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All The Details About Online Company Registration In India

private limited company

The registration process for a business becomes easier as online company registration in India. Because of this fast procedure, saves the time and effort of a person to register a company. 

The right business structure will allow your enterprise to operate efficiently and meet essential business goals.

In India, every business must register for itself as part of legal compliance. Company registration is an important process for an owner to set up a business.

There are various types of companies in India, so professionals need to choose the right type of company for their business. Companies in India are regulated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Registering a company through Online XBRL is easy, as it is completely processed online.

Procedure for Online Company Registration in India

Register a company in India online, it has 4 simple steps,

Step 1: Digital Signature Certificate

Since the company registration process is completely online, digital signatures are necessary for form filling on the MCA portal. A digital signature certificate is mandatory for all proposed directors and members of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Digital signature certificates are authorized government-recognized certifications. A list of such certified authorities can be found here. Digital signature certificates can also be obtained online in just two days from here. A Class 3 category of Digital signature certificates should be obtained by directors and members of the MoA and AoA. This signature is mandatory for online company registration in India.

Step 2: Director Identification Number ( DIN)

Director Identification Number (DIN) is the identification number of a director and is required to be obtained by anyone who wants to become a director in a company. The DIN name and address proof of all proposed directors of the company must be provided in the company registration form. DIN can be obtained while filling SPICe+ form i.e. company registration form.

SPICe+ is a web-based form for online company registration in India through which Director Identification Number can be obtained for up to three directors. If the company has more directors and does not have a DIN, the company can be incorporated with three directors, and then new directors have to be appointed after incorporation. The designated director can get DIN by filling DIR-3 form as only the proposed director of an existing company can apply for DIN in the SPICe+ form.

Step 3: Registration on the MCA portal

To apply for online company registration in India, the SPICe+ form has to be filled out and submitted to the MCA portal. To fill out the SPICe+ form and submit the documents, the directors of the company have to register on the MCA portal. 

After registration, directors can log in and access MCA portal services including filling out e-forms and viewing public documents.

To apply for company registration, the SPICe+ form has to be filled out and submitted to the MCA portal. To fill out the SPICe+ form and submit the documents, the directors of the company have to register on the MCA portal. 

After online company registration in India, directors can log in and access MCA portal services including filling out e-forms and viewing public documents.

The company should reserve its name by submitting two proposed names in Part-A of the SPICe+ form. Reservation of name is essential because if the company name is similar to the name of an existing/registered company, LLP, or trademark or contains words prohibited under the Companies (Incorporation Rules) 2014, the SPICe+ form will be rejected.

If the SPICe+ form is rejected due to non-recognition of the company name for online company registration in India, the applicant has to re-file another SPICe+ form for reservation of a new name by paying the prescribed fee. 

However, after the approval of the name filed in Part-A of the SPICe+ form, it will be retained for 20 days during which the company should fill out Part-B of the SPICe+ form and submit the form online for. 

Applicant must provide company and director details in Part-B of SPICe+ form, attach documents, attach DSC, check the form, and submit.

Step 4: Business Registration Certificate Online

When the registration for online company registration in India, application is filled and submitted along with the required documents, the company registrar will verify the application. After verifying the application, he will issue the company’s certificate of incorporation.

Certificate of Incorporation is issued along with PAN and TAN as allotted by Income Tax Department. An electronic mail with company incorporation certificate as attachment along with PAN and TAN will also be sent to the applicant.

Company Registration Fee in India

All Company Registration will be free up to the authorized capital of 10 lakhs. So, free company registration in India is available now. There will be a separate process for filing the company name. Company name approval shall be filed without using digital signature. Online company registration in India is an easy and secure method to register a business for entrepreneurs. There are so many types of company registration in India

Private Limited Company Registration in India

Private limited company in India most preferable company to register by entrepreneur. online company registration in India for pvt ltd company process is simple and convenient

Step 1: Run Name Approval

An application for company name approval is first submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to reserve a company name. In the name approval application, 1 or 2 names may be submitted with business objectives. If a name is rejected, 1 or 2 more names may be resubmitted. Generally, MCA approves all name approval applications in less than 5 working days.

Step 2: Digital signature for directors

For online company registration in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs does not allow wet signatures. All signatures to be filed in MCA should be completed with a digital signature issued by a certification authority in India. Therefore, digital signature is mandatorily required for directors before incorporation.

Digital Signature Certificate for directors will be obtained by a certified authority which is authorized. To obtain a digital signature, directors have to submit a copy of their identity proof and complete the video KYC process. If the director is a foreign national, the passport and other documents submitted must be apostilled by the local embassy.

Private limited company is also as other online company registration in India.

Step 3: Submission of Incorporation Application

Once the digital signature is obtained, the incorporation application can be filed with the MCA in SPICe form along with all relevant attachments. Along with the incorporation application, the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are filed. If the MCA finds the incorporation application complete and acceptable, a certificate of incorporation is issued along with the PAN of the company. MCA generally accepts all incorporation applications within 5 working days.

This is a procedure to register private ltd company.

One Person Company Registration in India

One person company also has a online company registration in India. It is very simple and easy method.

Step 1 : Checking name availability

We will check the company name to ensure that your proposed business name does not match any other company name. Thus, choosing a unique name is mandatory. To do so, you can visit the official website of MCA and enter the company/LLP name. Also ensure that there are no trademarks or domain names matching your proposed business name.

Step 2 : Filling SPICe+ Part A form to reserve name

The next step is for to reserve a proposed name for your business. MCA requires some legal formalities here like filling SPICe+ form. Our experts will prepare a “New Application” to reserve your company name. We may ask you for the following details to complete your application:

• Type of business

• Company class

• Category Company.

• Company sub-category

• Name and description of the main division of the company.

• Details of proposed name.      

Step 3 : Approval of name

After the proposed company name is submitted to the MCA’s portal, it usually goes to the CRC (Central Registration Centre) for approval. However, it is worth noting that the company name may be rejected (if not found viable). Hence, it is mandatory to follow the mentioned guidelines carefully. MCA usually provides application information on their provided email or mobile number.

Step 4 : Filling SPICe+ Part B

Next, we will proceed to inclusion and complete the rest of the details for online company registration in India. The applicant company may come across the following details:

Company Structure : Capital structure AOA, whether the company has share capital or not, total authorized capital, total member capital, etc.

Most companies in India are going to register with a paid-up capital of Rs. 1 lakh however no minimum capital is prescribed for which they have to pay the fee. You can check the fees you have to pay using MCA’s fee calculator.

Company Address: Here, MCA asks the applicants to provide the address details of the proposed business, city, state, district, phone number and email id of the company.

Member Details : Details of MOA member and director of the company will be required with valid DIN. As we proceed, we will be asked to provide more details of the customer (name, surname, father’s name, gender, dob, nationality, place of birth etc.).

Even if you don’t have a DIN, you can include your OPC, which will generate your DIN automatically.

Step 5: Collecting Required Documents required

1. PAN Card

2. For Identity Proof-Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport / Driving License

3. Passport size photograph

4. Business Evidence Proof (Latest electricity bill or telephone bill of registered office)

5. NOC from owner

6. Rental agreement (if rented)

7. For Residence Proof – Latest Bank Statement / Telephone or Mobile Bill / Electricity or Gas Bill

Government Fee – Private Limited Company Registration

Government fees for private company registration in India are determined by various factors. Earlier, the authorized share capital with which a private limited company was registered was the most important factor.

However, since there is no minimum share capital requirement now and the government fees for company registration has abolished in India till January 26, 2019, the cost of setting up a business has come down dramatically.


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