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UDIN ICAI- For Fair Documentation

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This blog will give you complete information about UDIN ICAI for having a fair documentation. so connect with us now. 

chartered Account plays a crucial role in attesting any document or certificate. It is a document that substantiates the legality of the certificate or document and the entity has authorized it. In recent times, uncertified people pretending to be chartered accountants have been spreading misleading information. To curb this crime, they are illegally issuing and signing documents and certificates.

ICAI The Institute of Chartered Account of India created a new system to assist all Chartered Accountants. Every CA must obtain the UDIN ICAI to issue all documents and certificates. This order was effective as of 1 July 2019. It applies to all corporate and non-corporate Audits, Attests, Assurances, and Corporate Practices. CA firms cannot register at the Unique Document Identification Number Portal; only full-time certificate Chartered Accountants are permitted to register.

What is UDIN ICAI?

This number is fair and unique and it was introduced by the ICAI to all certificates and documents attested and certified by the Chartered Accountants. The Unique document identification number portal provides the Generate number. It is unique and cannot be duplicated once the document has been produced.

UDIN Registration Portal

Register on the UDIN portal.

To receive their UDIN ICAI number, full-time CAs can register on the Unique Document Identification Number Portal to obtain the certificates and documents they create.

Visit the official link of UDIN portal        

The homepage menu allows you to click on the first tab user and then you can enter the following information.

Six-digit membership number.

Date of birth

The date of enrollment

Now click on the OTP button to send the OTP directly to your registered mobile number.

Enter the OTP in the box provided and then click the Continue button.

You will see login credentials for the UDIN webpage. All details will be sent to your registered email address.

How to generate UDIN ICAI got your certificates and documents?

CA can create certificates and documents using a UDIN number after registration via the portal:

  1. Visit the UDIN portal.
  2. Next, enter the credentials that you received from your email address during registration.
  3. To keep the portal secure, the user must change their password during the initial login.
  4. Click on the "Generate UDIN" button and enter the following information:
  5. Refer to the client reference code or number
  6. Description and date of the document.
  7. Document issued
  8. Document description
  9. Keywords with the document

The keywords and their values. Keywords can be any word with its value/amount according to the document that generated the Unique Document Identification Number UDIN ICAI. If CA is testing for turnover of an entity, the keyword here would be "turnover", then the amount and value are provided. For each document, ensure that you only use three keywords.

Check all details and then click on the Send OTP button.

The OTP is sent to the email address and mobile number. Enter the number and a preview of details will appear on the screen.

If there are any errors, the portal will notify you.

It is important to note that once details have been submitted, they cannot be changed or modified. Before submitting details to the portal, you must double-check them.

The UDIN number is generated; the CA can mention the number using a pen or as a waterproof mark on the document.

What is the Format for UDIN?

UDIN number is described using 18 digits. If generated from the portal, it will be in the following format.

  • The first two digits are of the current year
  • The next six digits membership registration number for the CA is the first six digits.
  • The next ten digits are randomly generated alpha-numeric codes.

Once the process is complete, the UDIN ICAI number cannot be modified. The CA can revoke the document by searching for it on the portal and clicking on "revoke". The report will be revoked if you describe how to reverse the document.


Direct link:

UDIN Full Form

Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)


The concept of UDIN ICAI is implemented to curb the malpractices of misleading authorities and stakeholders by Non-CAs. It is introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (A statutory body under an act of parliament)


The attestation of a company secretary on a certificate is valuable and significant for a professional opinion. There should not be misrepresentation by the issuer.

How to generate UDIN ICSI?

The practicing company secretary should visit the website (ICSI.EDU), and

You have to create a UDIN ICSI login ID and password by entering the membership number.

(i) The login id is verified by a computer application.

(ii) It is system generated random alphanumeric number.

The UDIN ICAI can be found on the MCA website by attesting form.

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