person shall be attached with the application for name.

·     Specific prohibitions on using the selected words in the proposed name.

·     Guideline for non-profit making company.

·     Restrictions on the use of name released on change of name by any company.

·     Different combinations of the same words do not make a name distinguishable from an existing name. For example, for the existing name of ‘Builders and Contractors limited’, the MCA company name search made for ‘Contractors and Builders limited’ shall not be allowed unless it is a name change of an existing company.

What are the words or expressions used after obtaining approval from the Central government?

According to MCA name availability guidelines, the following words and combinations thereof shall not be used in the Name of the company in English or any of the languages depicting the same meaning unless the previous approval of the Central government has been obtained for the use of any such words or expression:

·     Board

·     Commission

·     Authority

·     Undertaking

·     National

·     Union

·     Central

·     Federal

·     Republic

·     President

·     Rashtrapati

·     Small scale industries

·     Khadi and village industries corporation

·     Financial corporation

·     Municipal

·     For the MCA company name search, Panchayat

·     Development Authority

·     Prime minister

·     Minister

·     Nation

·     Forest corporation

·     Development scheme

·     Statute or Statutory

·     Court or Judiciary

·     Governor

·     Bureau

How to check the director’s name in MCA?

The MCA includes the director’s name on the MCA and the date of appointment of the directors. We can also get the details like Director Identification Number (DIN), the joining date, the resignation date and the director’s full name.

You can also get the information about the director that in which company he is a director and in which company has been appointed, resigned and the date of such event.

The director plays a very important role in the company to manage the affairs involved in the day-to-day administration of the company. The access to director contact details on MCA company name search and MCA signatory details is explained in the following points:

·     Multiple forms need to be filled by Director to comply with the regulations as per the Companies Act 2013. These forms are filled by the directors either on a specific event. While submitting the form to the login they need to submit multiple pieces of information along with their contact details i.e., email address and mobile number of directors.

·     Form DIR-12: It is required to be filled to ROC on the MCA website for appointment or resignation or change in designation of directors within 30 days of such event.

·     Form DIR-6: The MCA company name search for Form DIR-6 provides the intimation of change in particulars of the director of the company to the government within 30 days of the change. The changes can be with respect to the following

·     Name

·     Address

·     Date of Birth

·     E-mail Id or phone number

·     Father’s name

·     Nationality

·     Occupation type

·     Educational Qualification

·     Changes in PAN card, Voter ID card, Passport, Aadhar card, or other proof

·     Residential status


The first step to company registration is to check company name availability with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It is a government official portal consisting of all the details of the companies incorporated and registered in India.

The MCA company name search provides the facility to search the MCA database and check the number of company name searches and various options thereunder. We have understood the process of MCA checking the company name on the MCA portal and checking the name availability., is the leading platform for legal and Compliance Services, Book your Consultation now.