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Company Master Data: Process & Key Points to Remember

Company Master Data

Company Master Data is a facility that has been brought about by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. In this article we have you will find out all about mca. 

The Master Data facility is available under the MCA Services option even without carrying out the MCA login option on the website.

This facility can be used by clicking on the view company master data option under the Master Data section. Master data can also be viewed if the CIN is not known, just with the help of the companies name.

The online portal of the MCA is known as MCA21 which has influenced better access to any company-related data or information not only to the stakeholders but also to the general public.

About Company Master Data

Master data refers to the details of that company or a director which is saved in the database of the MCA.

These details are based on the forms that have been filed by the companies with the MCA wherein the data thus collected is stored as the mca master data of the companies.

Master data can be easily accessed with no prior information about the company being known except the companies name.

Process to View Company Master Data

In order to gain access to the master data of a company, visit these pages given below:

  • On the MCA website’s homepage, click on the MCA Services section.
  • Under the aforesaid section, a master data option is given which includes a list of sub-options. For viewing the master data, click on View Company or LLP Master Data provided on the left side of the webpage.
  • This option is a link that opens up a new window wherein to view the company master data . For this, details such as the company or LLP name have to be entered, or the CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN has to be given for viewing the master data.
  • In case the CIN is entered by the user, click on submit.
  • If CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN is not known, the MCA search option helps in getting the required information just with the help of the company’s name. Click on the “search” button and select the company from the given list for which the master data is required.
  • The CIN/LLPIN will then be displayed on the screen. Upon confirming the said details by clicking on submit, the entered companies data can be viewed.

Viewing MCA Director Master Data

The details of all the directors of a company registered with the MCA can be viewed. The required company directors’ details are also available under the Master Data section of the MCA services.

More details of directors can be viewed by clicking on the “View Director Master Data.” The director's name or the DIN can be entered to get access to the director's master data.

Furthermore, details regarding companies or directors under prosecution are also available under the “View Companies/Directors under Prosecution” option of the Master Data section.

Signatory Details of a Company

MCA signatory details are available under the “View Signatory Details” option of the Master Data section of MCA Services.

Upon entering the company’s name or its CIN/LLPIN, a list of signatories, including the directors, can be viewed in a tabular format containing their names, DIN/DPIN/PAN, designation, appointment dates, and so on.    

What is MCA21 and mca Main Functions?

MCA21 is an e-governance initiative by the MCA which is primarily concerned with the administration of the Companies Act of India and the rules and regulations framed thereunder. It was brought to enable better access to the MCA services and company master data.

MCA21, an online portal of the MCA, helps corporate entities, professionals, and the public, in general, to get easy access to these services in an assisted manner. 

This portal was launched in the year 2006 and has made all information related to a companies accessible in a secure manner.

MCA21 version 3.0 was announced in the Union Budget 2021 and is the first phase of the online portal of the MCA. It involved automated processes to seek companies data through MCA services. It basically aims to improve the existing MCA services through advanced tools and technology.

Closure Now…

MCA is the primary administrator of the Companies Act 2013, along with all the amendments, rules, and regulations for the purpose of regulating the corporate sector and its functioning within law.

The MCA services of gaining access to master data by anyone has widely helped the public at large to get easy and assisted access to  companies information. Thus, mca21 master data , a part of Mission Mode projects of the Indian Government, is extremely useful for companies for fulfilling their legal requirements and compliances.