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MCA Company Search – Check Company Name

MCA Company Search

When creating a new company, one must conduct a company name search to ensure that the name you choose is available. Choosing a company name is important because most companies continue the same name throughout their existence. 

Checking the company name before starting the incorporation process reduces the chances that the incorporation will be rejected by the MCA.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has established a regulatory framework that one should consider while framing the name of a company. The set of rules must be complied with to get the name as per your wish.

What is the process to check company name availability?

The steps for mca21 check company name are given as follows:

Step 1: Enter the name of the company and click ‘MCA Company Search

Step 2: The details will be shown in three different manners

  • Situation I:

In a situation where there are less than three results in checking company registration name availability, then the message of ‘High Probability’ will be viewed, which means that there is a huge possibility to get approval from the government for the name applied for the company.

  • Situation II:

In a situation where the company, if the message is displayed as ‘Moderate Probability’ then there is a 50% chance for the name applied for the company to get the name approval.

  • Situation III:

In a situation where the company has more than eight results shown then the message of ‘Low Probability’ will be displayed. There is a very low probability of approval of the name applied to the company. In such a case, you should select another name for the company.

The process of checking MCA Company Search name availability is conducted on the MCA website.

What are the rules to select a company name on MCA?

1. The name shall not include words indicative of a separate type of business.

2. The name shall not apply to imply association or connection with the embassy or a foreign government.

3. The name shall not include the name of a person other than the promoters. In such a case, the applicant shall take the No objection Certificate and attach it to the RUN form.

What are the guidelines for choosing your company name?

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) has given a criterion while going for MCA Company Search. The following list of points one must consider while choosing the name for the Company.

1. Trademark: Proposed name for the company shall not infringe on a registered trademark or an application for registration of a trademark unless the consent of the registered trademark owner is submitted along with the name approval.

2. Avoid Abbreviations: Abbreviations, adjectives, and generic words will be rejected. The words banks, exchange, and stock exchange should be approved by RBI.

3. Uniqueness: The name must be unique because once the name is registered won’t be allocated to another company. The name must be descriptive.

4. Block your domain name: An applicant must block the domain name to avoid duplication.

The Do’s and Don’ts are as follows for MCA Company Search:


  • A word which gives a glimpse idea about the company should be mentioned in the description
  • A name should be unique and distinctive to avoid duplication or offense.
  • In the case of Private Limited Co., the name should have this abbreviation at the end of Private Limited company.


  • A name should not be offensive
  • The plural form of an existing name will not be applicable
  • Creating a new company by separating and joining different names to make similar can be considered as one company
  • The usage of different tenses or numbers will not be considered as another name.

The process of search company name search in India is conducted on the MCA.

What are the Steps to Check Company Registration?

The process to check MCA company search with the company name or Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is discussed below. You can also registration number company name searchThe three basic steps to check the company registration are:

1. Go to the MCA website

2. Go to the ‘MCA services’ tab. In the drop-down list click on the option ‘View Company/LLP Master data’ i.e., MCA company master data.

3. Enter the Company’s CIN. Enter the Captcha code. Click on ‘Submit’. You can search for CIN by clicking ‘search’ beside the ‘Company/LLP Name’.

The result page will show the details as follows:

  • CIN
  • Name of the company
  • RoC code
  • Registration number
  • Company Category for MCA Company Search
  • Company subcategory
  • Class of Company
  • Authorized capital
  • Paid up capital
  • Number of Members
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Address
  • E-mail ID
  • Active Compliance
  • Date of Last AGM
  • Date of Balance sheet
  • Company status (for e-filling)
  • Assets under charge
  • Directors/signatory details
  • The Master data contains the above-mentioned information in detail.

How to view company directors’ details on MCA?

MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is an official website and there is an option called view Signatory details on the portal.

Director Master data is available on the MCA portal, where we can check the company directors details mca and director’s DIN on MCA search (Director Identification Number) or the number of companies in which the director has been appointed as the director of the company in MCA through the Login MCA portal.

The director plays a crucial role to manage the day-to-day operations of the company. We can also check whether the company has filed Form DIR-6 with the Registrar of Companies. We can also update any details on the MCA by filing Form DIR-6.

Bring To The Closure....

The name search is conducted on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is a government portal having all the details of the companies incorporated in India. The MCA search provides the facility to search for company name availability and check the company registration number and various options thereunder. 

We have understood the guidelines on the names search and the rules prescribed by the portal. The rules are framed for the creation of a lawful name describing the company activities and with due respect to the laws. Companies shall follow the guidelines for prescribed by the government of India. is the leading platform for your company registration solutions. So connect with us now to have more info.