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Significance of Company Registration in Coimbatore

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Company registration in Coimbatore is done online. Private Limited Companies are the most popular form of business incorporation in India. A Private Limited Company registration has many advantages over other business structures, such as perpetual succession, acceptance, and limited liability.

Company Registration in Coimbatore- Overview

The most visible and trusted business structure in India is the company. Private Limited Companies in India are registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with limited liability.

After Chennai, Coimbatore is Tamil Nadu's second-largest city. Coimbatore is the heart of Tamil Nadu's manufacturing, education, and healthcare. More than 25,000 SMEs are located in the city, which is a hub for engineering and textiles. It is known as the "Manchester of South India", because it is the hub of the textile industry, and is surrounded by cotton farms.

Coimbatore is also an important location for the manufacturing of automobile components in India. It is also known as "The Pump City", as it supplies almost half of India's needs for motors and pumps. It is a major exporter of jewelry and is well-known for its diamond cutting, casting, and machine-made jewelry.

The City is home to several poultry farms and is a major producer of chicken eggs. Nearly 95% of India's processed chicken meat exports are made by the city.

There are two offices of the Registrar of Companies in Tamilnadu: Coimbatore and Chennai. Districts of Coimbatore include Dharmapuri and Dindigul as well as Erode, Krishnagiri, Namakkal, Nilgiris, and Salem are all under the jurisdiction of the Registrar of Company, Coimbatore.

Online company registration in Coimbatore is possible in Coimbatore. We have assisted more than 20000 startups in India with our online registration of the company in Coimbatore. Our experience is over 11 years. With our online order processing tool, registration of the company in Coimbatore or anywhere else in Coimbatore is now more affordable and easier for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Company Registration in Coimbatore, India, is controlled by the Companies Act 2013, which is administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies Coimbatore, and processed at the Central Registration Centre, (CRC).

Central Registration Centre (CRC)

Today, the company registration in Coimbatore private limited and all other regulatory filings is paperless. Documents can be filed electronically via the MCA website. They are processed at the Central Registration Centre.

The online registration process for company incorporation in Coimbatore can be done entirely online. After completing all necessary registration forms, the Registrar of Companies issues a digitally signed Certificate of Incorporation (COI). All parties can verify the electronic certificates issued by the ministry on the MCA website.

Company registration in Coimbatore has a process that involves the collection and submission of all information required by the Companies Act, 2013. The process can also be governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The process of incorporation requires a deep understanding of legal requirements, as well as practical experience.

Company Registration Services in Coimbatore

For Coimbatore company registration, there are some prerequisites. The requirements and the process for company registration depend on the type of company. There are minimum shareholders, directors, etc. for a private limited company registration in Coimbatore and limited company in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

The basic requirements for company registrations in Coimbatore can be found below:


A minimum of two shareholders are required to register a private limited company in Coimbatore. To register the Company, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be signed by the first shareholder(s).


A private company registration in Coimbatore should have at least two directors. Only individuals may be named as directors. If a new company is created by more than one existing company or LLPs, the promoter company can nominate individuals to be directors. To become a director of a company, an individual must have a valid DIN.


All filings, including those involving a digital signature certificate (DSC), are submitted online by the MCA.


A private company's name structure is Name (Noun/Coined word) + Activity Word + Private Limited. The Company Name proposed must comply with the Company Name Availability Guidelines, Companies Act, 2013.

You can check the availability of company names for company registration in Coimbatore to make sure that there are no LLP or Company names already registered for the same name or similar name that you propose.

How do you choose a company or LLP name in Coimbatore. Choosing a company or LLP name is one of the most difficult tasks in starting a business. The naming of a business by a promoter is a logical process.

Before registering a company in Coimbatore, entrepreneurs must first choose a name for a company or LLP.


Share Capital in a Company refers to the capital that the owners have invested in the company's operation.

A company registration in Coimbatore is done without a minimum capital requirement (Authorised Capital or Paid up Capital). The Registrar of Companies will charge a registration fee. However, this fee is dependent on the different slabs of Authorised capital of a company.


The Registered Office of the Company is the address of the company's official correspondence or principal place of business in Coimbatore. All official communications to the company will be sent to the Registered Office.


