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What is Bonafide Certificate for students & employees?

What is Bonafide Certificate for students & employees?

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A bonafide Certificate is a document, which is issued by an organization, Institution, College, School, University, etc to the student and employees. This certificate verifies that the individual has a membership in the organization or educational institutes.

The document is in the form of proof that the person holds the membership and is in association with the organization or institution. The genuine person identity can be established by the Bonafide Certificate in the term that the person who is holding the certificate has a membership of the concerned organization or institution.

One could in simple terms means of what is bonafide certificate help to verifying that person is working for the group of organizations whose certificate of Bonafide he /she is holding. For applying for the certificate, one must move the application to the concerned institution or organization.

What is a Bonafide Certificate Meaning?

What is Bonafide certificate meaning? This question is highly hiked these days. So it is for good faith in Latin terminology. As stated above the certificate proves the genuineness of the person about his working profile with a particular institution, organization, or University as an employee or student.

The purpose of obtaining the certificate could be in case of a student getting admission into a school, college, or university within the nation or internationally. While the employee can get it issued from the employer for use to get a loan, apply for a passport, or any other purpose.

Bonafide Certificate Types of –

Students’ Bonafide Certificate

The certificate of Bonafide is obtained by the students to establish that they are currently students at a particular school, college, or university. The need for getting the certificate can rise out of various purposes, there arise situations in the life of students when they want to acquire the certificate for getting visits to industry for educational purposes, internship, participating in the competition, taking part in the workshop, seminars, conference, etc. The student can be from school, college, or university.

Bonafide Certificate from School

The School Student might need a certificate but what is bonafide certificate means to them. It is for getting admission into another school within the country or overseas.

The purpose could be getting an educational loan, or getting an internship with industries, companies, or government institutions.

The seminars, workshops, conferences, and other educational training could be the situation that requires the certificate. This document verifies the school student as a bonafide individual who is getting his/her school education.

The identity establishment as the student at a particular school is the main purpose of the document, the document which provides authentication as a genuine student is a bonafide certificate of the student.

2.College Bonafide certificate –

The college student does need the certificate for the reason of getting an education in foreign countries or while applying for a loan or getting some institutional training or field learning.

The scholarships can be another reason for obtaining the certificate. We can’t specify what is bonafide certificate for scholarship? The reason for getting the certificate because it can be different for people and according to a demand made by the situation.

How To Get A Bonafide Certificate From College?

For getting a bona fide certificate one must write the application to the head of the concerned institution /organization/college as may the requirement, but what is bonafide certificate required? It needs to be addressed to the institutional head or departmental head.

The letter of application will contain the reason for obtaining the certificate along with the personal details of the person obtaining the certificate. You also must provide detail concerning your association with the institution.

Bonafide Certificate for Employees 

The Bonafide Certificate in case of employees is issued by the institution /organization/company or entity for which the individual work. It is issued to the individual who moves the application for getting the certificate issued.  It contains information about the employee for instance in the terms what is bonafide certificate? The name of the person, his position year in which join the institution, department for which he works in the institution or company.

It may be required by the person in situations where an employee wants to apply for a passport, or bank loan or he needs to establish somewhere that he had worked for a particular group of institutions or organizations. The certificate is obtained from the employee

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application –

If you need to write an application for a Bonafide certificate, here we are assisting you in that –

  • First you must address the head of the institution or company like any other normal application.
  • Then add the date and subject for which you are writing an application
  • Then provide salutation like respected sir or madam must be the best answer for what is bonafide certificate format?
  • Then start the body of the letter, first introduce yourself in the application letter. After that start writing your association with the company or education institution association in brief. Do write the reason for which you need the certificate of Bonafide.

What Are Documents Needed for Acquiring the Bonafide Certificate 2022?

If you are asking for a certificate of Bonafide, you have either to write an application or submit the application form. Apart from the application, you must attach certain documents for processing the application.

The documents will be concerning your identity proof and the reason why you are asking for what is bonafide certificate? To maintain the record in the official books is maintained. The supporting document includes  -

  • Photocopy of the identity of the students, and employees, it will be issued by the organization or institution to their students or employees.
  • Receipt of fee
  • Any other supporting documentation required according to the purpose of getting the certificate.

Bonafide certificate application format


The head of the department

Name of the organization/institution

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Application letter for issues of bonafide certificate

Respected sir/Ma’am

I want to say that ABC is an employee of your organization for ----- years. Currently working under the department --------- which is managed by you.  I am the resident of ------------place. I have started construction of house in the --------place, So I want to apply for house loan of banking institution namely----------. I have been informed by the banking institution employees that it requires the certificate of Bonafide.

So I humbly request you to grant me the certificate bonafide with the reason time, I will be thankful to you for kindly of yours on me.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely


Bonafide Certificate Format 

                                            Name of the Institution

Ref no------------


This is to certify that Mr/Miss ---------------D/o /Son of ------------------ resident of ---------------place .

Is the student of our institution ,since -----------year and currently pursuing the --------------course , the duration of the program will ------year . Mr or Miss is born of-----------year.

The got his enrolment for batch -------to--------, This certificate authenticates and verifies that ---------is having association /member of our institution.

Signature of the head of the institution

The certificate bears the stamp of the institution.


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