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Why Do People Need to Visit login? login

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For every transaction dealing with property purchase or sale, you need to pay a stamp duty estamp for successful completion of the transaction. Earlier the buyers had to make the payment at the time when they physically presented themselves at the sub-registrar’s office for the registration of property.

However, today they can complete a major part of the process online. This process is called as online stamping or e stamping.

Why do we require Stamp Paper through ?

Buying, selling or leasing the property, stamp duty is required to be paid on property to states, because land is a state subject in India. 

Payment of Stamp duty through WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login:

Such payments to the government are completed through the purchase of a stamp paper having different values, that is decided by the authorities. When you make the payment of a stamp, it is proof that the government has paid the required fee. 

Three ways to pay Stamp Duty:

1. E-stamping

2. Non-judicial stamp paper

3. Franking machine

What is an E-Stamp?

When the process of purchasing a stamp paper through WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login is done online and there is no physical stamp paper involved, the stamp is known as e-stamp.

E-Stamping in India

From July, 2013 the government of India, in a race to decrease the counterfeits and errors, introduces the e-stamping facility. The Stock holding corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) is the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) for all e-stamps used in India. Be it administration or user-registration, from maintaining these records, the SHCIL is authorised for doing all these things. 

E-stamping system in WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login is an online based secured way of paying stamp duty to the government. It replaces the stamp paper with a more risk-free and convenient mode of payment. 

What Is WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login And Its Functions?

Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL) is India's leading depository participant.

SHCIL has given an introduction to the Demat services in India. Which has made flexible payments to the government. It also performs as a central record-keeping agency for e-stamping.

SHCIL E-Stamping

SHCIL is the Central record keeping agency (CRA) which is appointed by the government. The central record keeping agency is responsible for e stamp registration, imprest balance administration and maintenance of overall e-Stamping application operations.

By using the Login for e-stamping services, the users can pay e stamp duty online safely and can also print e-stamp certificates. SHCIL also appoints Authorised Collection Centres (ACCs), which issues certificates to the clients at their counters.

Different Modes of Payment Stamp Duty in E Stamping online System

The applicant can make payment of stamp duty amount through the given mode:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Demand draft
  • Pay order
  • RTGS
  • NEFT
  • Account to account transfer

Procedure of e stamping of documents

Following are the steps to pay estamp duty:

Step 1: Go to the website of the SHCIL. Click on ‘products and services’ choose ‘e-stamp services’ and finally select ‘e-stamping.

In case your state allows the e-stamping facility, it will be visible on the website. 

Step 2: Select the given state

Step 3: File an e stamping application form. 

Step 4: Go to an Authorised collection centre (ACC) 

Step 5: Submit the form along with payment for the e-stamp certificate.

Step 6: You can pay through shcil e stamping up account details given to ACC.

Step 7: Generate E-stamp certificate instantly.

E-Stamp Verification

The WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login has all the data about e-stamp verification. You can easily do e-stamp verification online by entering the information such as name of the state, Unique Identification Number (UIN), stamp duty type, and certificate issue date. 

Benefits to Public:

  • Easy and time saving e stamping windows at Sr offices.
  • Fast and prompt service.
  • Verification by user as well as govt. can be done at any point of time.
  • 24x7 availability of a system for verification.
  • Availability of stamp papers even after banking hours.
  • Better and prompt service to the public.

Security features for e-stamp on WWW.Shcilestamp.Com Login:

  • Microprint
  • Unique Identification Number
  • Transaction Details print on e-stamp
  • Optical Water Mark
  • 2D BarCode
  • Special Paper for e-stamp
  • e-Stamp Lock facility
  • Multilevel verification system

What is non judicial e stamp paper?

E-Stamp Paper is a system based application and is also a secured mode of payment of Non-Judicial stamp duty to the Government. However, the existing system of Non judicial stamp paper has been replaced by the government by the e-stamp paper in some states.

How to make Online E-Stamp duty payment?

You will need User ID and password for login, then choose the state/Union territory after that Create Transaction reference number followed by payment. Make the ‘Online payment’ and generate e-stamp certificate. It can be downloaded with your mobile using the application ‘E-stamp paper’.

How to register on E-stamp up?

When you visit the portal of E stamp UP up then Click on Register now button on the same page and Enter the User ID, Password and enter the name, gender, PAN number, occupation, mobile number, address, city, pin code and state. After filing all the details give the bank account details and enter the captcha code and click on declaration check box. You are now successfully registered.

How to fill 100 Rs. stamp paper online?

Fill in your details enter first party detail and address. Enter the second party details who is purchasing the stamp paper then choose the type of stamp duty under description of document. Review the form and then make payment online.

Can we generate/ e stamp download online?

No, only authorized stamp vendor of government has provided license to generate e-stamp paper online. Citizens cannot generate e-stamp paper by themselves. They have to approach either to the court or to the stamp vendor of their state to get e-stamp paper. 

What is the procedure to pay stamp duty online?

First, you have to go to the SHCIL website, and check if your state government allows e-stamping. If available in your state, fill an application form at an ACC. This form is submitted along with the payment for the stamp certificate. You can pay through online mode of payment and can also use debit cards, credit cards or RTGS.