Within 180 days of the company registration in Coimbatore, the First Shareholders must transfer the subscribed capital to Company. Only after the Company has filed a declaration to the Registrar stating that each subscriber to the memorandum paid the agreed value, the Company can begin business activities.

Company Registration Process in Coimbatore

The procedure of company registration in coimbatore are as follows: 

Company Name Application

Two options are available to the applicant for Company Name Application.

Option 1. Get the Company Name Approval under the RUN Application process and proceed with File an application for Company name approval first and then go for Company Registration; or

Option 2. File the Integrated Company Registration Form.

SPICe incorporation allows you to reserve the Company name. Only one name may be submitted for approval for name applications through SPICe. If the first name submitted is not approved, the application can be resubmitted 2 more times with alternate names.

Filing of Company Incorporation in Coimbatore with MCA:

The process of company registration in Coimbatore is part of the SPICe process. It involves the preparation and filing of the following E-Forms.

a. Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe):- e-Form INC-32

b. e-Memorandum of Association (SPICe MoA):- e-Form INC-33

c. e-Articles of Association (SPICe AoA):- e-Form INC-34

All documents must be signed, notarized, and attested according to documentation requirements. The e-Forms must be digitally signed by all proposed shareholders/representatives.

If the company's authorized capital at the time of company registration in Coimbatore is less or equal to Rs.15 Lakhs, there is no registration fee for the filing of Form INC-32 for all types of Companies in Coimbatore. For registration of any Company, a filing fee for E-Form INC-33/34 and stamp duty are required.

Processing of E-Forms by Central Registrar of Companies – Coimbatore

The Central Registration Centre processes the application. If the details/documents are correct, the Central Registrar of Companies will register the company and issue the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • DIN for Directors
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) to the new Company.

Documents Required for company registration in Coimbatore:-

Here are the documents required for company registration in coimbatore are as: 

ID & Address from Directors and Shareholders

  • Directors and shareholders must submit identity proof and the most recent address proof
  • Acceptable Documents
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Aadhaar card/Driving license
  • Current Address Proof: Voter Identity Card or Telephone Bill or Passport or Electricity Bill or Bank Statement or Passbook with the latest entries

Documents required for company registration in Tamilnadu (Coimbatore)

Below are the documents required to register your company in Coimbatore These documents can be submitted online

Documents to be Signed by all Shareholders

Documents to be Signed by all Directors

  • Consent from Director in Form DIR-2
  • Information and details about DIN
  • If DIN has been assigned already, Declaration of DIN

Registered Office Address

  • No-Objection letter from the property owner
  • Address proof - Electricity bill

Additional Documents

These additional company registrations in Coimbatore will be required depending on the case:

  • No Objection Certificate from Trademark Owner
  • Resolution and NOC from an existing Company/LLP for use of similar names - Declaration to comply with sectoral regulations

Benefits of Company Registration in Coimbatore

Here you will get to know about advantages of registering a company in Tamil Nadu are as follows:

Better Business Credibility and Acceptance

Private Limited Company in Coimbatore Tamil nadu is the best business organization in the world because its structure is well-known to both the business community as well as the public.

Easy to attract Customers and Vendors

Private Limited Companies can attract more customers. Additionally, corporate customers, vendors and. Agents prefer to work with a Private Limited Company over a Partnership or Proprietorship.

Fund Raising by Investors

A Private Limited company registration in Coimbatore is the best way to attract investments from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Private Equity Investors. Private limited companies are preferred by investors over LLP. 

Preferred Business Scheme for Investor

Private limited companies will always be preferred by investors because the shareholding structure in Private Limited Companies is directly linked to Equity / Preference share investment.

Recruiting Employees

Organized business structures are more appealing to talented employees. Private Limited Companies can easily attract and retain technical talent by offering structured Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP).

Minimal Risks of Business Liability

A Private Limited company registration in Coimbatore is an organization with limited liability. The shareholder's liability is limited to the number of shares in the company. This ends when the share is paid. If the partnership is a proprietorship, both the partner and the proprietor are liable.

Protection of personal assets for owners

Owners are not personally liable for business risks because the liability of the company is limited. However, personal assets can be protected from business risk since the company's liability does not include the owner's liability. Private limited company directors and shareholders are not personally liable for the business.