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Verify UDIN – Process to Login and Generate To Get Benefits

udin verification

Verify UDIN can be done on the UDIN portal. It was observed that certain misrepresentations and forging signatures are issued on behalf of Chartered Accountants with the intention to mislead the authorities and system. As a result, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) created a new system to assist all Chartered Accountants by issuing UDIN.

UDIN represents a unique document identification number that is generated for every type of document certified/attested by practicing chartered accountants and company secretaries. It is compulsory to obtain UDIN for all certificates attested where the Financial Information/ related matters are certified as the true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company.

How to Verify UDIN?

You need to be a member of the Institute of Chartered Account of India ICAI to access the login. The UDIN ICAI allows you to member login, generate and verify the UDIN. The UDIN can be verified by clicking on “UDIN Verify” on the UDIN portal by following the steps:

Step 1: Click on “Verify” on the UDIN verification portal.

Step 2: A page will have a few details for UDIN verification

Step 3: Enter the given details comprising the Name, phone number, and    E-mail ID of the signing authority.


A solution for document verification is also called a unique document identification number. The UDIN was introduced with Verify UDIN in the form of attestation of Chartered accountants that the creditors and other stakeholders can rely on the performance of the company.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India formed a new system to help all Chartered Accountants in practice. Every Chartered Accountant must get the UDIN to issue the documents and certificates by the professional. This came into effect as of 1st July 2019. It applies to corporate Audits, Attests, and Assurances. It shall be noted that only full-time Practicing Chartered Accountants are allowed to register under UDIN.

UDIN is a 15-digit system-generated unique number to be given on every document signed/ attested by practicing-chartered accountants and registered with the Verify UDIN portal. In modern times, unauthorized people pretending to be fake chartered accountants have been spreading misleading information among the public. 

What is the UDIN number?

UDIN number is described using 18 digits. When it is generated from the ICAI portal, the format will be as given below. The Unique number is given by UDIN to practicing chartered accountants.

  • The first two digits signify the current year
  • The next six digits denote the membership registration number of the CA.
  • The last ten digits are randomly generated numeric codes.

Once the process is done, the UDIN number cannot be altered or modified. The CA can also revoke or cancel the document by searching for it on the portal and clicking on the "revoke" option. The report will be canceled. The Verify UDIN number can also be done.

What is the process for UDIN Login?

You ought to become a member of The Institute of Chartered Account of India to log in. The www UDIN ICAI portal allows member UDIN login ICAI and generates the UDIN. The steps to log in for the generation of UDIN are as follows:

1. First, you must enter the ‘Username’ given by the institute

2. Enter your Password and

3. Enter the Captcha given on the screen to member login for UDIN ICAI.

When you are registering for the first time then you must follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click “first-time sign-up”; you can also verify UDIN

Step 2: The registration window will be opened. Once you enter the 6-digit membership number with date of birth and enrolment year. Please click “Send OTP”. An OTP will be received on the registered email address and phone number of the member.

Step 3: After the confirmation of OTP, a username and password will be received on the email and phone number registered.

What is the process of UDIN generation?

UDIN is generated when the certificate is signed. It can be generated within fifteen days of the signing of the given certificate. Only a Practicing CA can access to generate UDIN and verify UDIN for certificates after registration on the website. The steps for UDIN generate are given below:

Step 1: Visit the UDIN ICAI org website

Step 2: Enter the username received on the registered email address.

Step 3: For keeping the UDIN ICAI login secured, the member must change their password when they first log in on the portal.

Step 4: Click on "Generate UDIN" and enter the information as follows:

  • Date of signing the document.
  • Enter two financial figures
  • Description of figures
  • Document description

The keywords and their values. Keywords can be any word along with the given amount according to the unique document generated by the UDIN. Verify UDIN can also be done. When the CA is searching for the turnover of an entity, the keyword here would be "turnover", then the amount is provided. Always use the given three keywords for each document.

Step 5: Check all information entered on UDIN and then click on Send OTP.

Step 6: Enter the OTP received on the email address and mobile number registered.

Step 7: In case any errors are showing, the portal will notify you the same, then Click on the “Submit” button

Important Note: Once details have been submitted, they cannot be changed or modified by the user before clicking the submit button to the portal.

What is UDIN ICSI?

The attestation or signature of a Practicing Company Secretary on a certificate or any document is of high value as it signifies the professional opinion. It ensures that there is no misrepresentation by the company at the time of issuing such a document. It is similar to Verify UDIN in terms of attestation of documents.

Objectives of UDIN

1. To enable the public to verify the authenticity of numerous documents attested by Company secretaries in practice.

2. Prevent counterfeiting of various attestations/certifications;

3. It is easy to maintain the register of Attestation/ certification services rendered by practicing members of the Institute.

Important Note: Only PCS can generate UDIN by ICSI UDIN login, a CS in employment cannot generate UDIN.

The name of the recipient of the professional service along with the corporate identification number of the client shall be provided at the time of generation of UDIN.

Closure Now…

UDIN is introduced in form of attestation of Chartered accountants and Company secretaries in practice. Verify UDIN is the verification process of a system-generated unique number that is to be entered on every document certified by practicing chartered accountants and registered on the UDIN portal. 

Every Chartered Accountant must obtain the UDIN to issue the documents and certificates by the person. This notification was effective from 1st July 2019. We have discussed the process of verification, generation, and log in to the UDIN portal in detail. UDIN ICSI gives immense value to a certificate or any such document as it signifies professional opinion.


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