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About Specification of ICSI Udin Login in India

icsi udin login

ICSI Udin Login is compulsory for every Company Secretary in practice. Udin means ‘Unique document identification number’. Every CS has its own individual Udin number. Every ICSI members login is mandatory.

Keeping in view the practical difficulties and other difficulties faced by members in forming UDINs due to Covid-19, the organization launched ICSI UDIN Amnesty Scheme, 2022. ICSI makes it mandatory for all Company Secretaries to verify and authenticate the documents issued by the Company Secretary.

Attestation of documents which has Udin no. issued by the Company Secretary takes very much value. This attestation gives assurance and clarity about documents issued by Company Secretary are not false or fraudulent.  

ICAI Udin Login also plays the same role. The Institute of Chartered Accountants started the UDIN generation method on their portal for issuing true and clear documents by Chartered Accountants. 

Because of this any common person or anyone who is taking the documents from Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary gives the assurance. This Udin Login is very important.

Registration Process of ICSI Udin Login :

  • Read all icsi udin guidelines.
  • To create UDIN login on icsi stimulate login and visit and click on “Membership Registration” and create a login id and password by entering your membership number, and certificate of practice number.
  •  ICSI smash portal gets open. All process is going on ICSI smash login. Login ID and password will be sent to the member on his registered email id and mobile number.
  • The login ID will be verified by the computer application. Login on to ICSI Udin Login.
  • No need to upload any document.

ICSI Udin Generation:

  • Login with valid credentials on ICSI Udin Login Fills in details like Company/Firm/Individual Name, CIN No.
  • Select Document Type
  •  Fill in the Signature Date and Click on “Generate UDIN”

Udin Verification ICAI :

When a UDIN is generated for any paper, it's not possible to modify the document details associated with the UDIN in any way. However, there may be situations in which the document may require either certain modifications or complete cancellation. 

In this matter, UDIN can be revoked by searching the document on the UDIN portal and clicking on the 'Revoke Tab'. This is a icai udin verification.

ICSI Udin Verification :

To verify the ICSI Udin visit the ICSI vetification portal. Fill all the details and verify. Some dovuments require modification and cancellation. For that matter, udin can be revoked.

Certificate of Practice :

The member has to apply for the practicing certificate in Form D, along with the relieving order of the last employer, if any, along with the requisite fee of Rs. 1000/-. If he cannot produce the copy of the relieving order, he can produce a declaration that he is not currently employed.

Registration Process (ICAI) :

Full-time practicing Chartered Accountants (CA with COP) must first register themselves on the UDIN portal to generate UDIN for attestation of each document.

Step 1: Go to the portal on udin icai org login.

Step 2: Click on First Time Users and enter the six-digit Member Number, Date of Birth, and Registration Date, and click on the 'Send OTP' button.

Step 3: Enter the OTP which is got on email and mobile number registered with ICAI and click on 'Continue'. System-generated login credentials for the UDIN portal will be sent to the e-mail address registered with ICAI and login on udin login ICAI.

Generate UDIN ICAI:

Step 1: Go to the portal of Udin ICAI login. Login using all the details received on the e-mail address registered with ICAI.

The password can change anytime.

Step 2: Click on the option ‘Generate UDIN’.

Step 3: Enter the required details like Member Registration Number, Name, E-mail ID, Firm Registration Number, Firm Name, Client Reference Code/Number, Document Description, Document Date, Keywords, and Values , and click on 'Send OTP'. 'Keyword' as mentioned above means any keyword and its associated value/amount included in the document for which UDIN is generated. 

For example, if a chartered accountant is validating the turnover of an organization, one of the keywords could be 'turnover' with the corresponding turnover amount as its value. Note that a document must provide at least 3 keywords and their associated values. A maximum of 5 keywords can be entered.

Step 4: The OTP will be sent to the e-mail address and mobile number registered with ICAI. After entering the OTP, a preview of the entered details will be available for verification. If there are any changes in the details, press 'Back', otherwise click on 'Submit'.

Note that data cannot be deleted or modified once submitted. Hence it is advised that all the details entered should be checked carefully before submission.

Step 5: UDIN will now be generated. Such UDIN can be used by using a pen on the document or by mentioning it as a watermark on the document.

What is Udin for CS?

UDIN is an automated unique document identification number generated on ICSI Udin Login is compulsory for every Company Secretary in practice. in the structure of the first 2 digits representing the current year (year of authentication), the next 6 digits being the ICAI/ICSI registrant's membership number confirming the authenticity of the documents and a randomly generated alphanumeric 10-digit number. the number

Application of Udin:

For application of ICSI Udin Login is necessary. UDIN is applicable in all cases except some e-forms and certified documents. A practicing CS must apply for certification:

  • Certificate of Annual Return, Section 92 (2)
  • Issuance of Secretarial Audit Report (Section 204)
  • Issuance of secretarial audit reports to unlisted subsidiaries of listed companies as per SEBI.
  • Certificates required under SEBI Listing and Disclosure Rules.
  • Conducting internal audit of operations under NSDL or CDSL under Acts, Audit of stock brokers, sub-brokers under SEBI.
  • A certificate as per SEBI Regulation 76 is required for concurrence of share capital audit.
  • Certifications required when acting as a compliance auditor under any third-party certification or audit scheme.
  • Certificates are required in case of Indian companies accepting foreign investments or related matters.
  • Apart from above cases, application of UDIN shall be purely on voluntary preference of CS, if any other e-form or document not mentioned above is required for attestation.

ICSI Udin Login is very important for Company Secretary in practice.

Attestation by a Chartered Accountant / Company Secretary on a certificate or any such document is of great value as it usually indicates that the Chartered Accountant has, in his professional opinion, ensured that there is no misrepresentation by the organization issuing/submitting such document. 

A prime example of this is an audit report issued by an auditor in relation to an entity's financial statements, in which the financial statements reflect a true and fair view of the entity's position. It is only through this attestation or signature by a chartered accountant that investors and other stakeholders can rely on the performance of an organization. For all this ICSI Udin Login is mandatory.