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Process of Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the  fastest growing cities in India. There are many incentives like less traffic, and connectivity with cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, etc.  There is a wide scope for the textile industry, handicraft industry, IT industry, Agriculture industry, Automobile industry and tourism industry. It has the support of numerous e-commerce operators.

A company has a separate legal entity that is distinct from its members. The members have limited liability which makes them more secure. The investment in companies in form of shareholding by the shareholders. There is a good governance and redressal system in companies. There is global recognition of the brand name of the company.

Process of Company Registration Jaipur

The steps of registration of the company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are as follows:

1. Obtaining Digital Signature and Director Identification Number (DIN)

An initial step in the registration process is to obtain DIN for the directors in the Private company. It must appoint a minimum of two directors for incorporation. The digital signatures of directors and subscribers to the memorandum of the company are necessary.

2. Name the reservation of the company

A unique name of the company must be reserved with the RUN services MCA website. The name should meet the qualifications guidelines issued by MCA.

3.  Filing of Form SPICe+

The form is divided into two parts:

  • Part- A: Name reservation application in RUN services:

The form provides a type of flexibility to apply in Part A & Part B simultaneously.

  • Part- B: Incorporation Details:

After the approval of Part-A, all the information is filled automated by clicking on the pre-fill option in Part- B for all the linked forms like AGILE-PRO, SPICe+ MOA, SPICe+ AOA, and INC-9.

4. Attachments to the Form

  • Directors' and Subscribers' KYC documents such as Aadhar cards, PAN cards, Proof of address, passport size photo, etc.
  • Director consent in form DIR-2
  • Registered office address proof like the rent agreement of the premises with NOC.

5. Approval Certificate of Incorporation

After the Filing of SPICe+ forms is completed, a Certificate of Incorporation is issued within 3-4 working days with PAN and TAN allotted by the Income tax department.

Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration

The general documents that are required to be submitted for registration of LLP, OPC, Private Limited, and Public Limited on the MCA portal are as follows:

A. Documents of the directors and shareholders of the company/LLP partners:

1. Identification Proof (Either of the following)

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • Passport

2. Proof of Address (Either of the following)

  • Latest telephone bill
  • Latest Electricity bill
  • Bank account statement having an address

3. Director Identification Number (DIN) and DSC of each director.

B. Documents required to register a company

1. Registered office Proof of the company.

C. Memorandum of Association containing the main objects of the company.

D. Articles of Association of the company.

The list of documents that are required for Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur.

Online Business Registration Number (BRN)

A BRN is a 16-digit number applicable to businesses in Rajasthan. It is also known as Sanstha Aadhar and formerly known as Rajasthan Business Register. There are no charges for application. The process for Business Registration is given in the following steps:

  • Visit the official portal for BRN.
  • Click on Apply for ‘SAN’. In case of applying for NGO then click on Apply ‘SAN’ For NGO.
  • Enter the Mobile Number or e-mail ID. Read the tutorial before filling out an application.
  • In the particulars, information on the status of the Institution or firm is given.
  • The documents such as identity proof and an Aadhaar number must be provided by the owner.
  • The name and address of the business can be the applicant’s address or office address. The PAN number and TAN of business.
  • The major activity carried out by the business with its description.
  • Enter the ownership code from the list.
  • Enter the total number of employees with the owner’s name.
  • The proposed capital for investment is filled.
  • Select the registration act under which it is required.
  • Tick on the read and agree to the above instructions.

Types of Company Registration in Jaipur

There are different types of companies with a legal structure as provided by the Companies Act, of 2013. The following are the types of registration of the company:

1. Private Limited 

For A  Pvt Ltd Company minimum two Shareholders are required and a maximum limit is 200 shareholders (Members). Any on Director of a Private Limited must be resident of India.

2. Public Limited 

A Public Ltd is formed by a minimum of seven shareholders and there is no maximum limit of shareholders. There is a requirement for at least three directors in a public limited.

3. One Person Company

As per the Companies Act, 2013, an individual can go for opc in Jaipur as a member and director of the company.

4. Section 8 Company

A company having objects for the promotion of art, science, education, sports and other charitable objects.

Classification of Companies

Companies can be classified based on size, incorporation, liability, members, ownership, control, and listing status. Some of the following classifications are given below:

The companies are also categorized based on Size:

  • Small Companies
  • Medium Companies
  • Micro Companies are registered by the

The companies are also categorized based on Liability:

  • Limited by Shares
  • Limited by Guarantee
  • Unlimited

The company registration in Jaipur can be categorized based on Control:

  • Holding Company
  • Subsidiary Company

The companies are also categorized based on Listing:

  • Listed Company
  • Unlisted Company

Fees of Private Limited Registration

The registration fees depend on government charges and professional charges. The stamp duty fees on MOA and AOA vary on the state where the company is being registered.

The professional charges for the drafting of documents and letters for the company. The fees may vary from professional to professional.

Benefits of Company Registration Jaipur

The following are the advantages of registration in Jaipur are:

  • Easy for Raising Funds

The main aim of the business is to raise money for operations. The concept of a separate entity has provided the facility for borrowing money.

  • Limited Liability

The members have limited liability up to the amount of their investment through shareholding in the company.

  • Startup India Registration

The government of Rajasthan has introduced the facility of Startup registration and started funding.

  • Opportunities for handicrafts, arts, education

There have been better opportunities in textiles, crafts, and festival segments.

  • Tourism

Jaipur also has many destinations for tourists and is famous for sightseeing. A large number of tourists spend time in Jaipur. 

  • Perpetual Business

A company has a legal structure and is not dependent on its members.

  • No Minimum Capital Requirement

There is no minimum capital required for incorporating a company after the notification issued by the MCA. In simple terms, a company can be formed with zero capital. The investments made by its members can be as per their choice and concern.

Conclude Now…

The Registration of a private limited has various benefits. It is the best-suited option for start-up businesses in India. The company name gives protection to its members and provides the capacity to contract.


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